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The Tall of Sarina Pertensa

October 17, 2009
By MONKEE426 GOLD, Minnesota, Minnesota
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In a land call Draco in the realm of dragons live a girl name Sarina Pertensa . she lives with her family of Mages Sarina thought that she could never be a Mages like her mom or her grandma. by the age 13 your suppose to get your full powers, but Sarina is 15 and sill she had no sigh of full powers.

she only has small powers because of the necklace of even star, which has the powers to control the red dragons the even star is only activated when the holder becomes a mage.

Sarina was a simple girl who never liked adventure, until one day when Sarina's grandmother sat her down and told her that the towns of Trthnia and Nina were attacked by the red dragons and the lord Aeroen was controlling them with the necklace of Minthstar .which was her mother,s necklace and her grand mother,s necklace was Leniastar lord Aeroen used Minthstar and Leniastar to control the red dragons and that it was up to Sarina to find the necklaces save the dragons. Sarina was afraid to on the quest because she wasn't a mage

" Grandmother I can't go I am not an mage but you are, here tack the even star with you." she said as she handed her grandmother the even star

" No you must, you know that only you can use the even star " she said as she handed the even star back to Sarina
at this point Sarina,s grandmother gives here some courage and puts in her last amount of powers in the even star so she can go off on her quest to find the Mithstar and the Leniastar and to save the dragons that are in captive.
Sarina finally agrees to go on the quest she packs up a few items that she will need and sets of, with the even star around her neck she now know that there is on turning back and she is afraid that she won,t get her powers before it,s to late. as Sarina,s was on her way she saw some thing in the bushes, and it was her friend Arielle, who was in fact a mage but she did not have a necklace that could control the red dragons.

Sarina, I want to go with you because you are not a mage and you can get hurt" said Arielle " oh well' I could use the company" she laughs " we are on our way to Titania to find lord." she said sternly" but birthday is 5 days away" said Arielle as Arielle and Sarina were traveling in the forest, they heard lord Aeroen,s minions, who are ugly creatures. they are Anruas. there were about 5 of the Anruas.
ther were guarding the short cut to behind a tree witch was about 30 feet from the Anuras. Arielle was not afraid but Sarina was, so Arielle ran towards the Anuras while leaving Sarina behind. the Anuras spotted Arielle, but before they could do anything Arielle used her powers to kill all of the Anuras. after Sarina witnessed Arielle kill her first batch of Anuras, she felt encouraged to fight also, but using the even star of course just then the even star started to glow and Sarina felt more powerful

" oh, that the stage to become a mage" yelled Arielle .
" it's stating" she said softly as it glowed all of the started to come alive. one of them came behind Arielle and grabbed her.

and at that moment the Evenstar was rising and glowing more then before just teen the even star was rising and glowing more then before just then the even star shot a wiped them all out, this attack took a lot out of Sarina so she fell to the ground unconscious Arielle ran to Sarina and picked her up, finally Sarina woke up and she was all better.
" what was that, no new mage can do that with a star ."she said as she put Sarina down

" I don't know, all I know is that this even star is cursed" she said as she took the even star off and put it in her pocket at tis point Sarina and Arielle are close to Tirthnia. when the are close to the gate hey see the Anuras guarding it and they also see the red dragon. when Sarina sees the red dragon,the even star start to glow but this time it starts to come out of her pocket and Sarina Quickly puts it around her neck' the dragon see Sarina and Arielle hiding behind the rock faces and they become drawn to her .
the Aunras see the dragon walk towards them and one of the Anuras runs and grabs Sarina but they did not see Aeriell and they tie her up and take the even star at tis point Sarina think it,s all over, then all of a sudden the even star glow so does Sarina. and the even star zapped the Anuras and went around Sarina's neck then Sarina's ties bust open and she stood up as a full mage all of the Anuas were killed because of the even star,s powers
then Arielle comes out pf hiding and runs up to Sarina. and at this point Sarina, stopped glowing and she fell to the ground and Arielle caught her

Even star and tries to use it's power but it blows her straight in to a tree Lord Aeroen start to laugh " Ha- Ha, you call your self Mages, you can't even handle what your are destined to have!" Lord Aeroen takes the even star and Arielle and Sarina woke up and are left defenseless. Sarina has to use what was left of her powers to kill Lord Aeroen she conjures what is left and she sends a powerful beam towards Lord Faeroe and is immediately dies Sarina is week by it and falls down and at this moment Arielle runs to her she is bleeding and possible dead she checks for a pulse but there is none " she is DEAD" Arielle yells just than she saw the even star she pick in up and put it by her heart a small beam go's in to her heart and she wakes up and she is healed. " thank you my friend do you got the amulets ? "said Sarina
" yes right here" said Arielle " OK let go" said Sarina
Arielle gets up and Sarina and both get ready for the journey home as they start it to walk they saw some thing in the sky it was her grandmother she came down to see Sarina and Arielle.

Sarina give her the star " Sarina, I knew you could do this, you are the special one" her grandmother said
" what if I was not the one what would happen then?" said Sarina " but you are" said grandmother "OK let go home"

just than she saw something "what is it Lord Aeroen dead body?" said Arielle " but he dead so what of it" said Sarina "no he not he ALIVE!" said grandmother she yelled and before she finisins her sentence she was blasted and thrown to the ground .

" Ha-Ha , how could you little Mages kill me you people are fools!" he said s he rise from the ground he walked towards them and stepped on the grandmother's chest like she a rug he he looked at them and conjured his powers and blasted all of them they all went flying back Sarina grad the ever star and used it to make a big blasted and knocked him to the ground

at this point Sarina start to fly above Lord Aeroen and she stabbed him in the heart with the Even star. then there is a huge energy blasted Lord Aeroen is dead just then Sabrina fall down and coleus her eyes the next the day she work up in her bed in Draco she had the even star still around her neck she go out side and all of the red dragons are safe she see her family buy the dragons she run up to them give them all a big hug Sarina look up to her grandmother and grandmother said to Sarina " you did my child you save us all form Lord Aeroen his evil rand is over all because of you now the red dragons are save and so are the stars"

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