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October 16, 2009
By mitrashi BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
mitrashi BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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“Hey lady, are you alive?” A blurry figure asked me. “Uh yes, who are you?” “Who are you?” He shot back. “My name is Alaura, what’s going on?” “We don’t know.”
“We….. who else is with you?” “I have three people with me, can’t you see them?” The man said, as my vision became clearer. “Yea, I can see them, but what’s going on, who are you people?” I said, with fear appearing in my voice. “ My name is Cortez,” The man who had been speaking to me this whole time said, as he helped me off the ground, “ his name is Kyran, her name is January and his name is-” Cortez was cut off my a very attractive man who walked in front of me. “My name is Jaser, nice to meet you.” “Mucho gusto,” I said while blushing and not noticing that I used Spanish. “What did she say?” Jaser asked. “She said nice to meet you,” Cortez answered, “Now Alaura, necesito que tomemos esto, can you backing away. “Don’t worry, it’s just a gun,” January said, calmly. “Why would I need a gun for?” I said with anger and then stopped. I stopped because I just noticed that we are in an alley. I turned to look at the street which caused a weird feelingdo that?”
“What will I need this for, why do I need to take this,” I said, taking it and to sink into my chest. “What’s going on?” “We don’t know, all I know is that we need to leave this area immediately,” Cortez explained. His voiced sounded sincere and honest but I couldn’t believe everything that was going on. Not from no stranger. I quickly ran down the alley after they tried to stop me until I reached the street. “What’s going on here, it’s so quiet, and not one person is out.” Everything felt like a nightmare, this just didn’t seem real. I pinched myself to see if I would wake up, but it was in vain. I took off again once the group of liars caught up to me. The only place I can think of to go is my parent’s house.

When I finally got on Sadina St., my hopes of finding my family was dropping. Death’s stench was still hovering around. Approaching my house, I noticed the lights were on. “Mom and Dad!” I screamed, as I burst inside the house. “Miel, está usted está bien?” My mom and dad said, as they jumped from their seats. “Si, I am okay.” I hugged them and cried. “Está bien ahora, así que dejar de llorar,” My mom said, as she comforted me. “¿Lo que está ocurriendo papá?” “Nothing, everything’s fine, don’t you worry. Are you hungry dear?” During calm times, my parents use English, excited times, Spanish. Right now, they shouldn’t be calm; this is feeling off. “Papa, why are you using English?” “It’s a good day, isn’t it?” He said, bringing me a sandwich. “How can you say that? There are no people outside, ninguno!”
“Maybe everyone went on vacation,” My mom said, blindly. “Not the whole damn city!” I screamed. “Hija, calm down, there’s nothing wrong,” My mom said. “Stop acting so got damn calm!” Now I am upset. “I understand your feelings, but can you please come sit down?” My mom asked. “No, this is just not right,” I said, shakily while backing up towards the door. “Miel, listen to your mother.” “No!”
“Bebé no-” “Cállate!” I shouted at them. Both of my parents shot lifeless eyes at me. They stared at me for a long time before speaking. “Vienen sentarse!” My dad ordered. “Ninguno!” I stayed near the door. “Vienen sentarse!” “Ninguno!”
“Vienen sentarse!” My papi tackled me to the ground. “Stop it, what are you doing?” My dad only made some growling hissing sounds. “Get off of me.” I fought myself free from my dad grasp. I just remembered the gun Cortez had given me and drew it out at my dad. “Stay right there, don’t make me shoot you.” I trembled. He stood there and continued his growling. I backed up a little as he was moving closer. Then he lurched for me again causing me to fall to the ground; a gun fired and blood was all over me. My body started to shake badly.

The author's comments:
Dawn of the dead, and 28 weeks later inspired me to write Apocalypse. I love Apocalyptic movies and so i thought to create my own story.

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