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Roger&Fay: Awkward Night

September 4, 2012
By SweetPolarBearHugs PLATINUM, New York, New York
SweetPolarBearHugs PLATINUM, New York, New York
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I felt suddenly more nervous, I wasn't even meant to be here at this hour and with him I might add. "Fay." The way he said my name made me feel breathless and he was chuckling probably because I look like an idiot staring at him. "Are you afraid of me?"

He was serious this time, his eyes seem to trap me in a spell. "N-no...I'm not afraid of some animal!" I spat out but when I saw his face twist with a look of pain, I quickly covered my mouth with my hands. "I-I'm so sorry, Roger!" Without thinking, I threw my arms around his waist suddenly feeling smaller. I felt him stiffen and I remembered he didn't like to be hugged but right now I didn't care since I just probably hurt his feelings.

"Why did you...What are you doing?" His voice brought me back to reality and I pulled away to look up at his handsome face. Gosh he was so handsome; blue-grey eyes, slightly tanned skin, dark brown hair. He looked like any normal hot guy yet there was something more then just his looks that seems to draw you in. To want to know more about him.

"I'm hugging you...Is that a problem?" I seemed to have gotten a bit more braver with asking him things since what had happened only last month when I found out the truth about him and this town our's. "Umm I guess not...but why are you?" I shrugged. 

"Because I hurt your feelings..."

"And so you hug me?"

"Yeah...Is that a bad thing?"

"No, no. It's just...a bit weird for me since you know what I am and do, so I just thought you would be grossed out or afraid to even actually..." I tilted my head to the side confused, why was he blushing and not even looking at me? "I guess I am animal..." I swallowed, hard. So I did hurt his feelings. 

"Roger, I'm sorry. You're not a-"

"Not a what, Fay?"

I took a step back, his eyes seemed to darkened as he came closer.

"A beast, a monster?!"

"No! You're nothing like that, I know you aren't!"

"Lies...You don't know me...Not the true me..."

I stared at him, I was just so confused. Why was he saying these things about himself? I thought he would never think those things about himself but here I am, listening to his voice shaking and yelling at me.

"Do-do you mean because you are a shapeshifter?...Just because you can turn into am animal doesn't mean you are-" I shut my mouth when he shot a harsh glare at me, I nearly winced!

"No it's not because of my ability." I felt suddenly more confused. If he wasn't talking about his gift then what does he mean?! "Umm what do you mean? If it's not because you are a shapeshifter then what on earth are you talking about?"

Without warning, he smashed his lips to mine and I was shock. I never thought Roger would be my first kiss! His arms were wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer towards him. I felt so dizzy yet I didn't care at all until he broke away before it got went to far.


"Err-see what?"

"I gave into my urge to...kiss you..."

"Oh! I see...That doesn't really seem monstrous..."

I blushed deep pink, not meeting his eyes. Out of nervousness, I started to play with a small lock of my blonde hair. This was being a very awkward night indeed...

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