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The Book of Discovery

November 6, 2008
By Anonymous

The death of a loved one hurts everyone from within. When that loved one is almost all you have left, what would you do to bring him back? The death of Josalyn’s grandfather slowly killed the little girl on the inside; it pained her to lose the man that had raised her since her parents had disappeared. All that Josalyn had left was her older brother Cadin. Cadin and Josalyn took care of each other, Josalyn was 10 years old, and Cadin was only 18. Cadin protected Josalyn, and Josalyn looked up to her brother more than anything in the entire world. In a sense each other was the only thing they had, that mattered anyway.

The Grandfather of the children passed away from a terrible cancer that had spread from his lungs, all the way up to his brain. Their grandfather had been a smoker all his life, and had never wanted to live to be old and decrepit, well he got his wish. The cancer had not been noticed until it was too late for any treatment to take affect. One week he was diagnosed, and the next he died like that. Everything he owned he left to his beloved grandchildren. In the grandfathers will one thing was to go to Cadin in particular and it was very important that it went to Cadin, and no one else. The reason wasn’t stated in his will as to why this book was of such great importance, but his wishes were followed directly. Another item that seemed of great importance would be a peculiar key. In the will he stated the book and the key lay in the chest that was upon his bed. Though in the end everything was left to his grandchildren anyway, something possibly even more important than the book, or the key, would be Josalyn, who was of course left to the care of her older brother.

For months the grandfathers room lay dormant, Cadin couldn’t bring himself to change anything in that room, and he wouldn’t push Josalyn into it either. The children struggled with their inner conflicts in attempting to face their grandfather’s belongings. They entered his room four months after he passed on, not uttering a sound, trying not to look at anything that might bring the pain that lay deep in their stomachs to the surface. Upon his bed lay a chest with a note in beautiful handwriting. The note read:
“Take care, my children, this book I leave to you Cadin. Use it wisely; it may open your eyes,

To the reality of this fantasy world we humans have built for ourselves!

With Love

You’re Grandfather”
“God damn it grandfather, why do you always talk in riddles!” Cadin yelled allowed.

Their grandfather had always been a smart, intelligent man, but could never resist saying the simplest thing in a most confusing manner. The short, difficult to understand sentence, returned memories to Josalyn’s mind, which brought that deep pain to the surface, just like they had been trying to avoid. Tears welled in Josalyn’s eyes, she struggled to compose herself. She looked at her brother one last time, and left the room. She hated her brother seeing her crying.

“Jos, don’t go, I’m sorry!” Cadin yelled.

Cadin felt damning their grandfather might have offended her, but he only damned him for saying things he really didn’t understand as a good bye. Cadin hated to see his sister so upset, he cared so greatly for her. Cussing under his breath, he opened the chest, and found the book, with the key lying beside it.

Josalyn walked back to the room, more composed than she was before. Josalyn was a young girl, but she was very intelligent, and knew it upset her brother to see her cry.
“Cadin, I’m alright!” she said entering the little old bedroom. She was given no answer. Her brother was no where in sight.

“Cadin? CADIN?” he wasn’t there, it was like he no longer existed. All that sat on her grandfathers’ bed was the opened book, the chest, and the peculiar looking key. She crawled into the bed, tears forming in her little eyes again. Her brother was gone.

“Well I shall have to find him than!” She yelled angrily to herself.

“Well grandfather did say to use the book wisely, perhaps it will show me where my brother has disappeared to…” she thought aloud to her self.

Picking up the book, she noticed it was completely blank, not a word was on a single page of this thick book. She struggled to keep control, and found another note her grandfather had left for them. The note read:

You must rely on each other, or you will get nowhere Josalyn holds the key to your escape, and Cadin you must figure out how to enter, where one of you goes, the other will follow.


“I will find my brother” Josalyn announced in a powerful tone. It was then when little Josalyn picked up the key. The key, somehow, knew what to do and led her hand toward the front of the book, a key hole appeared, and Josalyn knew what to do. Like that, Josalyn was gone, no longer was she in her grandfathers room. Instead she was surrounded by darkness unable to speak, or move, continually trapped in a great emptiness. It wasn’t for what seemed like forever she was able to move. Fear had gripped her from within. She struggled, trying to open her eyes, and she couldn’t. She screamed but could barely hear herself. Young Josalyn felt as if she was falling.

“What would this lead too?” the young girl wondered, “Will I ever wake up?”

It was at that moment she could open her eyes, and for the first time in her young life she could see magic did exist. Around her she was surrounded by color, brightness, and light. The scene before her was so beautiful; she felt she was going to cry. The images around her seemed to display things that were within her own mind, things she had dreamed of forever, but had never seen. Happiness had filled Josalyn completely, until she realized her brother was nowhere insight, no one was insight. Grief filled Josalyn, as she struggled to keep control. Slowly all around her the color and lightness ended, along with her happiness. The world around her was now bleak and gray. A sudden thought jumped into Josalyn’s head.

“If I think about Cadin, he will appear! This book creates what I think!” she thought to herself in amazement.

With all of her might Josalyn thought of her big brother, she imagined him, and thought as long and hard as she could, closing her eyes in the process.

Josalyn abruptly opened her eyes, nothing was there, Cadin was nowhere in sight. Josalyn collapsed to the ground in tears.

Big arms wrapped around the young girl, she was hyperventilating, unable to breath, and she was alone. Until she realized the arms that wrapped around her cradling her, were those of Cadin’s. She looked up at him with tear filled eyes, and smiled with great enthusiasm.

“Well, I don’t know what the hell just occurred Jos, but hey, you found out how to enter… the book I guess, and I guess so did I…” Cadin said walking around; he seemed lost in his own mind.

“Why did grandpa send us here Cadin, do you think that was what he originally intended?” she asked unable to comprehend what the point was.

“I’m not sure Jos; I’m just worried at the moment that we aren’t going to be able to find a way home. Cadin walked on in silence, still seemingly lost.

“Well you discovered the way in, I’m supposed to find the way out.” She stated smiling up to her big brother.

“Maybe, what is the plan kiddo?” Cadin asked still walking on, confused and lost as ever.

“Wait, everything I imagined came true in this… well… “Book of discovery” I guess?” she said thinking aloud. “So… I just imagine a doorway back to our world… and we will be in grandfather’s room… easily.”

“A doorway back to our world?” Cadin exclaimed in amazement.

Josalyn thought hard, and a doorway appeared, she was confident they would be home shortly.

The brother and sister walked through the door, which lead back to their grandfather’s bedroom. Both looked at each other laughing, and agreeing secretly that they would return to the mysterious little world.

Cadin sat the book and the key into the chest, and shut the lid.

They took another quick glance at their grandfather’s room and out of the bedroom they went, together, the only family they had left, the only world they had left. Another day perhaps the children would dive deeper into the mysterious inner workings of this book. They have discovered they need each other to make it through, but what they will discover about the book, hasn’t even truly been discovered yet, another time perhaps?

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on Oct. 12 2018 at 1:25 pm
Hermione-Granger BRONZE, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
4 articles 0 photos 198 comments
Great story! Just a few editing tips, make sure you proofread before you submit and also try to word your sentences to make them less confusing. However, this was super cool, and I want more!

Lostinbooks said...
on Sep. 5 2009 at 10:12 pm
Lostinbooks, Arcadia, California
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Hey! One of my favorite story topics: books! Though the writing style could be tweaked for an easier-to-read effect, the heart of the story has many intriguing possibilities...nicely done.