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Don't Hurt Me (Part one)

April 20, 2012
By Special-Ice-Apples GOLD, Pinedale, Arizona
Special-Ice-Apples GOLD, Pinedale, Arizona
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Jubilee lay curled up on her bed, she was in alot of pain, and couldn't sleep, it was early morning, she couldn't hear anybody up yet. Jubilee guessed it was aout 1:30 AM, maybe two, she wasn't exactly sure, but she knew it was early. She pulled her thin covers up to her chin, trying to fall back to sleep, but she couldn't. Her father had come in, done what he normally did to her, he'd been doing it since Jubilee was three. Jubilee hated what he did, it was worse than being beaten and yelled at, what he did left her feeling dirty and used. Her father didn't care how she felt though, all he cared was he got pleasure out of using her.
Jubilee wondered what her sister was doing at the moment, Lydia was lucky, mom and dad didn't yell at her, or hit her, or do stuff that only a husband and wife should together to her. Lydia actually got to go school, and learn, she got to do things Jubilee wasn't allowed to do,.

Lydia winced and walked into the room that her sister shared with her. She looked at her sister and sighed. Jubilee was so lucky she got to stay home all day, and she didn't have to be picked on at school. Lydia stepped sotly around her sisters bed and pulled out her poetry book. She began to write.

"What did I do

To make you

Hate me and kill me with the way

You look at me and hurt me all day

My tears are falling

My heart is calling

Out to you
Crying, "What did I do?"

Jubilee saw Lydia come in, and grabbed, the notepad or book, whatever she wrote it, she watched her sister again sit down on her(Lydia's) bed, and start writing. Jubilee wondered what Lydia was writing, she guessed it was something on the normal high-school drama, and her sister complainng about boyfriends or something stupid like that. Jubilee finally closed her eyes, and drifted into a rough, and pained sleep.

Lydia woke up and stretched. She yawned and looked around. She wasn't in the Garden of Eden anymore, she was at home. She sighed and got up. Her phone rang and she flipped it open. She had a new text message. She sighed and opened it.

Someone's late for school and will be punished.

Lydia cursed and ran out, forgetting that she had left her notebook open on the pillow.....

Jubilee jumped out of bed, she was frightened, she'd slept in abit and was afriad she'd be punished for it. She saw her sister's notebook open on her pillow and looked at wjat was wrotten in it, she read what was on the page that was open. Probably what Lydia had written last night, Jubilee rubbed her eyes and read it again. What? What did this mean? "JUBILEE!!!!!" her mother yelled up teh staors, Jubilee winced and dashed down teh stairs, she knew she wasn't going to be hurt as long Lydia was in the house, but Lydia pretty much had to grab a small breakfast and run, meaning soon Jubilee would be alone with her mother in te ouse, and it meant punishment for waking up late.

Lydia was downstairs trying to pull together a breakfast. "There you are, lazy bones!" her mother scolded Jubilee. Lydia rolled her eyes and swallowed her cereal. She hopped up and kissed her mother dutifully on the cheek. "Bye, Mom. Take care of yourself, Julie. Bye dad!" She turned and ran. The bus was about to leave, but she threw herself in and the driver looked at her sympathetically. "Take your time." he advised. She took a deep breath and walked on. She instantly got her face slammed into the window-and met her sisters eyes through the window of her home, right before she got turned around and punched in the nose.

*Yeah, right, take care of myself* Jubilee thought, she watched Lydia run out to the bus, and then she saw her sister suddenly fall or get slammed into the bus window, she was confused, what was happening to Lydia? Did it have something to do with the poem in Lydia's notebook?
Before Jubilee could think about her sister anymore her mother moved so she was standing in front of the kitchen window. Jubilee cringed as she saw the look of anger and hate in her mother's eyes, as her mother glared at Jubilee.
As soon as the bus was out of sight of the house Jubilee's mother started yelling, "You useless, lazy dog!" she snapped at Jubilee, Jubilee shrank back, she hands started to shake at her sides, her mother kept cursing and swearing at her. "You wake up late, and then you don't even apologize, or start cleaning!" her mother scolded. "It was only 5 five minutes." Jubilee whispered, then she winced, she hadn't meant to say that out loud!
Jubilee's father suddenly whipped her around, forcing Jubilee to face him, the he smacked her in the mouth, "Don't back talk to your mother, dog!" he yelled at her, Jubilee tried to say sorry, but was smacked again and again in the mouth, her lips started to bleed, the blood ran down chin, mingling withe tears that flowed down her pale cheeks.
Suddenly her father threw her to the ground, and both her parents started to kick Jubilee. Jubilee did her best to curl up and protect herself, but it didn't work, the kicks kept hitting harder, and harder. Soon Jubilee' father checked the time, "I have to go to work." he stated he kissed his wife ad kicked Jubilee again, then her father left the house. Her mother cursed and grabbing Jubilee's collar pulled her to her feet. "Get to work." she commanded, pointing to the kitchen, which had somehow gotten messy from yesterday when she'd cleaned it.
Jubilee started to clean the kitchen, her stomach growled quietly, she hadn't eaten since yesterday at midday. She wanted to eat, but knew if she stopped working she'd be beaten again, or worse would happen to her. More tears streamed down her cheeks, she wiped the away, along with the blood from her lips.

Lydia was finally dumped onto a seat, after being spat on and cursed at. She sighed and the bus parked. She ran off and into the building. She paused in the hallway. One mississippi, two mississippi, three mississippi....ah, right on time! A big jock and his friends stepped in front of her. They all had the muscles and brains of gorilla's. "Yo, Simons! You done homework for the day?" snarled the leader. Lydia nodded and handed him the English paper he had requested. "Good. You saved your own sorry a*s." He laughed. "From me anyways. I'm not so sure about Ashley." Lydia winced. Kyler-this guy-and Ashley were identical twins. They had no heart, either of them. Lydia wished with all her might she was Jubilee before she got slammed into a locker. Another beggining of a perfect day.

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