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Story of the White Demon

October 6, 2009
By dragonbiscuits SILVER, Near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
dragonbiscuits SILVER, Near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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There were two visions of myself in front of me.

One was innocent, dressed in a short white dress. A silvery tiara surrounded her long, white hair, the dazzling crystal hanging from it drawing me into her bright blue eyes, exceedingly bright off her pale skin. Her expression remained emotionless, her unblinking eyes piercing mine.

The other...

The other was far from innocent-looking. She wore black boots and a short, jagged dress that hung from one shoulder, with many cuts throughout the fabric. A devilish grin crossed her face, revealing sharp canine teeth, enclosed in lips of ruby red. Her skin, too, was pale, with eyes redder than her lips, and short, jet black hair. A black tiara framed her forehead, with a blood red ruby hanging between her eyes.

Simltaniously, they unfurled large wings of white and black. Both looked torn and battered, like demon wings. They stared at me, speechless, as I nervously glanced back and forth between the two. My heart beat picked up, it was frightening. Still, neither blinking, said, “Choose one.”, in a double toned demon voice.

“Choose what?” I squeaked out.

“One of us.”

Was this a nightmare? Why wouldn’t I wake up?

“Choose now!” Winds started picking up in the black void we were in. It was violent, and I could hardly stand.

“NOW!” yelled the demons.

It felt like I was starting to burn. I screamed as I grabbed the wrist of the white demon. Everything faded, and I fell.

I awoke what seemed to be years later, no longer in the black void. Instead, I lied in a soft green field. The sky above was a beautiful blue, with only tiny wisps of clouds. I could see the tops of full, bright green trees in the distance. I sat up to find that I was on a hill, seeing the other gently rolling hills around me. I felt... heavier. I looked the same, or so I thought. Just then, my hair fell in my face. It was no longer the attractive blonde that it used to be, it was white. I was so shocked I jumped into the sky... and stayed there. I had wings too. I was wearing a short white dress, my skin was paler than it used to be. I’m sure if I had found a mirror, my eyes were bright blue.

I had become the white demon.

For some reason I flew and flew, and didn’t stop. I looked down at the seemingly never-ending field. Was I even in the same world that I called home for 17 years? Nothing was this beautiful there. Still, I was scared. Was I even myself anymore?

Memories just started flowing into my mind. Clearly, they belonged to the demon I had just become. Apparently, I’m a queen. Queen of this world, and I should be coming to the city where I live about now. My flying slowed, and I looked up. I was in a city, but it didn’t look like it did in my memory. The buildings were similar, but they looked dirtier, more beat down. I landed in an alley, and started walking. I quickly came upon a sign on my right.


My picture was below it, I remembered it being taken two years prior. I did look fifteen, well, as fifteen as a teenage queen could look. I had a circlet crown, and a surprisingly short dress for a queen. It was purple with a blue swirl pattern on it. Oddly enough, my hair was darker, the brown that looks purple when it hits the light. I also wasn’t pale, but my eyes were the same bright blue. Strange.

Suddenly, memories stopped flowing in. But I was still fifteen. What happened the past two years?

Just like that, the memories of my former life started leaving. It started at my earliest memories, my third birthday, gone. My pet fish, gone. The fleeting was getting faster, and soon, my most precious memories were leaving.

“No, no, NO!!! STOP! PLEASE!,” I wailed, falling into a heap on the ground, “Stop! No....”

The only memory left was me in the black void. “No... NO!!! This can’t happen, it can’t!” I couldn’t remember what I was crying over, and with my head buried in my knees, I never heard the two men coming.

“There she is.” said a gruff voice.

“I’ll tie her this time, then she won’t get away.” said another.

The first voice sighed, “I mess up once....” he mumbled.

I couldn’t move, and I could tell this was bad. I felt the ropes tightly hugging my arms and legs to my torso, and them both picking me up.

I lifted my head up and looked around. I saw many people staring at me, scared. I heard one whisper, “The psycho got out again?”

Psycho? Me? What had I done? I wasn’t insane!

Or was I ?

The author's comments:
That is just a working title!!! :D I really like the basis for this, I'm a fantasy nut-head, and I hope you do too! I love amnesia type topics, and for some reason I'm really interested in "crazy" people. This was just a first copy, so the sentences may not sound right, and I may not have put the complete idea on everything, but I hope you like it!

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