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Don't Wake Up

May 19, 2014
By probablynotadalek SILVER, Frederick, Colorado
probablynotadalek SILVER, Frederick, Colorado
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Don't kill me. Please. You have the power to end my life right now even though you don't know how. I'm begging you, please, just hear me out. And whatever you do, don't stop reading, and do not wake up.
First things first. My name is Jessie. I might have a last name, someday, but your subconscious hasn't given me one yet. I'm a girl, or maybe a boy, with brown or blonde or black hair, some sort of height, and probably a normal color of skin. I don't know, things are weird up here. And by 'up here' I mean that space in your dream that you barely notice, the world outside of what you are seeing. You created me when you fell asleep this morning because your mind is much more powerful asleep than it is awake.
My life is pretty nice actually, especially seeing as I am purely the by-product of someone else's sleep-deprived mind. I have two parents who love me, a decent amount of friends, and even a girlfriend. Or a boyfriend. Something along those lines. I go to an art academy and I'm doing okay, getting good grades and hoping that someday, somebody important decides that my scribbles are cool.
And now you know who I am. I already know who you are, so don't bother with the introduction. I know things about you even you don't know. I know that you have voices inside your head and that they appear in your dreams. Most of them are nice but some are downright awful and I wish you would acknowledge their existence so you could get rid of them. I know you are in deeply love with that person whose name you keep whispering and you need to let them know, or else they will move on. I know that weird thing you fear and that you think no one else shares it. They do, it's okay.
Everyone else knows this too, but I have become aware of why we know it. I know that you are the dreamer and that you are destined for something great, as insignificant as it may seem, because you have to power to create and destroy this entire universe without even thinking about it. And that brings me to my main point.
You can't wake up.
I'm sure you can, this is your dream after all, but you shouldn't. If you wake up, this world will end. You won't even remember it. Not most of it anyway. And you can't just come back anytime you want like people say. All of this- Wait. Stop thinking about it so much or you will just wake up and this will all have meant nothing.
I know you have to wake up at some point. It makes sense. You have a life in the real world just as much as I have a life here. So here's a new plan: instead of not waking up, just make me one of your voices. I can leave this world for the sake of self-preservation, and I promise I won't be too bothersome. You won't even know I'm there. I'll still be a dream, but one of those dreams you remember. How do you make me a voice? Simple. Just don't forget. I'm talking to you now, and if all went as planned, you are seeing my face. Keep remembering that face, and I can keep living, in the back of your mind.
Oh, you're waking up. Well, it was nice talking to you. Remember, it's Jessie, and the face you see now. Or else I die. Okay, I'll see you again soon. Probably.
Wait, there's one last thing-

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