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Magical Toy

December 2, 2008
By Anonymous

Once upon a time there was this little old town in Alaska. And there were many kids that lived in this town. So one day this toy shop appeared and all the kids were wondering who worked there and why it was there. They all went up to the shop and knocked at the door. This old mad had answered the door. The children all responded with a big smile on their faces. They had asked him of al the towns in Alaska why this town to build his toy shop? He responded, “Well I have this new toy that I am trying to build and I noticed that children are the main ingredient to making this toy special.” They all were amazed.

The kids ran off and played while the old man got to working on this magical toy. He wondered that if one toy was made a certain way should all the toys be made the same way? He was very confused because he wanted all the kids to be happy in what toy they got for Christmas. He had tried everything to make every toy different but every time the toy would turn out the same as the rest. He thought hard about this situation.

So one day he had seen all the children playing outside and was observing how every one of them had their own unique stile in playing. So as he was observing he had realized that every kid can make their own toy unique and put their own magic into the toy that they will receive.

Christmas had arrived very quickly. All the children were gathered at the door of the toy shop waiting for the old man to give their gifts. The old man came out and said, “Gather around all you children, I have very exciting news for every one of you!” So they all gathered and he handed out to each individual child their own unique magical toy. He explained that the toy that you get is yours only and the way to make it magical is by making it unique and by making it the way you want your toy to become.

All the children were very pleased and ran off with all their toys to play. This town in Alaska was very happy and they could not wait for years to come to see what the worker was going to make every year for Christmas.

The End

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