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April 29, 2010
By PuzzleLuver SILVER, Powell, Ohio
PuzzleLuver SILVER, Powell, Ohio
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The door creaks open. Slowly and stealthily I move inside the murky room. The floor boards screech a loud, sudden noise as I progress around the room. His head pops up and he glances around the dim room. He shudders all the way down his body, though he has yet to be scared for real.

“Who’s there?” he utters out of his quivering mouth.

I move closer, but still in the shadows, not yet will I reveal my identity.

Fear glazes over his eyes at the sound of the floor boards creaking. His teeth chatter from fear and his bed rattles from his violent shaking. My red lips curl upwards into a smile at the sight of his despair.

I glide closer and closer.

“I’m going to call the police,” he threatens meekly.

My strong body jerks forward and I go faster and faster.

He fumbles around with the phone, trying to type in the numbers as quick as possible.

I leap with all my might and reach his bed.

His body slams back against the headboard. His eyes shift to see my face.

“Mahira?” he asks confused and frightened at the sight of the transformed me.

Looking into his eyes, I see to his core the fear that now held him down, paralyses him in that spot. I feel a jolt of sadness, but then it goes away quickly.

“Why?” he questions.

“Sorry Marcel,” I say before going in for the kill.

My jagged teeth sink into his tissue thin skin. I guzzle in the sweet, salty, strengthening blood from his neck, feeling power enter my body each second. It rejuvenates me. Hunger for the feel of the blood trickling down my throat and thirst override my conscious and I go digging deeper and deeper till there was no more left. Blood spilt out of my mouth and onto the floor as I lift my head away.

I glance down and see my old love’s corpse in my bloodstained arms. His eyes were rolled back in his head and shriveling up from the lack of blood which I had easily drained from him. I lay my head on his torso crying into my brunette hair.

I flee into the night, chills roll down my spine for I’m a monster. Nothing can stop me not even true love.

Dawn is slowly creeping closer, so I must run for cover.
I find a gloomy ally were scrums like me should live, so I duck for cover. The rays of light opened up the sky to trap me.

The light that traps me now used to feel so good. He must have felt that way when he saw me. How can a thing you love, love you one day, and then kill you the next. It is like someone piercing a dagger through the heart, and that person is your love.

A sound wakes me up from my sleep. A sound that now got closer and closer. My heart starts to pound. I turn to see what it is, but there is nothing. Nothing is there. The tapping sound gets closer and closer still, but this time from the other side.
It creeps closer to me so I spin around. Nothing is there, nothing!
What’s wrong with me, I question myself, what is happening?
I close my eyes to fall asleep, but I am not safe. Something is stalking me. I can feel its eyes piercing my skin, like a nail would pierce a piece of wood. I can feel its power that would kill me in an instant.
I dig my nails into the ground. I gulp getting ready for what will happen. If death so be it, I think. I welcome death; cherish it, just to rid myself of this world and the pain in it. My ears are hot and I am sweating from anxiety.
The sound of footsteps behind me fills my ears and I tremble at the sudden loudness. My thoughts quicken too much that I don’t know what is happening. This is it, I tell myself. A shadow of horror covers me. I blank out and wait for pain.
A cold breeze runs through my body. I open my eyes and see the moon is out. I’m saved. Leaping up I strain my eyes to find out what it was that was close to me, but found nothing. I dash out of the ally as fast as I can. The sound of footsteps follows me. They come closer and closer.
I’m not crazy, I tell myself as I keep pressing ahead; I strain my muscles to go faster. Finally, I arrive at my house. I swing back the door and rush in, then slam the door shut. Taking the stairs 2 at a time I get to the bedroom.
The pasty white of my room calmed me down. I go to a mirror. My eyes are vortexes; nothing is there, but black holes. My teeth are gleaming white, except for the red blood that is now dripping onto the floor, making a stain. I turn away not wanting to see the monster I am.
Drip, drop, drip, drop, a faucet runs. I twist around and walk into my bathroom. The marble sink is stained red and the faucet is dripping blood. Craving overtakes me and I dip my head to taste it. I pull back for it is not blood, but water. I turn around at the sound of the door and see the stain is growing bigger, engulfing the whole room. I look back and see the bathroom in clothed red and written on the mirror is the word “Why”.
“No, no,” I scream.
I run to my bed and hide. Though now my eyes and ears are not the ones haunting me. Now it is a smell, his smell. The smell I used to trace him and kill him. Blood is mixed in with his scent and it is both terrorizing and marvelous at the same time. The smell gets stronger and stronger and closer with footsteps now ringing in my ear. I shook violently. I close my eyes and hope that I am dreaming. I open them and see it. The face, his face was right in front of me.
The eyes, of which I used to look into with love, now looked at me with hate. Everywhere I turned his face appeared. I close my eyes, but he is there too.
I sprint out of my room that was masked in red and rush to the basement. On the cold cement floor, I slowly back up watching the door. I turn around and he is there. He looks at me in question. Tears well up in my eyes, for this is it.
He disappeared into thin air and I gasp. I survey the drab basement for something.
“Why?” someone whispered.
I froze and fell to my knees.
“Why?” it got louder and angrier.
A man’s voice, his voice had been asking.
He groans and weeps. Screams pierce my ears. He keeps screaming.
I rummage quicker to find the piece.
He got quieter and quieter, until there is nothing to be heard. I turn to see why, but he is not there. I swivel back around to look.
I find it. The wooden stake lies in my hands. I rub my hand against it feeling the rough edges that could pierce the skin of any living creature. Carved in the wood is a design. The stake is supposed to kill vampires. And soon it will, I tell myself.
“I loved you,” he said.
I will not take this agony anymore.
I point the stake at my heart and thrust it forward. It hits my skin slowly ripping away at the cells of skin. I go deeper, deeper. My fingers quiver and blood starts to drip. I drive it further and further. The farther I go, the faster my heart beats, and the more it hurts.
I scream.
Blood is pouring out of my body. I try to rip the stake out. It’s stuck, stuck!
I’m dying. I cry out in anguish. It slowly is tearing through my heart and I feel immense, unexplainable pain.
I scream again and again. I will not stop. I’m dying, dying.
My body quakes and I go blind. I smell nothing. I feel nothing, but pain.
Screaming, screaming, screaming…

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