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The Sword of Death

December 19, 2008
By Anonymous

Once upon a time, there lived a great hero in the world of Azzinoth. The hero was brave, strong and adventurous and was called Andar. He was a great warrior of his people and he lived in a town called Wooldand Depths. The people loved him an dlooked up to him. However, he was seeking for something new. He wanted a newer title and more power than anyone could imagine. After all, he was the greatest hero in the world.

After traveling through the different and mountainous regions of the world, he heard rumors of a weapon. The weapon was called Bloodmourne and he would do anything to get it. Shamans spoke of it as a dangerous and unholy weapon. Nature’s warriors and -- druids -- feared the weapon for they thought that it would bring plague and chaos across the world. However, the one who would acquire would have to fight fiercely against the sword’s guardians.

Andar was up for the challenge and with him came his loyal friend Neman, a paladin who fought with Andar for many years. Their quest began and they were wished good luck and off they went. They passed through many small villages and a few cities and word spread that a hero and a warrior of light wre to face the grave danger in acquiring the unspeakable weapon. But even when they were warned, Andar still wanted to get it. Hew would soon be a true hero.

Neman was getting doubtful and didn’t know if it was worth his life. They could not afford any mistakes. Soon they reached the sea. They stoppend and Andar did not know what to do. Suddenly and old man with a staff, decorated with skulls and other objects, pointed at Andar and told him to come to him. He told Andar he know why he was here.

It turned out to be that the old man was a powerful shaman named Val’jen. He asked Andar if he was prepared. Andar replied, “Yes.” The shaman then lifted his hand in the air and the sea formed a frozen pathe to their destination. Neman was feeling uncomfortable because he was sensing an unholy presence around the area. He told Andar. Then all of a suddent the shaman stood infront of them and told Andar, “To to to your glory, you must defeat me in a battle!” Val’jen then transformed into a humungous dire wold and jumped at Andar. Neman then started to attack the wolf and got him off Andar. He snared the wolf with the power of the light and Andar quickly grabbed his sword and slew Val’jen. All of a sudden the spirit of the shaman arose form the corpes and flew inside Andar’s chest.

Andar flew back and fell down. Neman came to help him get up. They started continuing with the journey. They had to go before sunrise, or the frozen path would melt. They finally saw a small island across the horizon and they ran for it. The island was mysterious and seemed dead. All the plants and trees were shriveled up. Upon setting foot on the island, Andar fell down screaming in agony. Neman took off his plate armor and looked at Andar’s chest. It was rotting. The shaman’s spirit was slowly killing Andar.

Neman began thinking. He know of a spell that once used, would either completely heal the virtuous or kills the evil. He know that Andar had done some horrible things in his life but he knew that he was a good person. He told Andar to lie down and relax while he started to cast the spell. He muttered some stange words, raised his hands in the air and from Andar’s chest came out all the darkenss he had accumulated through his life.

Andar stood up, wore his armor, and thanked Neman greatly. Then they continued on with the journey. On top of the island was a temple that led underground. Andar and Neman entered courageously. They unsheathed their weapons knowing that something bad would happen at any moment. Then out of nowhere came a horde of zombies and ghouls. Andar and Neman started fighting but it was too much. Andar killed all the zombies coming his way but looked back only to see a pile of them on Neman.

He quickly slew the rest of them. Then he saw many wounds covered on Neman’s body. He got up weakly and said that he was alright. They went on deep underground until the light from above wasn’t visible anymore. Darkness was everywhere. Then Andar saw the sight of Bloodmourne. It just completely consumed him and made him crave it. Upon going up the stairs to get it came out a might dragon from the bottomless pit. Again Andar and Neman started fighting, but Neman was week from bleeding to death. The dragon saw this and hit Neman with its powerful tail.

Neman was knocked unconscious and it was up to Andar to kill the dragon. However the dragon was too strong. Its fiery breath incinerated Andar and he fell down dazed and exhausted. The dragon then spoke of a strange language and its minions came and seized Andar and Neman. He spke again and the zombies let go of Andar. He told him, “Hero, you want this sword and I want you to have it. I promise you great power once you wield it but you must do something. The sword needs to have blood smeared on it form a close person of the wielder…” Andar understood what was going to happen. He needed to kill Neman to have the unimaginable power the dragon was speaking of.

The sword started levitating and flew to Andar’s hand. With the dragon in his back, he faced Neman as the ghouls were grabbing him. He pulled the sword back and said, “I’m sorry Neman…you have been my greatest friend and brother ever…” Neman looked up to him but didn’t say anything. The sword sliced through Neman and the blood splatter on Bloodmourne. Andar turned around the face the dragon. “Very well, young one. Now you shall have the power you were looking for.” The dragon dived into the sword, with it puncturing its heart.

Andar then started feeling something through his veins. They started glowing and Andar started turning pale and dead-looking. He had the essence of death on him. He then saw images and thoughts he had never seen in his life. They were of the dragon which was now forged with him through Bloodmourne.

The dragon used to be a human but his sould was imprisoned for eternity by a powerful warlock. However he had the form of a dragon and the only way to be free was to merge with the wielder of the powerful sword, Bloodmourne. This is why the dragon was so eager for Andar to wear the sword. He then realized his mistake. He realized that he didn’t want this and didn’t want for his friend to die just because of a sword. However he could not do anything about it. He was to be like this forever and could not change it. Then all the ghouls and zombies bowed down to him. They bowed down to the king of all life on Azzinoth, Death King Andar.

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