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Journey to peace-a-monde

November 28, 2008
By Anonymous

Far away in a far away land, A palace completely covered with the pages of many magical stories lived a woman named Roslin. She lived alone for she had been an outcast since the day she was born. She was an outcast for nobody believed it was good for any commoner let alone an unmarried woman to be in love with books as much as Roslin did.

In the world of Read-a-monde those who have the power to read , to connect with the books they read, and to be able to create stories of their own are the superiors of the world. But as with many issues of the world many think that this position was for men and nobles only.

when it was discovered at an early age that Roslin had the gift her family shut her out in fear that she would endanger them all. I should also add that those born with the ability to create stories and are able to connect with them have great powers. When their power is fully obtained they can bring their stories into the world, bring themselves and others into the stories ,and are able to use the words they create as protection and weapons. For this reason they are in danger and endanger those who care for them for many want the power of a reader.
No one has ever been able to bring themselves into their stories for more then a day, and this has only been achieved once.

Roslin leaned back in her chair and sighed as she looked at the story she had just created. No one must be able to get their hands on it. She knew that as a reader anything that she wrote had magical powers. This was a story that no one must get because if destroyed she could never write the same one again and this was her masterpiece , the one she had waited for her entire life.

Early the next day,
Boom!! Bash!! Oh no!! The NWRS(no women reader supporters) were here at her palace and they were after her. She ran to the top of her palace, stood on the edge of the balcony thinking I will only go for a day since that is the longest anyone can stay but it will at least rid me of these pesky NWRS. She read her story in the language of the readers . Readers have many ways of transporting themselves into their stories but Roslin was special so special that her way of transportation was different . A bolt of lighting zapped from the sky and swallowed her up. Because this method was unknown to the NWRS they thought she was a goner and left in shock. But in reality she was being transported into her story via lighting.

Ten years later and 20,000 galaxies later…..

Roslin was now writing her stories in a world where there were no NWRS , Readers, pollution, treason, global warming, or any
enviromental issue whatsoever . There was no famine, no war, or hate. There was only peace. Roslin had named it peace-a-monde and many of the inhabitants called her “the founder” . she sighed and relaxed as she looked at the leather bound, gold paged manuscript that she held. She felt happiness and joy. It had taken 5 months but finally she was finished with the history of peace-a-monde. Now all the inhabitants, who had the troublesome tendency to worship the ground she walked and bowed to her all the time, would now
know how their world had come to be. The inhabitants called her the wisest of them all. She may have been the wisest but one thing that Roslin could not understand was how she had managed to stay in her story for more than ten years when other readers had only been able to stay in their story for only a day. oh well at the moment she was content just where she was.

100 years later…
Roslin’ s great-great granddaughter Roselyn sat in a purple chair , opened the history of Peace-a-monde for the thousandth time and began to read aloud . Little did she know that she was speaking in the language of the great readers. All of a sudden a bolt of lighting zapped from the sky and swallowed her taking her to a land of great unknown, back to a far away land Where a palace of magic pages stood waiting for her.

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