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March 6, 2011
By CWells_521 DIAMOND, Greene, New York
CWells_521 DIAMOND, Greene, New York
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Crimson clood was splattered along the floor, ceiling and walls. The girl doggedly walked around it, gingerly avoiding the dead bodies, piled in bloody heaps. Abruptly she stopped and looked around as her eyes adjusted to the darkness. There was no door, no windows, no way out. It was unfathomable to her. She couldn't remember how she's gotten in and it appeared no way out. Without thinking, she screamed, sending noise to bounce off the walls. She'd remembered one thing, right before she blacked out, she had been hit across the face. She touched her forehead and was stupor when her hand came back bloody. A premonition began to form in her gut, sending chills up her spine. She bagan to quiver. Aghast, she closed her eyes. Hot, salty tears rolled down her cheeks. She jumped suddenly as a gunshot sounded in her ears and a little voice whispered, "No way out." She fell to the floor, her courage defeated and eluded her surroundings into a peacful solitude in her mind. It didn't help and she screamed again, bloody murder, making her crazier. She stood up and ran to the nearest wall, her face twisted in rage. She was far past ornery. She screamed and punched the wall until bruises were visible. She ran across the room and threw hersef against that wall until she was bloody and bruised and fell to the ground. Later she woke up, shivering with fear, but was dumbfounded when she'd opened her eyes. She was in a white room with squishy walls, in a white suit where she couldn't move her arms. Padded cell? Straight jacket? She panicked and ran to the lonely window. As she peered out, she saw a uniformed woman, nonchalantly writing her name on a large foam board and next to it, wrote newly addmitted into Louisiana Insane Asyllum. A mental hospital? She screamed no but was ignored and at a last effort for final silence, she slammed her head into the window. She fell and was dead before she hit the floor. When they found her, her face was bloody and bruised and her eyes were vacant but a smile was twisted onto her lips.

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