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The Black Knight

February 25, 2014
By Kailuasurfer GOLD, Honolulu, Hawaii
Kailuasurfer GOLD, Honolulu, Hawaii
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The city burned, fire lighting up the night sky. Clouds of black smoke blocked out the stars and the moon. The only light for miles came from the burning homes of families from Sansoria. The Black Knight had struck again. He had set the village, Sansoria, on fire. Luckily most everyone made it out with minimal injuries. But everyone could only think of one thing: The Black Knight is escalating. At first he would just leave threatening messages and torment citizens. He’d run through the cobblestone streets on his black stallion making sure everyone heard him, terrorizing families, and when people heard that horse, they knew they weren’t safe. Which is exactly what he wanted. The Black Knight was having the time of his life doing it.

Princess Genevieve has been doing everything in her power to stop the Black Knight. He has been tormenting the kingdom for months. No one has ever seen him though, he only every attacks under the cover of nightfall. People just see a man riding a sleek, fast horse wreaking havoc. He set the Redridge flower fields on fire a few weeks ago. Redridge is where the entire kingdom gets their flowers. That stunt put hundreds of families out of business. Families wouldn’t be able to eat without their profits from their flower sales. Princess Genevieve saw the problem and sent her knights to clean up the fields so that the towns’ people could use them again. Princess Genevieve also sent 250 gold coins to every home in Redridge so they could feed themselves until flowers could be sold again. Then the Black Knight defaced multiple statues in Newmarsh and broke the glass in several different storefronts. Princess Genevieve sent for them to be fixed and built a wall. The Newmarsh wall surrounded the city so that the Black Knight could never invade it again. Once the wall was finished everyone knew that they were safe again. Princess Genevieve has had guards patrolling the kingdom since, looking for the Black Knight, but he is always two steps ahead of them. He sets traps, knocks the guards out, or traps them in ten-foot deep holes. But now the guards are onto the Knight’s tricks; they don’t fall for them anymore. This has made the Knight angry. He is no longer having fun; he’s no longer in control. Now instead of scaring people, he’s hurting them, like tonight. He’s never done anything like this. He rode through the city setting houses on fire; families sleeping struggled to make it out alive. He was sending a message to Princess Genevieve: that she’s next.

The Black Knight is craving a path to the princess. He’s doing terrible things to the different villages and towns in the kingdom. He broke the dam keeping all the people in Fayford safe, washing the town away, splitting families apart. In Bellfield, he made boulders from the mountains overhead roll down on to the village, crushing the citizens. And in Woodden, the Knight cut down every bridge leading in and out of the city, the only way to get on or off the island trapping everyone there. Princess Genevieve is doing everything in her power to stop the Black Knight, but he is unstoppable.
He’s made it to Aram, where the princess’ castle is. Everyone is afraid that the Black Knight is going to kill the princess. Every guard in the kingdom is protecting the castle and princess in a last attempt to stop the Knight. The knight comes racing through the front gates into the kingdom, knowing that no one will stop him, no one can. This satisfies him. The citizens are hiding in their homes, trying to stay safe, but unable to hold their curiosity at bay peek through the windows, not wanting to miss a glimpse at the knight. The Black Knight guides his stallion to the front gates of the castle. The kingdom guards surround him. Yelling at him to get off his horse, yelling that he is under arrest in the name of Princess Genevieve. The Black Knight laughs at them. Everyone stops at the sound. It’s a terrible laugh, a laugh from someone who knows they have won, a laugh like that comes from someone who knows they are unstoppable.
He takes off his helmet. There is a collective gasp. Blond curls fall out of the helmet, showing everyone who the Black Knight is. “You can’t arrest your own princess! That’s absurd! That’s treason!” Princess Genevieve yelled looking around. Everyone is shocked. No one makes a sound. A smirk spreads across the princess’ face, “That’s right! I am The Black Knight!”

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