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Burdened, Cursed, Gifted, Destined

July 7, 2013
By Lildre SILVER, Leesburg, Georgia
Lildre SILVER, Leesburg, Georgia
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"Love makes us liars" ~cassandra Clare
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My name is Eris Emrys Blackheart. I am the son of a king and an angel. I have more power than anyone could imagine. I am good yet evil, holy yet demonic, light yet dark. I live amongst mortals, forced to hide my powers. I could kill them all with the snap of my fingers. I could kill them with the point of my finger. I could plague them all with the clap of my hands. But that is just my evil side. I could do a lot of things. Even I don't know what all I could do. I do know that I could make a difference in the world, good or bad. I am burdened, curse, and gifted. I hold the fate of the world in my hands. I have a decision to make: I could choose the side of the light with my mother, or the side of the dark with my father.

Living with mortals is hard. I can't freely use my powers. They don't understand me; they can't comprehend what I can do. I am forced to hide my powers, but sometimes they get a bit out of control. When I try and suppress my powers, it's like they get angry and decided to act out. I don't mean to hurt people, but sometimes my powers drive me to do things I wouldn't normally do. But honestly I love it. I love using my powers; it gives me such a rush. I have created hurricanes, caused car accidents, and burned places to the ground. I'm not all evil. I have done some good things. I have healed the sick, sheltered the homeless, and most important protected them from them shadows. Shadows were creatures of pure evil. They are beings composed of evil, created by my father. My father is the most powerful evil warlock this world has ever known. Shadows are creatures that are so evil they give off no heat, no light just fear and hate. They wear dark cloaks, covering their whole body. Every inch of their body is covered, shielding them from the sun. They feed upon the souls of the living. They pray upon happiness, sucking all the happiness out of a person leaving nothing but a miserable, empty, depressed, lifeless shell of a human. The shadows answer to my father and me only. I want nothing to do with them. Yes, sometimes I enjoy the evil side of myself, but nothing should be as evil as the shadows. I have seen what they can do. The images still haunt my mind, tormenting me everyday. I loathe the shadows and everything they stand for, but because of whom I am and who my father is I will never be able to separate myself from them. The shadows are the burden I bare.

When I was born my mother soon discovered who my father really was, she was so disgusted by him and his creations so she took me away. My father got so mad the he cast a forbidden spell on me, a spell known as the untamable. The spell creates an imbalance in the body making it so I could never fully control my powers. My mother, the angel Itassis, tried everything to reverse the spell. Not a single witch or warlock could undo the spell. She only had one choice left. She had to go to my father. “Marcus, please undo this curse you placed upon our son!” she pleaded.

“Why should I? You took him away from me, and now you will suffer the consequences. He will never control his powers. No one will ever be safe around him. The choice is yours, Itassis, give him to me and save a thousand live, or keep him and be responsible for so many unnecessary deaths,” he said.

“No!” she barked. “I refuse to let my child grow up in this hell hole you call a home. I will find away to undo your spell. Eris will not end up like you. Get a good look at him, because the next time you see him will be the day he kills you.”

From that moment on my mother trained me and worked with me. She knew I could never control all my powers but she made sure I could control what little bit I could. Everyday she secretly tried to help me overcome the curse my father placed on me.

When I reached the age eighteen, my mother told me my time had come. It was time I became an angel. She took me by the hand and whispered, “This is the end for me. Now that you are of age you will take my place as the warrior angel. There s a lot I should have told, but I didn't and for that I am truly sorry. I was only trying to protect you. Before I go I must tell you this: the only way to undo the curse is to kill your father.” She faded. She just slowly disappeared like she was never there. When she was completely gone, I grew wide white wings. My clothes transformed into a white robe. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was an angel. At that moment I made my choice. I was choosing the side of the light. My mother spent her entire life protecting me and making sure I was safe. She gave her life so I could have the power I needed to destroy my father.

I went to the pond where she always trained me. No one knew about the pond except for my mother and me. I was drawn to the pond. It was almost like something was calling me to the pond. The pond was glowing. Out of the pond came an amulet. The amulet was silver with a blue tint to it. It had a symbol marked in the center. I recognized the symbol. It was the mark of heaven. Mother had told me about it. Whoever had the mark of heaven had the backing of heaven. With this amulet I would never be alone. Everywhere I went heaven followed. I was gifted with the power of heaven.

“My child you have grown up so much. You are the spitting image of your father,” a deep voice boomed. I turned to see a man; I assumed he was my father. “It is time I had a chance to train you. Your mother was no fool she placed a spell over you. I could not come near you for as long she was alive. I wanted to be with you, I really did. She was the reason I have not been in your life these past eighteen years. Let me train you to be as powerful as myself. Let my show you what you can really do.”

“What do you mean you wanted to be with me? You cursed me! You made it so I could never control my powers. You turned me into a monster. Do you know how many people I have killed? I have done some terrible things and it's because of what you did,” I said.

“What do you mean terrible things? You are a warlock. Your powers are who you are. You are the one who tried to contain them. When contained, you true nature reveals itself. Those terrible things you say was my fault are all because of you. That was all your doing. Tell me you didn't love doing that. I know you loved using your powers,” he said.

“I did like using my powers, but not for the reason you think. I like using my powers, but I love destroying your shadows even more,” I said.

“What do you mean destroying my shadows?” he asked.

“No one can destroy the shadows, not even me. They are created and live on evil. As long as evil exists so do the shadows,” he argued.

“Well if you had been in my life the past eighteen years you would know that I am the most power being alive. I can do things you can't even imagine. I will not stop until I destroy each and every last shadow,” I said.

“Son, don't make me do something I don't want to do,” he said. I knew exactly what he meant. He was going to try and kill me.

“Like what?” I asked. I spread my wings out wide in a threatening manner. I put the heaven's amulet on. My body burned. I didn't know what was happening. It was like my body was being ripped apart. Then one by one angels came from my wings. My body had become a portal. Hundreds of angels came from my body. All with weapons in hand ready to fight. “Whoa!”

“Eris, have you made your choice?” he asked.

“Yes. I chose the side of the light with my mother. You weren't there she was. Even though you turned me into a walking bomb she stood beside me. I've made my choice,” I said.

“Very well then. You have left me with no other choice. I am sorry,” he said. He had no sound of remorse in his voice. He didn't sound hurt at all. He sounded like he was perfectly fine killing his only child. His words were sad but his voice sounded perfectly fine. He held his hand out.

Everything went black.

When everything returned to normal, the angels and I were surrounded by shadows. At that moment I realized I had walked into a trap, and it was too late to turn around. I looked around and knew exactly what I had to do. “Wait!” I yelled. “Let the angels go. This is between you and me. I will fight you and your shadows alone.”

“Eris, do not do this there is no way you can win alone.” one of the angels said. “Let us stay and fight. It is our duty. We will not leave you.” I took the Heaven's Amulet off in hopes that it would send the angels back to heaven, but it didn't. Before I could say or do anything else, the shadows attacked. I tried my best to fight them off. I was the only one who could destroy a shadow. I tried to order them off, but they weren't responding to me. I felt like I had failed.

A hand grabbed my arm and yanked me aside. It was my father. “See what you have done. You made the wrong choice,” he said. “I could have given you more power than your mother ever could, yet you still chose her.”

“Why aren't the shadows responding to me?” I asked in frustration.

“You have no connection to me anymore. Once you chose your mother's side you lost all connection to me including the shadows,” he said. “Watch as they die. Hoe does it feel to know that all this is your fault? How does it feel to know that you could have stopped this?” I tried to break free. I looked to the sky, tears streaming from my eyes.

Concentrate my son. I heard my mother say. You know exactly what you must do. I focused all my energy on the angels, creating a shield around them. The shadows backed away. My body started to burn. My father let me go. I fell to the ground. The ground started to shake. Lighting striking all around us. I had lost control of my powers. It took everything I had to keep the shields up around the angels. Focus! I heard my mother scream. She may have been dead, but she was still with me. I grabbed the Heaven's Amulet; with the power of the Heaven's amulet I knew that its power would overpower mine. I was gaining control of my powers again.

Once I had full control of my powers, I knew exactly what I had to do. Mother taught me a spell. It was a forbidden spell known as the essence, a sacrifice spell. It was only to be used as a last resort. I knew what I had to do. I walked to the center of the field. I created a wall of fire around me. No one could get near me. “Body of hell. Spirit of heaven. Soul of pure. Mind of corrupt. A body willingly sacrificed. Take me and the evil that surrounds. Take me as the essence,” I said. Once the spell was complete, a light illuminated from my body. The shadows disintegrated to dust. My father incinerated to nothing as the light encased his body. I looked to the angels and mouthed the words thank you as my own body began to turn to stone. I had saved the world from the shadows forever, but in doing so I myself had to die. I looked to the sky to heaven as my head turned to stone.

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Lildre SILVER said...
on Jul. 24 2013 at 9:51 pm
Lildre SILVER, Leesburg, Georgia
5 articles 3 photos 4 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Love makes us liars" ~cassandra Clare
"All the stories are true" ~Hodge

Thank you for the kind words. im glad i wrote something you enjoyed

on Jul. 12 2013 at 9:36 pm
katarinag BRONZE, Clarksdale, Mississippi
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This is one of the best stories i have ever read..!!