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Blue Haze

January 7, 2011
By PrincessSparkle GOLD, Flint, Michigan
PrincessSparkle GOLD, Flint, Michigan
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Whoever said Nothings impossible clearly never tried to slam a rotating door.

With the blue haze swirling around you the sun set lower in the sky. Glitter dotted the ground and flowers were placed along the edge of the trail that made you feel as if you were on the red carpet. Near the end you hear her chants. “I’m here” and “I’ve been waiting for you.” The wings that were perched so gently upon her back suddenly fanned out revealing every color feather in the rainbow. You’ve never seen anything as beautiful. She asks in an echoed voice “Where have you been?” When her body moved or her wings fluttered it left a trail of blue florescent light. She turns around facing a door that you just noticed near some trees. The door is covered in a red velvet carpeting. Its so soft that the only thing you wanted to do is rest your cheek up on. She opens the door with a key so large it barely fit in both of her tiny frail hands. It swung open and a beam of light shot out from it. It finally stopped and you look through the door. Inside was a field covered in wildflowers. Perched upon a hill was the silkiest all white rabbit you’ve ever seen in your life. You walk inside the door and walk up to the rabbit. You turn back to the door and you see it shut with such delicacy that you find yourself revolved in it. The door clicking. You play it over and over in his head. You memorize it. Finally you hear the rabbit move. You turn back to it with your blonde curls swishing through the air. The rabbit turns and looks at you. Before you even realize what’s going on the rabbit trots away. He’s gone just like that. And before you know it your back at your desk staring into your computer screen .

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