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August 20, 2013
By Lildre SILVER, Leesburg, Georgia
Lildre SILVER, Leesburg, Georgia
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They were known as the Toxic Twins. Born September 13, 1990 to Caroline and Andros Thunder, they had no idea they would grow up to become the deadliest people on earth. London became home to the greatest assassins the world has ever known.

From the moment they were born, Caroline and Andros knew their sons were special. The twins had the mark of the Toxins, a rare breed of assassins born and raised to kill and withstand the worst of pain. Toxins are born with the eyes of a cat. When the twins opened their eyes for the first time, Caroline knew she didn’t have much time with her children. At age eight they would be taken away from her forever.

Our story begins on the day they were taken from Caroline and Andros. It was a beautiful day clear skies on a warm spring morning. Inside the Thunder house Caroline couldn’t stop crying. It was the day Thanatos and Hades turned eight, the day they would be taken away forever. Caroline knew from the moment they were born that they would be taken away on this very day, she tried everything to not get attached to them. She even named them after the Greek god of death and the god of the underworld. She thought that giving them names with such a negative connation that it would be easy to want to keep her distance. Still she loved them like any mother would love her children.

Andros did everything he could to stop Caroline’s excessive crying. He knew she was only making it worse. The Thunder family was a family with powers. They were witches and warlocks. They had powers unimaginable to some. “Caroline, please you are only making this worse for Hades and Thanatos,” Andros pleaded. “You must be strong for them. They need your strength now. We knew this day would come. All we can do is let them go.”

“No!” she shouted. “I will not let them take my children. They should have the choice. Just because they were born with the mark of the Toxins doesn’t mean they have to become Toxins. I am not letting them take my children from me.” The house started to shake. In the living room two Toxin master waited for the twins, to take them to the place where they would be trained. “I will fight to keep my children. I will not let them take my children like they took my sister. They will not get away this time.” As a child Caroline had and younger sister born with the mark of the Toxins. When her little sister turned eight Caroline watched as her sister was forced away to become a Toxin. She never saw her sister again after that. She stormed into the living room. “Get out of my house!” she shouted. The Toxin master stood up. The entire house was shaking as if there was a massive earthquake. Caroline charged at the two. They seemed not to worry. One caught her by the neck as the other stabbed her in the stomach. Andros and the twins stood in the doorway, stunned at the sight of Caroline’s death. She fell to the ground with a hard thud. Andros ran to her side. “Don’t let them take our children.” Her chest slowly fell. She had taken her last breath.

“You will not take them not as long as I draw breath. These are my children. You kill their mother in front of their very eyes. You are monsters. How can you live with yourselves?” Andros barked.

“Simple, we are Toxins. This is what we do,” one of the men said. “And don’t worry you will soon be reunited with your beloved wife.” The two men cut Andros’ wrist and throat, draining all his blood. They moved so fast Andros didn’t have time to defend himself.

“Thanatos, Hades come with us or suffer the same fate,” the other man said. The two boys, horrified by what they saw, followed the two men.

Thirteen years later at age twenty-one the twins had been crowned the deadliest men alive. Over three hundred kills since age ten. Masters of weapons and spells Thanatos and Hades had become more than just Toxins, no they had become monsters.

A few months after they turned twenty-one, they begin to have nightmares about the day they were taken from their parents. For weeks the same nightmare haunted their mind. Toxins could withstand any physical pain, but mental pain was something they never faced before. Avenge me, my son. A voice constantly whispered in their ear. “Thanatos!” Hades shouted. “Thanatos, wake up! I think our mother is trying to tell us something.” Hades was younger but smarter than his brother Thanatos.

“I agree,” Thanatos replied. “I think I know exactly what she wants us to do.” Thanatos got up and went to his chest of weapons. “She wants us to destroy every living Toxin. She wants to end the tradition of Toxins. For too long these so called masters have destroyed families and murdered innocent people for some made up reason. We have been puppets on their strings. You and I have the strength and power to destroy the very foundation the Toxins are built upon.”

“So what are you saying, brother?” Hades asked.

“I am saying we wage war against the Toxins,” Thanatos said. Hades said nothing. He only smiled at his brother’s idea.

The next morning Hades got up early. We traveled to the Toxin headquarters located in Russia. He opened a portal to the coldest place in Russia, where the Toxin headquarters was located. “My name is Hades. I am a former Toxin. I have come to give you fair warning, something you parasites don’t deserve. My brother and I have officially declared war on you. You destroyed our family and so many more. We are tired of killing for no reason. Toxin have a gift. In the beginning Toxins used their abilities to maintain balance in this world, now we do nothing but kill. My brother and I will put an end to you,” Hades announced.

“Fool!” a man shouted. It was one of the same men who killed their parents. “Just like your parents you think you can stop us. You stand against us, and you will face the same fate as your parents did.”

“I’m not afraid of you!” he shouted. “You have trained my brother and me to be the best Toxins who ever lived. Soon he and I will be the only Toxins left and we will return Toxins to their original purpose. My brother and I will start a new generation of Toxins based upon the code written by the very first Toxins. Based upon the true and just Toxin traditions and not your corrupt ways. You may have killed our mother physically but not spiritually she still guides us. I cannot sleep knowing that I stand for this. I cannot live knowing I have done your dirty work. Toxins are supposed to be the keepers of balance, not ruthless murders. We will put an end to you. All of you! ”

“How can you expect to win?” another man said. “We have an army.”

“We are Thanatos and Hades,” Hades said. “We will destroy your army.” With that Hades turned and went through a portal back to his home in England, where his brother awaited his return.

“What did they say, brother?” Thanatos asked.

“They are going to rally up and army against us,” Hades said. “Every Toxin against the two of us.”

“Well that hardly seems fair. Just one army? How do they expect to beat us?” Thanatos sarcastically said.

“I am just as insulted as you are. I mean, we are the deadliest people alive. How rude of them to one put together one army,” Hades replied. “No matter we will still have fun, and we will still do what we do best. Kill.”

The day came, the day of the battle. Two against a thousand, a challenge Thanatos and Hades welcomed. Deep in the mountain lay the ancient battlegrounds. The place where the Toxins first attacked over a thousand years ago. During times of war the Toxins would take out war criminals, over time they somehow lost their virtuous cause, and began to just kill any who opposed them. Many have tried to stand against the Toxins like Thanatos and Hades and they have all died. No one expected this to be any different, but Thanatos and Hades had something no one else had. They had the power of the heavens. They were half angel half warlock. The legendary combination has been considered extinct. They had more power than anyone on earth.

“I’m so glad you showed up I was beginning to think you had chickened out,” Thanatos said. “What a marvelous army you have here? Such a shame I’m going to have to kill some of my lifelong friends.”

“Not a shame, brother, they chose their own fate,” Hades said. “They will pay for every life they have taken. I am ashamed to call myself a Toxin. Because of each and every one of them. They have no purpose in life.”

“If you two are done talking, we would like to kill you now. We do have other plans,” a man said.

Without any words being said the twins shed their wings for the first time in all their life. No one expected that. They were and extinct breed. The pure white feathery wings shimmered in the sunlight.

The sound of swords sliding out of their sheaths filled the air. Thousands of warriors rushed toward the twins. Thanatos and Hades began to fight for the future of the world. The newborn angels fought with such grace and elegance that has never been seen before. They fought with such ease they seemed to be unstoppable.

After hours of relentless fighting and hundreds of lives lost, fatigue began to set in. Thanatos was growing tired. His fighting began to get sloppy. He was running out of energy. Hades was so caught up in trying to fight as many Toxins as he could, he didn’t realize his brothers condition.

A stab through the heart and everything went black. Silence. “Thanatos!” a voice boomed through the silence. Thanatos had been stabbed. Hades used every ounce of energy he had to blow the Toxins away from his brother. They had crowded around him like lions to a dead Anatole. With all the Toxins studded Hades attended to his brother. “Thanatos, you cannot die. I need you. I cannot do this alone,” Hades pleaded.

“It’s alright. Just finish the mission. Save the world. I will be waiting on you in heaven with mother and father. We will be reunited one again. Leave a legacy,” Thanatos struggled to say. He took one last breath before he died.

Hades rose up tears flooding his eyes. “You will not get away with this. You cannot stop me. I will fight to each and every last one of you is dead. You didn’t even have the decency to look him in the eyes as you killed him. The first rule of being a Toxin always looked you victim in the eye. You are disgusting little roaches. You will all die,” Hades ranted.

“How do you ever plan to beat us?” a man asked.

“I’m Hades! I can do anything,” he shouted. “Light of heaven, darkness of hell. Purity of the clouds, corruption of the underworld. Let the fires blaze those who made their choice.” Each and every Toxin surrounding Hades began to burn. Hades had used a forbidden spell to burn each of his enemies as if they were in hell. The spell was so strong that it took the life of Hades also.

“Brother, wait for me at the gates,” Hades whispered as he fell to his knees. The burning Toxins blazing around him.

The twins died, but they also rid the world of a greater evil. From assassins to heroes Thanatos and Hades was once again reunited with their parents.

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