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My Messed Up Life

November 26, 2010
By nerdherd21 BRONZE, Lewistown, Pennsylvania
nerdherd21 BRONZE, Lewistown, Pennsylvania
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I woke up in a room a room I have never been in nor seen before.
I woke up on a ratty bed crusted with dirt.
My leg has gone numb, I cant feel it I reach to feel it and it is crusted with old blood.
I heard footsteps, heavy ones.
I thought and wouldn’t be surprised if it was the gun man coming back to finish his job, but they grew faint and faint.
I saw two people near with me.
They looked at me and one of them said, “Hey my name is Rae what is your name?”I replied slowly, “Umm. My name is Brae, who is that girl over there?” Rae replied, “Oh that is Stevie.
I had to leave I had to.
So I said, “How do we get out of here”? Rae didn’t speak but Stevie did she said, “The window why do you want to escape.”
“Of course”, I said.
I wanted to run and jump and leave but I couldn’t my leg wouldn’t let me.
Rae said, “What happened to your leg?” I looked down shocked and replied, “I don’t know actually”. I said curiously, “What is this place?” They both answered quickly, “We need to leave.” I didn’t hesitate.
We ran as fast as our legs could carry us.
The men in black were yelling, “They have escaped get them !!” We ran faster and faster.
We landed in a town called Phillipsburg, Honestly I didn’t care were we were as long as I am away from them.

We went to one of Rae’s friend, Devon and tried to keep us safe but they found us.
They almost busted down the door, we got out of the back and down the fire escape.
Devon gave us a couple hundred bucks to survive. We ran to I don’t know where. I said, “what do they want with us?” Rae replied, “They want our powers we have them and they want to use them for evil.”
I was shocked but not surprised.
We all left and went to the near by town of Newport We are scared and beyond mean afraid for our lives.
Rae, Stevie, and I went to a little place inside Newport a little thing inside the woods there. Yea we made a little tree house, and we decided to hide out there for a while maybe just maybe they would forget about us.
Rae and Stevie, and myself decided to take shifts to make sure they would not find them.
We bought the most cheapest food to last.
I went first my shift was from 9:30 pm to 4:30 am.
The time went dreadfully slow and I couldn’t bear it.
I sat there is complete darkness with nothing but a flashlight and watch the sinister night passed me by.
4:30 came very slowly so I sang a song I made up and it seem to pass time.
I woke up Rae for her turn and she groaned and got ready and went for her shift.
I slept but barely, I was so afraid that we were going to get caught.
In my sleep I had a promotion about us surviving.
I was so afraid that when I woke up I had cold sweat and I didn’t move.
I didn’t want to awake anyone. I sat there and look at the tree next to the tent.
Morning came as early as it could get.
I saw the sunlight and groaned say, “OMG could it come any sooner”.
I was so p*ssed that it came.
I didn’t want to get up but Stevie and Rae were jumping up and down yelling, “Brae get your a** up”.
I yelled, “I am up gosh”.
I rolled out and was about to get dressed but didn’t have any clothes.
I said, “we need to get new clothes, I’m tired of these clothes”.
They agreed and we went to the hot topic near by and bought a couple pairs of shirts, skinnies, converses, and sweat shirts.

We left to go to the next town and leave, we pack up and left.
We called Devon and told him where we were and he said he said he would meet us in Lewistown.
I said , “No way we’re going to my hometown”.
I was smiling and giggling and happy as s***. We got there and I saw everything it looked so familiar.

When we met Devon in the Burger King we decided to go to Philadelphia and stay there with my family.
We took the Greyhound down to South Main Street and I was so happy I went to my Aunt’s house. She didn’t let us live with her for now so we lived on the street.
I didn’t care at this point as long as we were in a familiar place.
I wasn’t afraid of these streets all they were where wanna-bes gangsters.
So we stayed there all night until one night we got into a fight and Rae flipped and she moved her hands and one of the girls flew into the air and hit the wall and she died.
The girls ran and told the cops.
We left and hurried out of the state we went to New York City.
But the people who tried to get us the first time came after us, they almost got us.
We escaped but nearly.
With nothing but the clothes on our back.
We slept for the night.
I left the next morning to a town called Collegeville and we slept in a locked up abandon building, we made for weeks on end there.
We didn’t care about living there as long as we were away from the cops, but we decided to go north because the cops might come up to find us.
We left on the day of November 10th man was it cold and freezing but that didn’t mind it at all.
We went up to New York City and stayed with my aunt but the end of the month she winding up begin kidnapped her.
We had to leave very far away, we didn’t know where to go, but we didn’t know were. So we headed farther up north.
We went up to Maine, the farthest that we thought was better for us.
We went to Portland, Maine and we found people who were just like us there names were Makkenna, Sabrina, Zoey, Alice, Erin.
They had escape from the same place we had.
We had to leave and we and we had to take them with us.
I spoke, “Hey we got to head back we have to try to defeat them it is our only shot.”
Every one agreed we left in Zoey Mini Van and headed to were we escaped from.
We defeated them, but that was five years ago.
We all have moved on I guess, We stay close but we left. I moved to the Bronx.

The author's comments:
I wasnt really inspired, I thought of it and i just wanted to write it

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