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Blue Eyed Angle

August 5, 2009
By DAMIA PLATINUM, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
DAMIA PLATINUM, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return." and my other fav. "The best come to those who wait."

I used to imagine the most perfect guy in the world. He was beautiful. He had creamy pale skin, the kind that you only saw on the glossy pages of Vogue magazine. He had this…tall lean body that stood out a mile away. His curly hair was black like the feathers of a courageous raven, and contrasted beautifully against his skin. His face was that of an angel’s. His nose was perfectly straight. His lips were always in a pout, making his beauty more prominent. Of all things, though, his eyes where the best, the most magnificent sight. Never had I seen such blue eyes. They were the color of sapphires. They burned into you, reaching down into your soul, a cold embrace. His eyes made him seem even icier, but yet, they were what drew you in the most. I sometimes imagined that one day he would come for me, but I never thought he really would. How could he? He wasn’t real. Only a figure in my colorful imagination. Perfection that didn’t exist….

Or so I thought.
I opened my eyes and looked around, completely lost. My best friend Bethany was staring fixatedly at something that I couldn’t see. What is she staring at? Eric? I scanned the room to find Eric sitting in the seat in front of me. Not Eric…hmmmm…I watched Bethany closely when her face tilted up. I followed her gaze to see the most beautiful person that I had ever laid eyes on. Why did he look so familiar? I stared at this face concentrating as hard as I could to figure out who he was, when he looked at me. His icy blue eyes burned into mine, sending a surge though my body that lead all the way to my heart. Then something clicked. I had seen him before. I gazed up at his face, too stunned to move. He gazed at me, his eyes burning with curiosity. I started to feel a pull to him, and unable to control myself, I reached out and grabbed his hand. His pupils widened as he tilted his head. I sucked in a breath as I stared up, trapped into his eyes, his wild animal-like eyes. Then I passed out.

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