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My Transformation

February 2, 2014
By lovetildeath GOLD, Virginia Beach, Virginia
lovetildeath GOLD, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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I'm selfish, impatient, & a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control, & at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.
- Marilyn Monroe

The alarm goes off. The clock reads 5:46AM, it’s still dark outside. I gripe about not wanting to go to school this morning. I try to get out of bed and suddenly, fly out of bed! Terrified, I scream, I try toturn on my light but I see my hands have turned into claws! I use my foot to turn on my light and seethey’ve been turned into claws as well. I look into the mirror and see I’ve been turned into a green bird!The only problem is I’m a bird! My mind is trying to figure out solutions. How am I going to schooltoday? How will I tell my mother and sister about my new for? I don’t know much about birds at all, I think. What in the world do birds eat? “What in the world, this is unbelievable”, I say aloud. Startled, I’m relieved I can still talk at least. I still don’t know what to do though. My sister won’t be home until 3:30this afternoon and my mother won’t be home until about 5 or ^ this evening. Ultimately, I decide not togo to school. The clock reads 6:55AM; I sigh, and then ask myself what I am going to do until thisafternoon. I spend the day bored; contemplating how I am going to tell my mother and sister of mytransformation. Trying to make sense of everything has me in utter disbelief and beyond confused. How did this happen? Why did this happen? Will I be a bird forever? These three questions plague me all day. All of a sudden, I’m famished. The clock now reads 11:37AM I try to devise a plan to get into the kitchen. I fly very slowly, careful not to bump into anything. I then carefully hover above the staircase. Extremely relieved at this point, I make it into the kitchen without a mishap. I scan the kitchen and see a bag of Lay’s Potato Chips. Famished, I devour them. I thank God I still have a taste for human food; I just hope it doesn’t make me sick. Tired from the bizarre events, I decide to go to sleep until my little sister comes home. I wake up later to the jingling of keys. I hear my little sister’s voice calling my name. I tell her I’m upstairs and she comes into my room and gasps deeply. She then says, “What in the world happened to you?!” I explain to her that I woke up this morning and found myself like this. She then says, “You’re a bird though!” She calls my mother immediately ad frantically tells her of the bizarre phenomenon. My mother cries out in disbeliefs and swiftly makes her way home. My mother rushes into the house and calls my name. She looks at me and then my sister. I look at both of them, waiting for a response. First she asks, when did this happen, and are you okay?” I tell that I am fine and that it happened this morning when I woke up. She says she is going to try and find a way to fix this and I can stay home until everything is straightened out. Exhausted and relieved that they responded better than expected, I go back to sleep. Later that night, my little sister brings dinner to my room. It is awkward to eat as a bird but, I use my beak and manage to do so. That night, I stay up late and watch House of Payne before my mother comes up to say goodnight. Unable to sleep, I stay up much later. I thoughtlessly stare at old westerns. I tap my phone with my claw, and my pone reads 2:18AM. I sigh and look at my phone with 4text messages, 2 missed calls, and 6 Twitter notifications. Checking my notifications is a struggle, as I try to maneuver and strategize ways to press the screen and buttons. I reply to my Twitter notifications but decide to ignore my text messages. I really don’t know if I should, and certainly don’t want to, tell them of my new form. I then leave my phone where it is. I suddenly feel as if I’m suffocating. At this time of the night, everyone in my house is fast asleep. I decide to slip out and get some fresh air. I carefully move about until I get to the stair case. I then start to fly slowly, hoping the flapping of my wings won’t stir anyone awake. I then land where the window is. It’s slightly cracked and I squeeze through. Outside now, I feel much less constricted. I look about me and the night is near silent, excluding the occasional rustle of trees and the chirping of crickets. The sky is painted in a dark blue and the moon shines quietly amongst the dark stillness. The stars shimmer in little glitz of light. I look to my right and see a streetlamp overlooking the road. It feels good out here, I think to myself. I start hovering at a low altitude at first. Daringly, I start flying a little higher. In very little time I soaring above all the houses and trees in their dark shadows below. It’s absolutely incredible and exhilarating. I’m smiling out of overwhelming amazement and joy. I never thought in a million years I’d fly outside of an airplane. I fly all over the city. I get an even larger thrill when I approach the Westin. I’m at eye level with its antenna. I don’t think in that moment. I just look; I can see miles and miles of roads, buildings, and trees in every direction. ”Wow, this is my city”, I say quietly. I’m pulled from my trance when I realize I better go back home. I fiercely fly back home. I approach home and I’m fortunate enough to catch the sunrise. It’s a marvelous morning, I think. The sky streams of orange and blue as I hear the calls of crows and blue jays. The sun shines brightly, making the dew on the grass sparkle like jewels. I squeeze back through the window. I maneuver carefully up the staircase to my room. The clock reads 6:48 AM and I quickly fall into a dreamless sleep. Later, I wake up and the clock reads 1:27PM. I just lie there for a moment trying to decide if earlier this morning was a dream or, truly just a surreal reality. I hover over to my mirror and see I’m still a bird and this is real. I smile though; something good has come out of my transformation. I watch General Hospital and some other soap operas to pass the time. I’ve never really watched soap operas but, I also never thought one day I’d be changed into a bird either. The clock reads 3:37PM and I realize my sister should be home soon. I use my claw to put on my music and turn it up to full volume. I feel the bass vibrating through me and the beat and words drown out my thoughts. In the whirlwind of it, I feel a strange state of tranquility wash over me. I like this, I think. Later, my little sister comes into my room and says, “Hey.” I say hello back and ask how was school and I get an indifferent “good. “She calls my mother and tells her that I’m still in my bizarre state. My mother mumbles something that I can’t hear and the phone call ends. Later, my mother comes home and cheerfully says hello. I respond by shout hello down the stairs. She then comes up stairs to make sure I’m okay and, I tell her that I am. She then asks,” What did you do today?” I reply, “Nothing. “ I stay in my room for most of the night. I’m bored and I wish for nothing more than to return to original form as a person. Fly was absolutely amazing but, being a bird really limits what I can do. The clock reads 11:11PM, and I make a wish for things to be back to normal, hoping it will come true. I soon fall asleep after making that wish. I wake up in the middle of the night and the clock reads, 5:03AM.I look down and see the outline of my legs under the covers. Overjoyed, I cry and swiftly hop out of bed. I turn on the light, look in the mirror, and see my face is back to normal too. I say a quick prayer to God , thanking Him for not letting me continue my existence as a bird. I then decide that I am going to school. I write a quick note explaining things to my mother and sister. I then, almost anxious, get ready for school. I get to school and many people ask, “Where have you been the past 2 days?” I simply tell them I was sick, excluding all details of my ‘strange phenomenon' of the past 2 days. School goes by quickly, but my mind won’t let me forget the happening of the past few days. Glad that things are back to normal, I still wonder why or how, my transformation occurred. Right now though, I have my ear buds in blasting J Cole’s Cole Summer album. I walk through my house for the first time in 2 days. I feel as if I’m starving, so I rummage through the fridge for something to eat. I turn on the television and SpongeBob happens to be on. My little sister comes through the door, sees me, and gives me the biggest hug. She then says, “I’m so glad you’re a person again.” I agree and she asks, “How did that happen anyway?” I say, “I don’t even know, I just hope it doesn’t ever happen again. Later, my mother walks through the door and gives me a bear hug. She then says, “I’m so glad this ordeal is finished with.” I just smile and she suggests we get pizza and wings to celebrate. That makes me very happy. Being a bird isn’t an ordinary event. Flying was an event that I will never forget for as long as I live. These past 2 days will impact me in some way, for the rest of my life. I might take up aviation but, I’ve definitely learned a lot. Life now resumes.

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