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In Search of a New World

March 21, 2010
By Allessandrea-Rukia SILVER, Hoppers Crossing, Other
Allessandrea-Rukia SILVER, Hoppers Crossing, Other
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I landed with a quiet thud on the damp grass and silently shut the window. Melissa and Lauren were already looking for the sparrow, the full moon providing enough light to see perfectly. Suddenly, Melissa’s arm shot forward, pointing to a pine tree across the road. In the branches sat a small sparrow, staring vividly.
“We aren’t seriously going to run around in the dead of night chasing a sparrow, just to find a land of fairies, are we?” Lauren asked, skeptically.
“Of course we are! The aspect of adventure doesn’t enthrall you?” Melissa asked sarcastically, knowing Lauren loathed it. Lauren had read an apparently non-fiction book about a world of fairies earlier. All that was required to find it was to follow a sparrow on the full moon. We had decided to see if it was true.
“C’mon,” I said “we better get going.” We walked towards the sparrow, watching it closely. We started chasing it as soon as it took flight. We ran for ages, following the small bird past houses and shops.
The sparrow eventually landed beside a cave partially concealed by overgrown vegetation. I withdrew my torch and started forth.
“I am not going in there!” she said, stubbornly.
“Alright, then.” I said, winking at Melissa and heading towards the cave. Melissa understood immediately and followed.
“What!? You’re not leaving me here!” Lauren asked in a panic-stricken voice as we reached the entrance.
“Well I wasn’t planning to but if you’re gonna be like that…” I smiled mischievously. She reluctantly made her way towards us. As we entered, I flicked on my torch.
Inside it was damp and cold, the only source of light coming from my torch. Lauren and Melissa got their torches out and Lauren shone hers on the ceiling, revealing stalactites of all sizes. We continued forth, the scenery not changing all too much. After about an hour, we arrived at a dead end. It looked extremely smooth in contrast to the surrounding walls. I approached the wall and examined it carefully. It was completely unmarked with an exception of a large rock in the top left corner. It was too high for me to reach, so I turned to Lauren who was much taller than me. She understood my pleading expression and reluctantly walked forward to grab the rock. As soon as she made contact, the cave started rumbling and the wall slid open, displaying a dark field with green grass and blossoming flora. We entered cautiously and reached the other end of the field before any encounters. A beautiful woman appeared. She had long wavy orange hair and sparkling green eyes that examined each of us carefully before frowning.
“What are you doing here?” She demanded in a surprisingly sharp tone. “How did you find us?”
“I told you this was a bad idea” Lauren muttered into Melissa’s ear.
“We followed a sparrow.” I explained, realising how crazy I sounded.
“Why on earth did you do that? Who are you?” She sounded cautious now.
“I’m Karen, these are my friends Lauren and Melissa.” I said, signaling each in turn. “We learnt of the presence of this world and decided to see if it were real”
“This is impossible! You cannot know of this place. How on earth did you…” A pair of extravagant purple wings unfolded from her back before she flew into the air.
“Wait right here.” She told us as she departed. We waited five minutes before she returned with a band of equally beautiful fairies following. They landed a silently, a few feet away, and a sandy-haired man stepped forward.
“I don’t know why or how you are here but I do know that it is unspoken of! For the safety of our world you will be executed immediately.” He said.
“You can’t do that!” I yelled “If we just randomly disappear, people will notice and whether you like it or not, more people will find this place after us. The more appropriate thing to do would be allowing us to help you.”
“Hmm…this must be discussed among the court.” He said as he turned to the cluster of fairies. They muttered amongst themselves for a while before the sandy-haired man re-emerged and said “We agree to your gesture under certain conditions. You must never tell anyone of this place and must check-up on us every full moon to ensure no one else has discovered our world. In return, you will be granted immortality.” I saw Lauren’s face light up and Melissa break into a huge grin. I realised we couldn’t really get a better offer so I agreed.
We were escorted back to the entrance of the cave by the orange-haired fairy we first met. We left hastily as the sun started rising. If we didn’t hurry, it would soon be discovered that we were absent for the best of the night. When we got back, we crawled into our sleeping bags, exhausted. After a moments silence, Melissa said “Wow, what an amazing adventure!”
“Yeah. We’re like guardians of the fairies or something now, aye?” Lauren said, happily.
“Still can’t believe we’re immortal…” I said and fell asleep.


The author's comments:
I wrote this last year for an english assignment. It was meant to be a short story based on a past experience. This was inspired by when i was 6, my best friend (6) and my cousin (5) had a sleep over and climbed out the window at night to go to the Fairy World on the Moon.

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