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Our Realm

May 31, 2013
By dianepoon PLATINUM, Hong Kong, Other
dianepoon PLATINUM, Hong Kong, Other
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In between falling asleep and a dreamy land, where the fish in the pond never needs to be fed and the lawn in our backyard never has to be mown, there is an empire built by two. I'd like to go there once in a while, walking barefoot down the street of our used-to-be's. Anyone would be captivated after having only a glimpse of this world. It was built by our own hands brick by brick, with all the beautiful things we could ever imagine. The smell of a roaring fire. The never ending soundtrack of an ice-cream truck. Messy handwritten poems on napkins. There's a cozy little town where music is played 24/7. I'd trace the source with my ears, until I reach an indie bar. Only will there be smiles that welcome me, because it's exactly what I'd want it to be.

Time is unknown to the people and I wouldn't mind spending a life-time learning to dance Waltz with clumsy old men. At the far end of this splendor, we made it forever-Summer. Back in their world, they'd probably call it a "suburb", because there is a field full of the world's loveliest flowers. The cottage behind is his favorite blue and the yellow that'd make me happy too. It was constructed with ugly things which we'd wished they would turn pretty in here. The pouring rain in December. The fallen petals of he-loves-me-not's. The hurtful truths and the devilish dares. Busted lies and stolen heartbeats. Phony promises and empty apologies. Lying on the dandelions, I need not a net; just simply spread out my arms, butterflies would come and make a bet. And after that, far, far away I shall go, so as to show the seeds how wonderful it is to live in our world, for they have hitchhiked on the seams of my woolen sweater, they deserve a magic ride to witness something better. But the saddest words to be understood, are that this place is no-good to linger. Even Robert Frost knew that one should only get away from Earth a while, and come back soon after to begin over. And so I shall only stay before the rain in my heart spills over the brim, for I know heaven would remind me too much of him.

There isn't an explanation of his departure, one of the architects that got away. I guess after all, to the backbone, he's not a believer and maybe he was scared that later on he'd go astray. So Reality was what he chose, at long last I couldn't lead him by the nose. And now I'm the only one left to watch over this forbidden land, I might as well keep it secure as much as I can.

This world is safely locked in a dungeon, but silly me, I always mistakenly let others in, and they long to further explore our masterpiece. Oh dear, in case anyone doesn't know me, I am twice as selfish about this place as I can be. So forgive me if I forcefully push you away, for it is now the only thing I own that would stay.

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