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A Cultural Experience

December 12, 2008
By Anonymous

There is a disturbance. What is that? I wake up in the middle of the night; it’s a tapping from the bottom of my bed. Soon enough, after I wonder for seconds of what the tapping is, a small Chinese man pokes out from the bottom of my mattress. “Come, come try some ‘good’ Chinese food;” Than sinks down beneath my bed. Getting up to look where he went, I am in aw by the space and the brightness that is beneath my own bed. I lift up my mattress, crouch inside and walk down little steps to get to, what seems another world. But its not, it’s just Chinese. My little friend sits me down and gives me a bowl. I hate Chinese food…and this bowl is moving. Picking up the bowl of gross food, I notice a hole in the table.

No sooner than seconds after, a large nosed Mexican friend pops his head out of the hole wearing a sombrero. “Come, come with me! Let’s play some music.” I slip through the small hole to find a hot sunny day. A Mariachi Band! We sing and dance until the day is gone. Than make a fire to keep warm. I’m exhausted. I take a short nap, only to wake up to the same fire. But the band isn’t there, its natives…Not native Mexicans, Native Americans!

No one is talking! All of the Natives are sitting in a circle passing a peace pipe. Looking around I see that I’m next to take the pipe! Crap! I can’t do that; I’ve got to get home! A Native handed me the pipe, and I couldn’t avoid his intimidation. I hold the pipe up to my face, close my eyes…than open them. What? I’m in my room now. I was here the whole time. Sleeping, dreaming and wrapped in my Native American blanket.

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