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The End of Ends

March 18, 2010
By Tlares SILVER, Ormond Beach, Florida
Tlares SILVER, Ormond Beach, Florida
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"There is no goor or evil, only power, and those too weak to seek it," - Lord Voldemort

I peered up into the crimson sky as the waves of a red sea crashed somewhere in the distance. The sky had been torn, and would never be repairable. I looked up into the sky to see what I had done, to see what could never be undone, and started to think about the future that I had cursed the survivors with. I was born with a duty, a special task that the forces engraved into my soul. It was my job to bring the end of days, the end of the world, this world; a world which had been my home since I could remember. Why was I chosen? I had no clue. It was an accident, I had just gotten angry for a split second, next thing I knew everything was in ruin, millions had mysteriously disappeared, and several colossal beasts roamed the desolate wasteland that used to be New York City.

But here I was, alive, in a new world filled with death and sin, an evil world which I caused. The only thing I could do then was wait for the inevitable war between the forces that were my maker. The war that was foretold many times, a war which would determine who gained control of this untamed land. Why did it have to be me? I gazed at the decayed city, on top of a skyscraper that still stood. As soon as the sky had broken apart, so did central park, each becoming the door to this “battleground”. The survivors knew nothing of what was coming. Their shelters wouldn’t hinder the forces that were making their way to the city. They only survived on the thought that they had already been through the worst thing that could have been thrown their way, who would I be to take that false peace-of-mind away from them? No, they would have to deal with the cards they were dealt as they came, I was told to not interfere until commanded by the winner, and I would do as told.

My thinking was cut short as the sky began to spit fire upon the world below. I braced myself, thrusting myself into the sky to meet with what was coming down.
I flew passed the fire that was coming down in asteroid sized flares, noticing the “packages” that were inside of them. Angels were coming down in the fire. I heard a loud metallic screech from above me and I looked up. An angel was coming to meet me. As he got closer I saw what he looked like. Standing he would have been about 12 feet tall. He had large, ominous looking claws where his feet should have been, but his face was what was startling. It was very pale, and anything but beautiful. He had cloud white eyes and his teeth were sharpened to a point, and in the place of saliva, a dark liquid leaked out of his mouth. His wings pushed wind at me fiercely as he leveled to talk to me.

“You were told to stay away until the fighting was done,” the angel command in a deep, malicious voice.

“I thought I would watch.”

“Yet here you are, floating in the middle of our decent, you realize that the demons could shoot out of that hole in the ground in a matter of seconds don’t you?” I looked down into central park where the massive hole was. It was getting increasingly darker as something blocked the light from the lava below. I looked back at the angel for a moment, and then decided to listen. I flew back onto the roof top where I was before. Right when I landed, the first demon shot into the sky. It was a being completely formed of smoke. It was twisting around in the air, evading all of the angels that got in it’s in its way until it finally chose a form. The smoke stretched and expanded until a large, many headed beast took its place. And in a matter of seconds the entire sky was either filled with angels or these demonic beasts. Then the fighting began.

It lasted for hours, and no apparent side was winning. They were just slaughtering each other, and destroying the city even more than it already was. All I could do was stand there, watching aimlessly. But a change began, I could feel it that something was about to happen. The fighting stopped as the angels and demons floated there, above the tattered ground. The angels looked up into the hole in the sky, and the demons began to flee, turning into smoke again. That was when the rumbling began. I too looked up into the sky and cowered at what I saw coming. It was a giant foot, flowed by a giant leg, followed by the rest of a colossal body. When the full body reveled itself, it seemed to stretch up to the moon. It was a body of fire and smoke; it was the body of God. He just stood there, staring at the demons as they retreated into the hole. His mighty hands then swooped down into the hole, grabbing something that hissed loudly.

“Out you coward!” He boomed, shaking the whole world as he spoke. He had pulled an enormous snake out of the ground. A snake as big, and as powerful as himself, and I knew that the fight had just begun, and that this was far from over.

The author's comments:
This is a dream i have had many times. I am always in the place of my main character, so i thought i would write it out.

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