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November 15, 2013
By Lildre SILVER, Leesburg, Georgia
Lildre SILVER, Leesburg, Georgia
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Being a single teenager is terrible. It is so hard to find that special someone or anyone for that matter, when every girl is afraid to come to your house. Maybe I should explain? My name is Andros, it’s a beautifully unique name, but where I live it is not exactly appreciated. I am the world’s only living Halfling of my kind. By Halfling I mean half vampire half warlock.My father, Zane, is a vampire. He has been alive forever! When the man talks about his childhood, I always wonder when he will talk about adventures with dinosaurs. He gets so angry when I make age jokes about him. My mom is a witch. She is fairly young compared to him. He was born before the Revolutionary War. She wasn’t born until after the American Civil War. My father has blue eyes and black hair. He is tall and slender. He looked average. My mom, on the other hand, had blonde hair with black highlights. Her eyes were a crisp green color. She was average height and statuesque. Had a body that could stop a truck. She was beautiful.My father is the only man to ever stand up to the Council of the Fang and live. The Council of the Fang are the leaders of the vampire kind. They make the rules and try to dictate all vampires. They told my father he wasn’t allowed to marry a witch. They threatened to kill him and her if they married. They got married in Romania, home to the council, a couple weeks after they were told they couldn’t get married. The only people to receive invitations were the members of the council. They tried to kill my parents, and together my mother and father nearly killed every member of the council. They only let them live to prove a point. They were not fighting to kill the council members but to prove they were not the council’s puppets.My mother is said to be the only witch to use her powers in the presence of Mortals. She told me she didn’t fear Mortals, if anything they should fear her. She refuses to hide who she is. Over the duration of her life she has faced more witch hunters than any other with in history. My mother believes that Mortals and those with magic can live in harmony together. She has never feared Mortals and probably never will. She has faced witch hunters, religious freaks, and anything else you can think of, yet she still uses her powers in public. She says one day all Mortals will accept everyone. She encourages me to use my powers whenever I want, as long as I’m not trying to hurt someone.I have my mother’s hair and my father’s eyes. I am average height. To everyone at school, which is hell by the way, I look normal. Well except for my fangs, who always find the perfect time to expose themselves. I am half vampire half warlock. There is no other combination like me in the world. There are plenty of vampire werewolves and fairy witches, but not a single other vampire warlock. I find myself to be very special. I am one of a kind.I go to school with mostly Mortals, but there are a couple of us supernatural beings. We all know each other. We try to protect each other and stand up for one another. We help each other to control our abilities. When accidents happen we learn from them and move forward. Like that time I was in biology on dissection day. There was blood everywhere I couldn’t control myself. I had to sink my teeth into one of those deer hearts. Actually it was more like three deer hearts. Needless to say we had to cut dissection day a little short. I was sent home.My first girlfriend was Marissa. She was tall, thin and had eye the color of vibrant summer leaves. She was smart, kind, and funny. We had been dating for a whole year before I decided to introduce her to my parents. My mother absolutely adored her. They instantly became friends. My father, however, hadn’t feed in weeks. As soon as she walked through the door, her scent flooded his nostrils. He didn’t do anything at first. He waited till dinner.“So, Marissa, Andros tells us you are a cheerleader,” my mom said.“Yes, ma’am. I am captain of the varsity football cheer squad,” she said.“I was a cheerleader in my day, but that was long ago,” mama said.“Oh it couldn’t have been that long ago. You look like you are still in your twenties. If Andros wasn’t seventeen I would swear you were twenty-two,” she said.“You have no idea how old she is,” I said. My mom laughed.“Just out of curiosity. You wouldn’t happen to know your blood type would you?” my father asked.“Zane!” I barked. I never called him by his first name. I watched his fangs grow, stabbing his lower lip. “Don’t you dare!”“Just one bit won’t hurt her. I’m starving. I am sure she will understand,” he said.“Understand what? What are you talking about?” Marissa asked. I could see the fear in her eye. "If you want some of my steak, you can have it. There is no way I'm going to eat all this."“I promise you if you touch her I will hurt you!” I screamed. He then lunged over the table at her. Fangs out and hissing. I pushed her out the way and tackled my father to the ground. I grabbed him by the neck, and began to crush his throat. I didn’t care. He was a vampire he would heal. I let him go. I turned around. Mother was holding Marissa, trying to shield her from danger. My father got up and charged at her again. This time I turned around and held my hand out. A surge of energy shot from me hand, knocking my father on the ground. I snapped my fingers and lighting struck mere inches from his face. “Attack her again and I will end you!” By this time mother had let Marissa go and went to the back safe were we kept bags of blood for emergencies. She gave him the bag. He savagely tore the bag open and drank the blood. I walked over to Marissa.“Are you alright?” I asked. She had a bruise on her chest from where I had pushed her.“No! I am not!” she screamed. “What are you?”“Calm down. Everything is fine,” I calmly said.“Do not tell me to calm down!” she barked. “Answer me!”“My father is a vampire. My mother is a witch. I am half vampire half warlock,” I said. “Listen I am still the same guy you fell in love with. I am different from you that’s all. I am not a monster—”“Yes you are!” she hissed. “Get away from me!” I knew there was nothing I could do to stop her. I snapped my fingers opening the front door. She grabbed her jacket then stormed to the door. She stopped in the doorway to look at me for what would be the last time.“I still love you,” I said. She said nothing. She just turned and walked away. I felt my heart drop to the darkest depths of my body. In a sense I had died. I loved her with all my unbeating heart. The next few weeks I spent locked away in my room depressed. It was terrible. I couldn't eat. I couldn't sleep. I refused to talk to my father after what he had done. This was all his fault. I heard footsteps approaching my door. "If its you mama you can come in, but if it is that monster I call father don't you dare step into this room.""Andros, I am so very sorry for what I did. I lost control. I should have fed before she came. I thought I could control my self. Please forgive me. Let me in. All I am asking is for you to look in my eyes and see the sorrow and sincerity," he said.I opened the door. My blood flushed with anger. "Ever since I was a child I have idolized you. I always thought you were something great, the greatest vampire who ever live. I thought you were the civilized vampire. But now I see you are nothing more than a savage Nightwalker . Go burn in the sun," I said. I slammed the door in his face. Nightwalkers were the lowest form of vampires. No one had any respect for Nightwalkers. "Andros , don't be like that," he said. "I am your father . You love me more than you love that girl. There will be others.""I'm not mad about Marissa. I'm mad because my father, the great Zane, cannot control himself. What if next time you attack me, or mama? What if next time I don't have the power to stop you? I am mad because you just lost all control and you act like nothing happened. You are so caught up in Marissa that you don't see the real danger here. You act like you don't even care you just turned into a vicious savage in front of my very eyes," I said. "Andros, you should know by now that I would never do anything to hurt you or your mother. Even if I lost all control I still could not hurt you two . You two are all I. I will protect you till the day I die," he said. Before I could say anything else he grabbed me and hugged me. I wanted to be mad at him, but something inside me wouldn't let me. I loved my father more than life. I grew up on the principle of family first. Nothing is stronger than the love I have for my family. Nothing. Three months past and I fell in love again. Eliana Fire. She was the new girl in town. From the moment our eyes met it was something more powerful than magic. No one knew anything about her. She was a complete and total mystery. She was average height and slender, dark brown hair, and deep brown eyes. She was beautiful. Her voice was soft and smooth. She seemed to intoxicate people with the sound of her voice. Once we began dating, I found out she was an orphan. She never knew her real parents. She has bounced from foster home to foster home and finally ended up here. "Every town I go to people look at me like I'm a freak. I have always been the outsider looking in. The new girl without a chance, but now that I am here with you I feel like I finally have a chance," she said."I have been here my entire life, and I still feel like I'm on the outside looking in. I guarantee that you will never find anyone like me. I am one of a kind. I will never fit in anywhere," I said. "Together we will stand on the outside and never have to worry about being alone. I got you and you got me, and that is all we need." After dating for six months of dating, I finally invited her over for diner. This time I made sure father fed before hand. This was going to be the perfect night. When Eliana arrived I got this strange feeling like something bad was going to happen. I tried to ignore it, but I couldn't. We sat down at the table for diner. "So, Eliana, that is a very beautiful name. My mother's name was Eleonora, but everyone called her Eliana," my mother said. "That's so cool. My real name is also Eleonora," Eliana said. "I was told that was also my mother's name. I didn't know her well. She was tragically murdered along with my father. No one really knows how it happened." "I'm so sorry," mama said. "My parents were killed when I was a young girl also. It is hard growing up without parents." Mama was really starting to relate with Eliana. Eliana began to cry. Mama got up and hugged her. "Andros, come with me," father said. I followed him to the back room. "Get that girl out of my house and away from your mother. Now!""Why? They are getting along so great," I said. "That girl is a witch—" A scream from down the hall interrupted him. We ran into the dining room. Eliana was standing over mother. She had a blood stained dagger, dripping with blood in her right hand. "Eliana! What have you done?" I screamed. "She has stabbed me with a Devil's Dagger. It is lethal to witches. It kills within minutes," mama said. She began to age rapidly."Your mother killed my parents fourteen years ago. I promised them I would kill the witch that killed them even if that meant I had to die," Eliana said. "The Devil's Dagger is a powerful weapon, if used by a mortal they will lose their soul. Eliana has lost her soul, and will die shortly after me if not before," father said."I killed her parents because they were witch hunters. They were hunting witches for sport. They killed witches because nether thought it was fun. They were sick and twisted individuals," mama lifelessly said."Mind your tongue!" Eliana shouted. "Those are my parents you a taking about witch!"My body began to twitch, before I knew it my hands were around Eliana's neck. She was gasping for air. I could feel her weak, mortal throat crushing in my hands. I lifted her off the ground. "You don't deserve to just lose your soul. I refuse to let you get off that easy," I said. I cleansed her body of all evil, reversing the Devil's Dagger effect on her. "What are you doing?" My father asked. He was crying over my mother's rapidly aging body. My mother and I were all the family he had left. Without us he was alone in this world. "I'm trapping her in the Dark Tower for the rest of her miserable life," I said. The Dark Tower was a place of mental torture. In the tower the mind releases all fears and horrors and makes them a reality. You relive your greatest fear over and over until you finally die. There is no way to escape the Dark Tower. One way in and no way out. I opened the portal over her dangling feet. Then dropped her into the portal. I ran over to my mother. Her skin began to deteriorate. Her hair was falling out. Her eyes glossed over. "I can save you mama!" I shouted. "No child. In order to save my you would have to sacrifice your own life. I cannot let you do that," she whispered. "I have lived long enough. I ask but one thing. Please continue to protect the mortals as I have. Do not punish the mortals for Eliana's mistake." I could hear her heartbeat slow down. Then stop. Nothing. Silence."Mama!" I shouted. "Mama! Please don't leave me. I can't lose you! Please just wake up!" "Andros, she is gone now. There is nothing we can do," my father said. I looked in his eyes. They were bloodshot red and soaked in tears. "It's over." "No! It's not over!" I shouted. "She's gone. Gone forever," those four words seemed to pierce my fathers heart. He collapsed onto her body repeating "she's gone." Her body turned to ash. And my father and I continued to cry over the ashes, and my father continued to whisper "she's gone."

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