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Chapter 1: The boy named Nothing

August 10, 2009
By TheWaitress SILVER, Denton, Texas
TheWaitress SILVER, Denton, Texas
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In the year 1908 a terrible disease ravaged the nation. Taking lives left and right, women, children, men, all ages fell victim to the cruel disease known as Tuberculoses. The disease took many lives, and it continued to swipe away loved ones every single day. They say, that where the victims are going is as everyone says, “A better place” but where do they really go? How do they know where they are once they’ve arrived? What do they take with them? All there belongings are here, there cloths, jewelry, family, money, everything.

What they don’t realize is they take a peace of the loved ones with them. There family and friends, all give up a piece, a memory of them together with out even knowing it. That’s how the expression, “Life. Flashing before their very eyes.” comes into play. They piece together there life, from our memories and then they travel to the “better place” as they call it. Also known as, Heaven. But the real place they go, is, The 5th dimension, they must travel there before reaching Heaven.

Chapter 1: The Arrival

Sandy, Texas 1909. The warm breeze blew with a force as if it was inviting Summer to hurry up and come. The leaves rustled against the dusty street, it was the ideal place of any farmer. Warm. Friendly. Lots of dirt. All he would need now would be a few seeds and some water to help them grow. Samuel Twine stepped outside of his poorly built shack, his brown hair blew in the wind, while his dazzling green eyes surveyed the land. He stood there and took a deep breath in getting a feel for the day that was to come. He crouched down and took a kneel on his right leg.

His hands caressed the smooth ground with a feeling of dignity of what he saw for this land. The sound of his ole dog Patch came from the school beyond, as usual the children were playing with him. He stood back up, dusted himself off and moseyed over to the school house, as he drew closer he saw little Sue and her brother Jack playing with Patch. Sue took the stick and tossed it a few feet and Patch gladly brought it back, then Jack picked it up and tossed a few more feet than his sister had, and yet again Patch went off and retrieved it.

Patch was white with little spots of brown and black dispersed randomly throughout his body, he also had a tongue that seemed to go on forever if he actually opened his mouth and let it hang out. His tale was always erect as if he was part of a military base and needed to be on guard at all times. His heart was half lover while the other half was a warrior. When he looked at you, there was no doubt left in your mind that he loved you and it made you wish that you could make him feel the same way.

Suddenly there was a crash and a young boy came flying out the school house door and onto the hard ground. He got up, dusted himself off, and ran his hands through his hair. He wasn’t like the other kids, actually he was quite a bit older than everyone else. But that was fine, school was for anybody who wanted to learn. He ran a hand through his dusty black hair and looked up, his eyes were blue. So blue it was like looking at the sky in the morning, full of life, and yet full of nothing but sadness.

“Who’s that?” Sam questioned Sue as he placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Just a new kid…” she replied with an uncaring voice. “He just got here yesterday. He’s quiet. Probably because he’s the oldest here. But he just got cleared today. Now he’s here out here with us.”

“What’s his name?” Sam asked with a certain interest.

“Don’t know. He hasn’t spoken to us. Actually he hasn’t spoken to anyone. Not even the teachers.” Jack continued.

Sam stood there in silence with a look of interest and wanting. He almost walked over to the boy but decided not to. Instead he watched the kids as they took notice of the new boy. The boy stood there with a stern look on his face, his eyes swept the crowd of children and everyone that he looked at froze in their tracks. He took a step forward and passed through the crowd while everyone just stepped aside and let him pass, nothing was said, no body coughed, laughed, or did anything it was just dead silence.

Sam stood his ground as the boy advanced on him, the look of anger driving through him and into Sam’s heart. Sam took a step forward, and waited for the boy, everyone was watching them. When the boy reached him Sam realized that the boy was no shorter than he was. Sam stared at the boy trying to make eye contact while everyone watched with caution and curiosity.

“Hey, I’m Samuel, but people call me Sam.” Sam introduced himself as he held out his hand.

“Blake.” was all that the boy said.

“Blake? Your names Blake?”


“Then what is it?”


“Nothing? Come on boy, what’s your name?”

“It’s Nothing.”

“Well if your not going to tell me your name then I guess we’ll just have to name you ourselves. How about, Richard?”

“No. My name is Nothing.”

“What ever. If you want to be called Nothing than fine. Everyone I’d like you to meet my new friend, uh, Nothing.”

“Hey Nothing.” The crowed of children echoed through the school yard.

“You know. Nothing, that’s an unusual name, why do you want to be called that?”

“It’s my name.”

“Oh ok. Sure it is. No wait, Nothing. Want to come have dinner at my place?”

“Your place? I’m not sure. Where is your place?”

“Just up the street there, you can’t miss it, just look for ole Patch here, he’ll be a barking at you as soon as you get close. What’d ya say?”

Sam gazed at him with hopeful eyes and waited for an answer. Nothing, didn’t say a word he just stood there with a look that was unsure if he should trust Sam or not. Sam glanced over at Jack and Sue. They already knew they were invited, it just wasn’t right to invite somebody to dinner in front of others with out inviting them.

“Well dinner is at eight. We’ll have a feast!” Sam exclaimed.

He watched Nothing for a second and waited for him to say he’d come but all he did was turn around and walk off down the street.

“Well that was different.” Jack spoke as he broke the awkward silence that seemed to have filled the air in a matter of seconds.

“Yea.” Sam said as he headed off towards his house.

He walked down the road slower than usual, kicking little clumps of dirt as he went, he didn’t care about his shoes getting dirty he could clean them later. Besides he had a meal to make, he decided to get some fresh vegetables from Kevin, he always had the best vegetables in town. Nobody could beat him no matter how hard they tried, one time during the Country Grow Off, Mary Quick almost beat him with her turnip but his carrots one by three points. Ever since Mary’s been trying to beat him so she could have a blue ribbon, and ever since they’ve been dating she gets closer and closer to winning.

Everyone says it’s a conspiracy, she’s just using him to find out what makes his garden grow. Boy he sure was head over heels for this gal though, every time she walked up to his door he opened a window and yelled, “Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?” and she would just smile as if she’d just won a beauty pageant. Sure was a curious thing, love. It was hard to find, but easy to fall for, it made Sam sick. He reached Kevin’s house about five minuets later and knocked on his door. Kevin stuck his head out and gave a holler of excitement that he had a visitor.

“Boy what you doing here?” Kevin asked as he opened the door.

“Well, Kev. I need some vegetables, and thought I should come by your house.” Sam told him, trying not to bring up the dinner, having three guests was enough, he didn’t need four.

“Well. How many do you need?”

“I was guessing about, ten tomatoes, ummm, three potatoes, and some lettuce. Oh and I’d like it if you could spare some radishes and onions. Please.”

“Shoot boy what you need all that fore?”

“I am, well you see, there’s a little get together over at my place tonight and I just needed something to, well you know.”

“Make some of your famous stew?”

“Well yea.”

“You know what Sam? I ain’t never had none of your famous stew, heck I ain’t never even got to get a good smell of it.”

“Well. If you’d like to come you know your always welcome.”

“Oooooh doggies! I’d love to come, and you know what? I’m gonna give you these here fine treats free. How’s that sound?”

“Sounds great. Well I got to get going. Dinners at eight. So be ready.”

Sam walked off before Kevin got another word in. There was nothing worse than getting a farmer over for dinner that grew the vegetables your eating. Because all they do is sit there and brag, brag, brag, as if there is nothing else in the world to talk about except how sweet the tomatoes are, or how fresh the onions taste. This was going to be a disaster, he could already tell.

Everyone arrived as they like to say “fashionably late” which Sam could never understand. What was the point in it? If dinner was at 8 it was at 8 not 8:10 or 8:05 it was at 8 and that was that. But still everyone wanted to be “fashionably late” so they all arrived at 8:05 and 8:10, they walked in the house after taking their boots off and placing their hats on the hat rack since there was a young lady in their presence. At least the men had some manners. Sam caught them at the living room and told them to make themselves comfortable and he’d bring some whisky for Jack and a cup of tea for the children. Afterwards they made their way into the dining room and all sat around the table.

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