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The Bloodmage

December 15, 2011
By Kiba1 GOLD, Cripple Creek C.O, Colorado
Kiba1 GOLD, Cripple Creek C.O, Colorado
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The School

The pretty blonde haired girl slept in class, a boy, not far from her pulled a rubber band out of his pocket and a rubber eraser and sot it at her, she made a soft hiss as she sat up glaring at the boy, and his playful strange purple eyes met her cold angry blue eyes.

“Aw Coralline, you fell asleep in class again?”

“Well for your information, Eli, I don’t really care about this class.” Her voice was a growl. Truly in her mind, she was cursing her self “I miffed this term yet again.” Eli smirked and turned back to the front of the class room where the boring middle aged man was explaining something about the war, his dead brown eyes staring hollowly down at his disenchanted students. Coralline rolled her eyes as Eli turned to the dark girl next to him and started talking to her, they had been friends, but Eli really liked the girl. She had dark green eyes and always wore black. She carried a “H.I.M” messenger’s bag, and had this day, she wore a black on shouldered shirt with a wolf in one corner and a baby dragon In the other. She smiled and took her books and slipped them in the bag. The bell rang shrilly and she slipped the bag over her shoulder, she smiled at Eli, her dark eyes gleamed under her black eyelashes. Coralline had a big problem with her, having her own cold eyes on the boy.

“Hey Deae!” Eli called after the girl running after her. Deae’s dark hair fell over her eyes as she left the building fast, she didn’t know if she liked Eli as much as he liked her. She slipped into the cave that led down to the training hall, and slipped into the huge cavernous underground castle, where a world inside a world existed.

The Other World

Deae watched Eli slashing at the Lyken that had escaped the cage; its fur was already spattered with its own blood. Eli was amazing, he had then changed into his training cloths, a stretchy black under amour shirt, that painfully outlined every muscle in his body, he was lithe, but he was strong, and a pair of loosely fitting jeans and tennis shoes. His violet tinged black hair fell in front of his warm green eyes, making Deae’s heart skip a beat when he looked at her from where he was slashing and stabbing at the beast. The wolf thing stood on it back paws and went to slash down at Eli while he was distracted, he bear sized wolf would had killed Eli, but Deae screamed in terror “Eli!” and the beasts left forepaw exploded as did its head. Eli was spattered with the black blood of the Lyken. He looked at her in surprise gratitude, and almost fears. He dropped his bloody sword and grabbed her arm and pulled her to the small oval room of the king, Thunder.

“Lord Thunder!” he cried, “Deae. Is. The Bloodmage.”


Deae looked confused, she knew that Eli’s father shared a lot with him, but what was a Bloodmage? Thunder stood and pulled out a dagger and walked to Deae. Eli looked terrified and stood in front of her with a growl and drew his crystal dagger and pointed it at Thunder-

“You will not touch her.” Thunder looked startled and angry. The king was Unable to speak so he just walked back and tapped his Goldeneye’s head and it spoke for him,

“She will be dead by morning.” The color drained from Eli’s already pale face and he took Deae and drug her to his door and locked the door she went and sat on his bed looking stunned and afraid. Was she a monster? Eli ran his fingers through his hair and growled again slamming his fist into his wall,

“Were F***ED!” he yelled making Deae whimper and cower into the wall on the other side of the bed. The he** hounds started pacing the halls. Eli walked to the bed and crawled on leaving only inches between their faces.

“Tell me, Deae. What, did you think when you killed the Lyken?” she whimpered,

“I couldn’t bear to see you die. I screamed and it exploded.” Eli looked at her. He moved forward and pressed his lips against hers, they were wet, and soft. She kissed him back and he put his hand on the small of her back, pulling her to him and Deae wrapped her arms around his shoulders, pulling herself to him, pressing softly. He pulled back putting his forehead to hers looking into her eyes,

‘‘Deae… I can’t loose you... my angel, my love…’’

She looked back un able to respond except to push her lips to his in another sweet kiss, holding her self against him. Eli put his arms around her pulling her up against him then laying her on the bed kissing her lovingly. She pushed him off her,

“Eli??” she looked bewildered and very confused, his violet eyes glowed softly,

“Deae, I will never let thunder hurt you,” He stood up and grabbed her bag, and threw it at her, “put on your stalking gear. Were leaving, Thunder wants to kill you” she paled as he took his knife out and gashed his arm open. She screamed and the blood did not flow, scarily creepy, it kept in the veins and Eli sated at his arm in wonder then shook his head and dug into the flesh wincing at the cold pain running up his arm. He yanked out a blue device and threw it on the floor, dark blood spattered and he stomped on it, giving his father a dead signal. He watched the gashed arm and Deae walked up and put her hand out and the tips of her fingers glowed, and the wound stitched together, leaving a small risen scar.

Running Away

Eli pulled the arm warmers up passed his elbows, and looked at Deae trying the tie of her shirt behind the neck, she to pilled up the arm guards, hooking them on the string if the sleeves of the little black shirt, her long hair hung down dark black, her dark green eyes glimmering over a mask that stretched up over her mouth and nose, she wore a black headband just above hr eyes. Eli smiled and pulled his mask up, he knew his eyes would give them away, it was because only the Royals had that color eyes, the straight glowing violet, not even a pupil. He smiled; his hair fell in front of his eyes he was specialized in wind magic, so he had three hilts strapped to him, no blade. Deae’s gloves had little pins at the tips of the fingers designed like claws, sharp enough to rip throats clean out- he had seen her do it before. She pulled her boots on, heavy duty but light easy to run in, extremely high-tech.
They each carried a bag with cloths and food and a large amount of money, a thousand each. Deae also carried a bow and arrow, she went to the window and quivering with fear tried a strong rope and melted it onto the arrow, and shot it into the tree. She and Eli ran across the rope like cats. No sooner had they gotten to the tree, then that he** hounds started baying for their blood. Thunder had set them on Deae, and his own son. They jumped from tree to tree, seeing the opening to the cave to the mortal world, they leapt down, the hound on their heels, and they knew that they would make it out. Eli was just barley ahead on Deae about to get out when he heard her blood curdling screech of pain. He turned and found the largest He** Hound, Sildara, dragging Deae back to his pack by her leg. He roared and grabbed a hilt and wind circled creating long blades that he ran with slashing down on Sildara’s head, slicing it clean off. He looked at Deae; her lag was starting to heal already. He dipped his fingers in the blood and wrote on the cave wall,

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