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Not Ready

January 18, 2013
By PortiaDawn GOLD, Cleveland, Ohio
PortiaDawn GOLD, Cleveland, Ohio
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If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything.

It's happened again. The species of Earth has once again come to it's turning point. Humans, they all think they have what it takes to survive. But nobody can escape the inevitable. All things must come to an end.
But how have things survived so long? Because of women like us. The Mothers of Nature. There used to be hundreds of us.
Each time humanity needed us, one would step up to save them. In order for them to live, one of us must die.
I am the last one of many. Humanity has been given to many chances. I'm not going to die for them.
I'm not afraid of Death. They just keep making mistakes they can't fix. Polluting the waters, waging wars, and making even more decisions that could kill them all. After this last bad decision, who knows if they'll survive without me.
So I have only one little advice for humanity. Adapt or die.

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