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30 days

December 13, 2009
By JustAGirlNextDoor SILVER, Peachland, North Carolina
JustAGirlNextDoor SILVER, Peachland, North Carolina
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"Would you rather me tell you the truth and make you sad or lie and make you happy".

"Come on!" I exclaimed, waving over Dareic. "Its Lila's birthday and you know it! We have to make her a nice breakfast." It had been a year or so since Lila, Dareic, and I had been changed.

"Do I have to?" he whined and then slowly walked over to me. "We live in the forest, there really is no good food here." Dareic always was a big baby.

"We are going to do what we always do," I said, and then scanned the area for any berries or fruit. Lila loved fruit, even though us boys hated it. We liked blood, the main course for all vampires except her. "We will hunt and find fruit for Lila."

Dareic stuck his tongue out and pointing inside it. But, he went to far down his throat and ended up barfing. for vampires, we barf blood, which is pretty weird.

I laughed as he tried to scrape the taste off his poor tongue. "Stop it!" he choked and then tackled me. I overpowered him easily and then sat him down.

"You stay here," I could barely make out because I was still chuckling. But, knowing that he would want to come with me, I stuck around for about a minute until he asked me to go. I said yes, of course.

After about an hour of relentless searching, Dareic and I found some assorted berries, but that was it. Over the year or so, we had used up all our resources. We had to move soon.

Lila had gone out for a walk, because she had wanted to be alone for the first hour on her birthday. It had been over an hour, I think, so Dareic and I decided to go check on her.

Because vampires had awesome smell, and are super fast, we made about 10 miles in 5 minutes. After the 10 mile mark, I could smell Lila's scent strongly. She was nearby.

Then, I heard and scream and then Lila yelling for help. "Dear god!! HELP ME!" Lila hollered for help and I sprinted to where her voice was coming from.

Once I made it there, I saw two people. Lila, and a woman. They were glaring at each other, looking like they wanted to kill each other.

As I looked closer, I saw the woman had a deep gash in her shoulder, but no blood was coming from it. With the look on her face, I think that she was holding back the blood. She was wearing a black tank top with jeans.

Then there was Lila, the most hurt of all. Her face had multiple cuts and deep gashes on it and her pant leg was ripped open. Whatever had happened during their fight would always be a mystery.

Just as they were about to attack each other again, I stepped in front of them. "Whoa, ladies. STOP!" I screamed at them, and then looked at both of them. "What is going on?"

Lila was the first to answer. "She attacked me!" She exclaimed and pointed at the woman.

"Hey, I just had to see if she was a vampire," the woman protested and then added, "She is." she looked at Lila. "My name is Kira, just so you know."

"Yeah, thanks," I said and then asked her, "No offense, but what do you want?" Lila backed away from Kira, all the way back to where Dareic was standing. He looked terrified.

"I need to tell you something." she answered me and pointed to a small hut. "It might not be easy for you to hear, so maybe you should come inside my house and I can tell you there."

Looking back at Dareic and Lila, I saw they were shaking their heads vigorously. I glanced back at Kira. "Yes, we would be delighted." I followed the woman up to her hut, and my friends did the same.

Three cups of hot chocolate later, Lila, Dareic and I all sat down on a couch, staring at Kira. "Can you all tell me your names?"



Then that just left me. "My name is Ethan."

"Very nice names for children like you," Kira complimented and smiled sweetly. That reminded me of something...

"Oh, cut the crap!" Lila exclaimed, exploding with anger. "You really care about our names?"

"And what did you mean when you said, 'kids like us'?" Dareic added, doing a perfect imitation of Kira's shrill voice. He then shrunk down in his seat.

"I meant like vampires," she calmly said, ignoring their yelling, then stirring the tea she had made herself. "But, I need to get to the point."

"What point?" I asked her and then remembered why we were in her hut in the first place. "Never mind."

"Well, the point is...." she trailed off and then snapped back to the conversation. "The world is coming to an end."

All three of our mouths dropped open. Then end of the world? We were only 14, 15, and 15! We wanted to live a full life. As in full life, I mean, like having a crush and then marrying and having kids, all that crap!

But being a vampire actually made that impossible. We could never love, because we knew we would never be good enough for anyone. We were monsters, and it is hard for vampires to refrain from drinking someone's blood.

"What do you mean, 'the world is coming to an end'?" I asked her, sure the lady was lying. But maybe she wasn't. Seeing me unbelieving, she brought out a piece of paper showing numbers and fractions and graphs and all that kind of mathy stuff.

Looking even closer, I saw that the date of the end of the world was exactly 30 days from now! Immediately, I believed her. All of the things just worked in my mind. The world was coming to an end.

"You didn't let me finish." Kira said and continued, looking annoyed at me for interrupting her. "There is a chance of saving the world. And you three, sitting right in front of me, are the savers."

Our mouths dropped open again, in shock, but I made sure to close mine as fast as I had opened it. "Why does it have to be us? Because we are vampires? There are plenty other vampires in the world, at least 3!"

"Yeah, he's right," Lila spoke up and added, "The guys that changed us were vampires! Why can't they save the world?"

"Because they are the bad guys." Kira said, acting like this was just common knowledge to know all this stuff. "They are The Blood Thirsty and the reason the world is going to be destroyed. They hate humans, since they aren't vampires, and they hate vampires that like humans. You guys are the only vampires left that like humans!"

"Well, that is true," I agreed and shook my head up and down. "But really? We are the only vampires that like humans?"

"Yep," Kira nodded and looked pleased. "So you understand now."

"No, not yet," I told her, and then motioned for her to go on so we did understand.

"Ok, well here is goes. You know that there are The Blood Thirsty, who are destroying the Earth out of pure hate. They are using a machine called The Sucker that is going to suck the whole world into itself, killing all the humans and vampires on Earth, " Kira explained and then continued, "Their leader's name is Xygon, and he is Lord of The Above, or space. You need to kill him and then shut off the main power cord of The Sucker, hence saving everyone on the planet. There is 30 days until this happens, and that is how much time you have to shut off the machine. The whole Earth is depending on you three. Got it now?"

"Almost." I said and then asked her one last question. "Where is their base and what weapons do we have?

Kira sighed and then went on, "Their base is on Planet Z, which is the farthest planet from Earth. The Sucker is so big and powerful, they have to be that far away so they don't get harmed at all. Also, I will supply you with 3 guns each, and a powerful sword for each of you. There is about 100 Blood Thirsty, so the odds are against you."

"Good to know. Thanks," I sarcastically thanked her and then took in everything that was happening. The world was coming to an end and Lila, Dareic and I had to save it. The odds were against us, so we would more then likely die. But the decision was not up to me. It was up to my two friends.

I looked at Lila and Dareic, who were deathly quiet. "What do you guys think?"

They whispered to each other for about a minute then answered in union, "We think it is time to quick some bad guys butts!" They both beamed and took a sip of some water in front of them.

"Well, it'll be dangerous," I grinned from ear to ear. My friends were awesome. "And any one of us could die."

Lila and Dareic still wanted to do it, shown by their mad nodding. "Ok, ok, we'll do it!" I agreed but added, always having to be the party pooped, "I get to be the leader!"

The looked bummed, "But-" Lila started, but I cut her off.

"No buts. I am the leader and that is final," I said trying to be firm, but burst out laughing, at their faces. They looked sad. "Guys, don't look sad. if I die, you guys can both be the leader!"

Kira felt like she had to cut in, "Nobody is going to die if our plan goes the way it is supposed to. With our new and improved technology, we are going to beam you on the planet, and then you have to destroy the machine. If we are correct, then it will take 5 days or so for the machine to be cut."

"We as in..?" I asked her, wondering what she meant by we.

"Oh, sorry." Kira apologized and then told us, "The V.H.P.A. or Vampire and Human Protection Agency. We will do anything to help anyone in need. "

I said nothing and let Lila take over. "Ok..." she suspiciously said and then added, "Well, when do we start?"

Kira looked surprised by her immediate response. "Uh...well, how about today? Are you free?"

Lila glanced back at Dareic and me and we all burst out laughing. "Let, me check my calender," she pretended to look at a calender. "Surprisingly, I'm free!"

"Good, now let me get a jet to pick us up and fly us to our headquarters," Kira said and went to go get a phone.

"Wait!" I called back and asked her, "Where is your headquarters?"

"New Jersey," Kira told us and then dialed the phone. All of our smiles turned into frowns. New Jersey was where we had lived before.

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