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Angels and Bridges

November 23, 2010
By LittlePink SILVER, Alexandria, Indiana
LittlePink SILVER, Alexandria, Indiana
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Kristy breathed in a heavy breath, and began to ran as fast as possible. Her heart pounded in her chest as she threw herself forward. What a feeling it is to not even realize how hard you can breathe, till you have to. She stopped as she came close to her destination. She caught her breath, and her mind, and walked. She walked into the shadow of the small covered bridge that sat over Willows Creek. She stepped onto the first board of the bridge, and it creaked beneath her. She ran her hand along the smooth little rivets in the bridges wooden railing. She climbed onto the railing and sat for a moment, soaking in the sun.
After a few minutes, she took off her jacket, for the air had gotten hot. And without warning, a car bustled onto the bridge. Kristy turned to quickly, and lost her grip on the rail. She fell maybe 20 feet, hitting the water like a ton of bricks. She could feel herself sinking into the cool dark green/blue water. She opened her eyes, and saw millions of bubbles fly past her to the surface as she sank. He vision blurred, like ripples in the water break a reflection. Before she slipped out of consciousness, she felt something lift her. And before she knew it, she was on dry land again. There was a boy, with bleach blond hair, and blue eyes, and he was leaning over her. Kristy coughed and choked on air and water in her lungs. Though after she had spit out the last bit of water, ever breath felt like fire. She closed her eyes, and when she opened them, she was gone.
She stood up, looking around herself, stunned and speechless. She was surrounded by a forest, but where she was, was like a circle of clear. She heard a CRUNCH, but before she could turn, a boy came to her view. He was the same boy who had pulled her from the creek. The same one with blond hair, and crystal blue eyes. He was wearing all white, and his smile was like an angels.
"Who"she began to say, but he cut her off.
"Do not fear Kristy" he said in a benign tone.
"where am i?" Kristy asked
"You are at the beginning, the second chance" again he said this with no emotion.
"what do you mean about a second chance?"
"Kristy, you are being given a second chance. You died at Willows creek, and i brought you here. I am your Guardian Angel. Do you not understand child?" He gestured to all around him and her.
"I-I'm dead" she said, blood flushing from her face.
"You were, this is your SECOND chance. Forget the old life, this is a restart.Don't worry, you'll catch on eventually." he smiled and turned around.
"But wait" she said trying to catch him, but to her surprise he jumped away. And Black and silver wings erupted from between his shoulder blades. Kristy stumbled back in awe, not even believing her eyes. He shot into the air, and disappeared without the slightest trace. Her heart almost seemed to stop, and she racked her hands through her golden blond hair. What am i supposed to do, she wanted to scream into the sky. "Kristy, forget everything and live, this is why you were given a second chance, cause you know how to use it. And don't worry, you have an Angel watching" said a clear voice in her head. She looked up above the trees, and the edge of the sky began to turn pink. She Walked into the forest, navigating without a care. This was what she had always wanted,but never believed she deserved, a second chance.

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