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Unknown future

November 3, 2011
By Crazymexican GOLD, Jay, Maine
Crazymexican GOLD, Jay, Maine
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This couldn’t be happening I am supposed to be the hunter not them! This is getting out of hand I need back up. I picked up my phone dialed the emergency number 208-422-42**. “It’s Agent Scar Operation: Clean Up. All a trap I am being hunted and my team has been killed” I said “ I need back up to the location of this operation Clean up immediately please as quick as you ca-”. The phone cut off as I heard a noise behind me. I turned around to see two red eyes staring at me into my soul. I shot at the spot between the eyes and took off with lightning speed. Man werewolves don’t give up.... Looking around for a way out of this place there was an something odd about this place... It was an abandoned Zoo. Why send my team here?

I called the number back up after ten minutes. “Where the hell is my backup!” I hollered at them. I heard a voice of a man I had killed five days ago. “Hello Scar” It said. “EXAVIOR??” I say “I KILLED YOU FIVE DAYS AGO I SHOT YOU AND SLAUGHTERED YOU I BURNED YOUR BODY!”. “My dear friend that was not me it was a minion of mine easy to trick into sacrificing them selves.” He was alive i couldn't believe it. “Why are you at the headquarters how did you know where it was were the hell is everyone!?”.. “After you and your team left to my trap we simply walked in killing all in our path.” He said “Well all that we could kill some of them escaped with minor injuries but in time we shall find your friends and kill them slowly. I hung up and called Agent silver “Scar! Your still alive! We thought you were all dead we got ambushed after you left Ricks back”. I cut him off. “I know I called requesting back up he answered. How many of you are left alive?.” “there are twenty of us left five of us are injured but we got our weapons and eleven of our vans.” “Can you guys get to the zoo and come rescue me?”. There was a long pause. “what happened to your team?” He asked. “We were ambushed we killed most of them but one of them snuck up killed my team s*** its still after me.” “We’ll be there in ten.” He hung up I hoped he would get here in time

I worked my way to the entrance where we were ambushed. The bodies were still there. I grabbed Agent golds gun. As I did there was a movement behind me. “Don’t move or ill shoot!” I said. “Scar its me!” I couldn’t believe it Agent Love was still alive. She ran up to me and hugged me blood dripping down here. “Love are you ok?” I said “I have back up on the way”. I looked out the gate seeing vans pull up. “there they are lets go” I picked her up and grabbed our guns. The reinforcements came in retrieved the bodies and helped us back to the vans.

“Field teams report to Emergency Area Code Name: Remake. Grid: Echo Delta. We need to regroup our forces immediately.” All our radios that where left heard my command. “be ready if they figure out our codes we will be in for a fight that could kill us all.” I said to the van crews. Our director was killed at headquarters and before he died he appointed me the new director...

Two hours later we where at Area Code Name: Remake. Grid Location Echo Delta. I saw teams approach our last forces for survival. We had ten teams left... Out of two hundred teams... The team names where: WASP. BLANKS, GHOST, LONERS, SLAYERS, JOCKS, JOKERS, MAGAZINE, EAGLE and my team of me and agent love the OUTCASTS.... We had 100 members left all together..

“Our director was terminated in the initial assault he has appointed Scar in his last dying words to lead us in the ultimate battle of our lives.” I looked around this is the most of our kind iv seen in a together since I two months after being recruited... I still think back to the day I was initially entered in the group my senior year of high-school...

Today is the first day of senior year. I was ready to graduate with A’s and above like last year. “Hey Chris whats up man?” I say. “Mexican! Not much man” He replies. I look around to see my ex-girlfriend staring at me so I wave and smile at her.

Veronica is her name and I still love her but I cant get her yet. “Hey Veronica.” I say as i walk up to her. “Hey Mike” She replies with a smile. “You look beautiful today”. She blushes and hugs me and then walks away. Well it doesn't matter if she don’t like me I got options. Like this new girl at school named Sharlee. Sharlee and me hung out and we got a lot in common maybe we might get together. Then I also got my best friend she came back from Sanford to finish high-school with us. Her name is Devynn.

At 8‘o clock I walked into my first class I was talking physics. I noticed all the people I do but then I noticed another girl in the back of the room. She was by herself which surprised me because she was a beauty in this room long blond hair her eye color was a shade of green. I walked over to her. “Hey mind if i sit here?” I asked. She looked at me and smiled “I don't mind. My name is Jane Fetcher.” She said. “Jane Fetcher nice name. My name Is Michael Chavez.” I said. I noticed one her notebook was a picture of the band Black Veil Brides. “Black Veil Brides huh? Awesome band you ever see them live?” “Yeah I did in Los Angeles have you?” “Yea say them in New York over the summer got an autographed sweatshirt from there.” We keep taking over then next eighty minutes of class but that’s not where it ended.

Jane and I hung out for a little while after school. I drove her back to her house so she didn't have to ride the bus. She gave me cash (but I put it back in her wallet). “So I guess ill see you tomorrow?” I said. “yea sure and we should hang out after school sometime soon you agree Mike?” She said smiling. “Yea sure that would be awesome” I reply and she gives me a kiss on the check. “See you later Mike.”

As all this was taking place We were being watched. “That kid doesn’t know who he is getting friendly with.” “Maybe we should educate him on who that girl is don’t you agree?”
I started home when I saw the blue lights in my mirror “F***” I said under my breath as I pulled over.. The first officer got out and walked to the drivers side and the second officer went to the passenger side. “Good afternoon officers whats the problem?” I say the first one pull out a gun he had a missing tooth. “Get out of the car now and don't make any sounds or ill shoot you dead right here right now.” Said the red neck. I got out slowly.

They brought me to there cruiser. Then they talked to me “That girl you just met isn't what she appears to be kid if I were you id stay away from her.” “But you aren't me dude so I aint gonna stay away from her now if you need me ill be leaving now thank yo-” I was cut off as I got pistol whipped across the face I replied with a punch into the ‘officers’ face and his partner’s stomach and took off to my car.

I knew they weren’t cops because they didn’t give chase to me. I flew back to town faster then legal. I pulled up at my house as my friend pulled up I called him up about what happened. I reach into the back of my car and grabbed my rifle and went inside. Mean while he was grabbing his shot gun and pistols out of his car. “If I see those so called ‘cops’ Ill shoot them dead chris.” I said as i cleaned up my wound. “don't worry they didn’t follow you so your safe unless they know where you live.” He said. “I don't know what it was about but they brought up jane and said she was dangerous or something like that.”

The next morning I noticed those two guys following me to the school after I picked up jane at her house and I grabbed my pistol and just waited for them to pull something. “everything alright michael?” asked Jane. I didn’t answer

Later that day while sitting home I got a call “Hey Mike its Jon theres been another drive by we need some help in tending the wounded can you?”. “Yea on my way”. I am a junior firemen and Im trained in first aid and additional things like gunshot wounds. This is my fourth call this week and its only Tuesday.

I got a call later that night on my pager it read ‘Accident Gibbs Mill Road Livermore four passengers rolled 10 times speed may be factor use caution approaching scene occupants are unknown.’ I got up and threw on my gear and went straight to the scene. I got out with my .9 mm pistol I am registered to operate in situations like this. I looked into the scene and reported in my walkie talkie. “ Three occupants estimate thirty-five years of age injuries severe EMT’s needed A.S.A.P.” I couldn’t believe the men who attacked me were sitting in this car dying before me. As the first truck approached I got in it and pulled out the jaws of life and started talking the car apart. In all there were three towns here to assist’s us in the removal of these men two of which were unresponsive... The third occupant had called the accident in when he was conscious but the fourth was missing. I had noticed blood on the ground moving towards the woods. As more police arrived we got a team together to go into the woods to look for the last occupant.

One hour into our search we found clothing and a wallet with no identification in it no money nothing. My cell phone went off “Hello?” “Mike the third occupant of the car died in-transport to Portland via life-light.” I told my rescue party he had died and we needed to find the fourth occupant a.s.a.p. We found more blood further along and called the search off at about two in the morning our results were proving to be useless.

I had missed my first two classes at school mostly cause I was aloud to but also to catch up on some sleep. Before I got into school I got a call “Mike one of the occupants of the car had been shot to death before the car accident the passenger had multiple lacerations to the chest and throat.” Said my chief “This wasn’t an accident it was a murder your not going to school your going back out to help look for the fourth occupant while the autopsies are being finished on the victims”. I guess I was excused from school....

I pulled up to the accident scene where I was directed down the road to a field where the temporary head quarters was set up. I walked in as they were assessing the situation “The suspect is considered armed and extremely dangerous use extreme caution approaching anyone in the woods. Deadly force only authorized if shot at.” They were still assessing the situation but I didn't not pay attention I walked over to Jane. “What are you doing here??” I whispered. “I volunteered for this to find who did this terrible crime.” She said.

It turned out Jane and I were teamed up with my friend Chris, Nick and Tara who were part of the fire department I was the only one legally licensed to use a gun but they were given guns for the own safety. Really I think I’m in need of protection since they have guns.

We walked all day with a k9 unit with us and had approached a sound before they called it quits “ Outcasts to HQ. Out casts to HQ do you copy?” “Copy that Outcasts report.” “We have come across movement and noise up ahead of us weapons drawn approaching with caution blood thick in this area send another team out hear to help us in case of at-” A gunshot was fired and hit the K9 unit officer in the chest. I grabbed the radio “OFFICER DOWN OFFICER DOWN WE ARE BEING SHOT AT” I shot. There are multiple guns being fired “Multiple guns being shot in our direction we need help!”. I shot back and heard a man hit the ground Chris and Nick where shooting back at the men while we hid behind trees “Tara Jane Get Out Of Here Now!” I hollered but they were shooting back also. After five minutes the gunshots ceased as backup arrived.

We approached were we had been shot at with caution. There were six gunmen lying on the ground wounded. “Your all under arrest for murder of a police office assault with a deadly weapon and” The head officer looked at one of the men. “Leaving the scene of an accident and three murder charges.” We found the fourth occupant knowing it was him because his clothes were ripped and had glass in his arm from a tinted window.

Well Im glad to say my week ended perfectly. I decided to bring jane to the dance. We had so much fun and actually kissed a lil bit I have to say it’s the best dance iv been to in a long time.

At this moment unknown to me we were being watched. “There they are ask Stone what we should do”. “Just leave them Exavior there not much younger then you well get her soon enough”. “What about the boy what if he gets in the way?” He grins “well its what well call collateral damage.” “Your crazy Exavior killing an innocent teenager on a hunch this girl might be the one who were are looking for? I swear I don’t know why your dad bothered to put you on this mission if all you wanna do is kill every god damn living creature that you happen to come by”. Just then he got hit as Exavior bet his head in to a mess of blood. “Don’t bring up my dad I will forever hate him until the day I die bring him up and i will kill you in a heartbeat.” Drake leaned up and examined his wounds. The rest of the stake out went without word or incident

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on Nov. 3 2011 at 4:44 pm
Crazymexican GOLD, Jay, Maine
12 articles 0 photos 30 comments

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not sure

Thanks Chris

jusme44 said...
on Nov. 3 2011 at 4:43 pm

not to bad mike


on Nov. 3 2011 at 4:40 pm
Crazymexican GOLD, Jay, Maine
12 articles 0 photos 30 comments

Favorite Quote:
not sure

Thank you.

karl33_97 said...
on Nov. 3 2011 at 4:38 pm
I didn't read all of its but I read most of itt! And I think its REALLY good! :D lovee itt!