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Fairy Tale

January 4, 2009
By Anonymous

part 1

Every day I wake up lying awake tossing and turning with every emotion growing in to rage at the sight of 16th Birthday coming around the bend. I am sixteen in three days and no one even remembers this time of year. No of course they wouldn't no one would care about a girl locked in a tower hidden away by a wicked witch whom makes me write such terrible stories about fairytales gone eerie, with no happily ever after nothing just sad endings nothing that I'm not used to, but it is still strange for me to hear the cries of the brilliant readers who lose all of their happiness and are taken over by these saddened memories nothing would make me happier than to start with my story and end it with a happy ending but that's the witch's problem she HATES happy endings . . . along with love, truth, and justice.

My story starts 3yrs ago the day I was giving my first book . . . It was a dark and stormy day like all my other birthdays in the past I sat in my window Reciting a poem or two. Today it was Lady Shallot a poem about a cursed woman who escapes from her
tower to find love but dies on a raft on a river floating towards Camelot. I brushed my hair ‘til it was all nice and straight and looked upon the far away kingdom below the mountain which helps
the wicked witch who imprison me in this horrifying tower, to hide my dungeon. I had prayed diligently that this might be the year...the year I was set free I wanted to be Oh how much I wished for my prince charming to come and save me from my pain
and let me live ‘happily ever after' but he never came instead it was her Roberta a wicked witch of the castle the one who kidnaped me here in this forsaken tower. I have something for you she said handing me a book it read
I glance through the book happily to get something MY first book I knew how to read, but all I had to read was rotten books about the history of ‘The Great Prince War'. About the great war of all the princes in the land fought for the love of A King’s powerful young princess and how he told them that they will fight for her hand and who ever was alive would win. But the Princess was already in love with a Prince from a far away kingdom of Isadar. One day before the war she ran to her father and begged him to stop and that she will marry the Prince of her choice. The King grew angry with his daughter and told her no and that her Prince had to earn her love (which he already did). After talking to her Father she ran to her prince and gave him a magical amulet she had bargained with a witch for and she told him If you wear this necklace you will never be harmed and then we could be together forever “ The Prince wore the necklace into battle and wasn't harmed so to Roberta' s much overdo sorrow. it was a happily ever after.
You will read this book and write down a story about it, Roberta said, A story that is true none of this happily ever after nonsense you like to read I frowned for even the at 13 year old I knew I had the gift. It was a curse, I curse that to this day it kills me inside to keep trying to hide it from the world. Or become the world’s slave.
You see it but I knew I had to obey Roberta if I didn't I would die of starvation. I nodded that's a good girl do what you auntie tells you to Roberta said patting me on the head. As I winced she
smiled one of her ghastly smiles the one people make before hatching a diabolical plot and dragging others down with it. Lucky for the world I'm the one she picked...For three weeks I delayed reading the story lucky for me Roberta didn't notice. Never would I rewrite a classical story into a nightmare for it's readers. On the third weeks' Saturday Roberta was in a horrible mood. Instead of being smart and going to torture the kingdom below. She came to visit me, the girl locked away in her tower for 13 years. Well did you do what I
asked? She asked me standing on the railing of my balcony. I being a ignorant girl as she said back then gave her a title page covering the had some of my illustrations on it. She tore through the small book realizing that it was blank her face grew Bright red. Did you even read the story?? Roberta shouted. I smirked, I have been very busy with my chores I guess it just slipped with finishing The Prince Wars The completely broke the chain on the dragon whom now is running toward me. I dived across my bedroom and barricaded myself between my bed and the dresser. Even back then I knew how to tick the witch off, it was quite pleasant like a game to me. Thus even a more deadly one at that. Until this one day Roberta drove right towards me and her son the menacing idiot of a boy named Char had to open the darn door to ask his mother if he could go ruin the school children's day.
Thus knocking me down so Robert could catch up to me and grab me by the throat so I couldn't breath it was like dying and yet being still alive wishing to be dead
have the wind knocked out of you them have a witch's slimy fingers grab you that and make you not breath. You will listen to me She said , Is that clear. I nodded. What else could I do? .
You will read this story and write it the right way is this simple enough for you? She shook my head to say yes Roberta I would love to did I mention you look so nice today did you give change your hair color again today? When I really wanted to say was NO I will never do this for you I HATE YOU When she let me go I immediately collapsed to the floor gasping for air. You will have 3 days to do this. she said jumping onto her wicked Dragon and flying down to the ground. I stood up laughing for some weird reason I don't even remember now. I am guessing it was because of how positively putrid her face looked or something like that. In my mind I knew that I had to escape before the time when The witch returns to collect her book with a horrible lies told inside to wreak havoc across the world. That night I stayed up all night tying together my curtains , sheets, and what ever fabric I had to climb down the tower. I stored my food supplies for two whole days and at night on the second day when the dragons went to sleep. I started to prepare my escape grabbing my small food supply, parchment, My Cinderella book, ink, and what ever could fit in my bag. This is the last time I'll ever be here I'll promise this tower this much. I said jumping out of my window. I dropped my ‘rope' down tying it to the railing so I could climb. The rope swung and I hit the edge of the railing slicing my arm.When I touched the ground I dove into cover with the trees.

Snow White
When I got under the trees canopy I watched the castle ever so quietly for a few minutes than I ran like the wind through the wood. I herd the most strangest noises sounds of beasts during the night. I tripped over a twig and fell to the ground crying. There I slept for the night. In the morning it was wonderful the most splendid place I ever saw in my whole life. In the middle of the woods lay a divine little cottage. I walked slowly up to it wondering what to say? Hello my name is Repunzel. I need your help A wicked witch is after me and soo can you hide me for awhile? In my mind of course I knew this was the stupidest thing I've ever done to leave the safety of my tower? It was for the good of all man kind I keep telling myself standing on the front porch knocked 7 times before I twisted the doorknob unlocked I opened the door. Hello?? I called out from the doorway no answer. I walked in to find 7 little chairs sitting at a messy table. What do kids live here?? I asked myself. As a bad habit I started to clean I know it is awkward of me but it is something Roberta forced me to do. As I worked I hummed a song with the birds. Dance with the wind blowing in your hair, live without not a single care, move around, don't fall down. I yawned being extremely tired I looked to see if there was a place to rest. When I went upstairs I found such a outstanding place. It was a little bedroom with seven little bed with the weirdest names I have ever herd yet again this coming from a girl in the tower.The names were something like ‘Happy, Dopey, Grumpy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Doc, Bashful, and Joyful. I pushed three of the beds together and crashed out on them. It felt like I was asleep for ages when I woke up it felt like I was back in my bed like nothing ever happened then the flashback of earlier came to me. I sat up straight to see 14 little eyes staring out at me. I screamed, Who are you? One of the Children said politely, Excuse me miss, but who are
you? It was just then I realized that the ‘children' weren't really children at all they were all dwarves with pointy ats and 6 of them had a beared the other on had a clean face . My name is Repunzel. I said. Then the biggest dwarf said, Me names' Doc Then in height order the introduced themselves. It was Grumpy the meanest of the dwarves who finally asked me what I am doing laying on there beds. I am so sorry I pleaded A wicked witch is after me and the door was unlocked so I hid here. They looked around at one another, And how are we suppose to believe you? Grumpy asked. I don't know?? Lets see I am 13 lost, sleeping in a dwarves house. What is your name? Happy asked smiling making a sideways crescent. Repunzel?? I said unsure for the first time if that is even my real name. Well Repunzel, do you know who cleaned and cooked for us today?? I could tell he wants to taste the soup that has drifted up into their room I took a deep breath and smelt the mouth watering soup I made. I did. The dwarves huddled together whispering so low that it was hard for even themselves to hear each other. When they thought they were finished Doc said happily as Happy. You will stay and cook and clean for us and we could hide you. I smiled, Yes, that would be great for now thank you Joyful said with a roaring stomach. Now could we eat? I jumped out of bed. Yes of courses. We all rushed down stairs to the kitchen I got the soup ready as they washed up for supper. We all sat down to eat happily singing songs. But before Long everyone around the world could hear
the heart piercing scream of the witch Repunzel are you ok? Doc asked worriedly. I know I have probably gone pale. That's her I whispered. Everyone's eyes grew big, She is really evil Grumpy said being scared out of his mind. I nodded. We hid in the back rooms when seeing the witch's dragon come look around. Oh no it's Dorkus I cried. Why didn't she send the dumb one Dofus?? I sat crouched down the same height as the dwarves praying that he didn't
catch my scent. When he left I felt safe for once in my life, yet I have to bare the biggest secret ever. If I tell anyone they might want to use me like Roberta. This was ans is my only fear. The rest of the night was silent. I cleaned up dinner and slept on the hard wooden floor. When I woke up it was like a brand new day. The sun was shining brightly out of the windows I crept silently into the dwarves' room. They were sound asleep, snoring in there little beds. I went back down stairs and made bacon and eggs for breakfast. The smell of the food made the dwarves run down the stairs faster than lighting. Come and get it. I called smilling as the dawrves tumbled down the stairs. When they left, I sat at the table with parchment and ink For the first time in a long time I wrote a story about a a prince who finds a princess with a wicked witch after her keeping her locked away in a tower. That's my story isn't it enough bad luck I have to be name after a
cabbage. Life is totally unfair. The Dwarves left to go to their mine on the other side of the mountain. Leaving me to cook, clean, and write. After I finished starting dinner ( Repunzel Soup....I know it sounds weird, but it tastes so good) I worked on my story. It was perfect day, like the days I dreamed about writing about. I was getting a little hungry. All of the Sudden I
herd a little squeak say hem hem I turned around to see a small old woman standing in the front door. Good Morning my dear, She said bowing slightly as I curtsied. She smiled gently,
Are you going to let me in?? I opened the door and she walked in. I sat back at the table to write the story. Why what are we doing here? I covered the parchment and said it was nothing. I guess she herd my stomach gurgle. Are you hungry? I nodded getting up with the scroll to fetch a piece of fruit. I’ll get it She said walking over to the Apple tree before I could say I could get it myself she was back with a delicious juicy red apple. Here eat this. She tossed the Apple to me. I held it in my hands, it was so smooth I took one big bite. That is all I remember of that day. I quickly fell into a great dream that had nightmares and happiness.

The Dream
It was wonderful almost like a memory at first. I was young one perhaps. Waking up in a crib not having to be tortured by Roberta. I watched from a small window, the moon slowly shrink from the sky. All of the sudden I herd a voice. Hello child. I turned my head around to see a
woman stand over the crib. I am so sorry The woman was tall and wore a cloak over her hair. She had pale skin and hair dark as night. I felt something wet touch my hand. I looked up and she was crying. Then I notice something strange the woman’s eyes were dark purple a shade of
maroon. I hope you’ll forgive me when you are older my sweet. I stood up holding onto the side of the bars watching her watch me. A gust of wind came from the door. Odette, you shouldn’t be here now It was a man and another familiar voice. I looked at him. He was tall a
man with odd looking eyes like the woman except it was a different color ,dark blue like night. His dark hair was hiding his right eye. Neither should you. She said crossing her arms. He laughed. Suppose your right. I watched wide eyed. Why are they here?? Who are they? Where
am I? And Why is she sorry? Were the four questions I wanted to answer in my head I already knew why she was sorry. She is the one who cursed me. I gasped and started to cry. Don’t cry little one Don’t cry She said her eyes still watery as she held my hand. Who are you?? Is what I wanted to say. But instead it turned into baby talk. They looked at one another. She looks so confused at us. The woman said, our own granddaughter not knowing who we are? Those words struck me I fell down onto a pile of pillows granddaughter? I noticed that the woman’s eyes had a certain ancient way about them like all elderly she had wrinkles in her forehead from worrying to much and on her hands from being old. From a glance they looked young but they weren’t. They were
my grandparents.
One of the people who abandoned me to hell locked away in a far away tower. Then I grew very upset sitting in far corner of my crib glaring at them. It’s like she understands what has
happened. The man glared at me. Or what will. They cursed me. They abandoned me. They haven’t seen what I had to do thanks to them all the stories that have been destroyed because of
them. I cried a little, cradled in the soft pillows beneath me. When the rooster crowed The man said to the woman that they had to see their daughter and her husband. The woman took one long glace at me and left. My parents? I wanted to sob even harder than before now
that I knew that I would have never been rescued from the Tower. The tower which locked me away for thirteen years of pain. It was 10 minutes later that a another person came into the room
the fetch me. It was like I was some sort of rag doll that could be dragged around here and there. So rude I kicked trying to get out of the person’s arms. They kept saying Miss, stop that or You are awfully tiring today miss. I kept like this until I herd a voice say, Gertrude put her in
her pen. It was a soft voice the type that I herd in dreams before this. All of the sudden it was all real. I didn’t know why though it had a realness to it that I have ever had and it wasn’t over.
I looked over at the adults. My grandparents stood next to another couple a younger couple.
She could be here any day now The ‘grandmother’ said. Mother The guards are keeping watch every night and day and she is guarded by more than just knights I presume. The ‘grandfather’ said beginning to get irritated of the way his daughter didn’t listen. Celeste, your mother and I know since you’ve received. The power, 10 years ago that it wasn’t going to be
this easy to protect her. Celeste looked over toward me, so did the man next to her. I might be foolish but she is my daughter and I’ll do what I think is good for her. I laid down in the play pen tired of the argument, still listening I watched slowly from the pen. All of a sudden The doors slammed open. How touching but I’m afraid you should have listened to him. The Men jumped into action pulling out swords. Stay away from her. The Younger man growled. His father in law held the sword pointing away from her. Put those silly things away you know that they can’t hurt me. At the wave of her hand they flew into the air. Stop Celeste called. The swords moved around and pointed at the witches neck. Don’t you dare come near here Roberta The witch smiled. Now you finally care about her?? Celeste glared. Odette guarded me. I knew it was no use. Little girl, little girl why don’t you come here? all of the sudden I
was flying away. NO They gasped. Please Don’t’ Odette begged. I started to cry my head hurt I must have hit my head and passed out. This all seemed to real but was it?? Roberta cackled, You wanted your true love and you got him now I’ve come to take my pay. She lifted her hand and I came closer to her. Give her to me. Celeste shouted now with tears down her face I felt myself being tugged in different directions. Fine I’ll take one half you take the other. Roberta cooed as the sword came toward me. No Celeste stopped pulling me and I was
flung towards Roberta. She caught me. Repunzel My father rasped. Wave goodbye Little Cabbage. Roberta laughed. As we flew away on a dragon (Who I think was a younger Dorkus)
I watched them cry. I screamed. Then I woke up in a coffin in the woods with the Dwarves surrounding me. They helped me out of the coffin I coughed What happened?? Doc bowed
and stuttered The Witch put a curse on the Apple you ate. I shuddered. And a we were just watching over you when a beast of some sorts came over and kissed you. Happy frowned. Note to self: WASH MOUTH OUT WITH MINT 2 THOUSAND TIMES Where did it go? Joy frowned a little. I don’t know he was here one moment. That night we celebrated with music and stories. Singing all night long.

Part 2

On the Road again

The next morning I left the dwarves’ cottage, heading toward the unknown in the town. Before I came to the cottage my plan was to be free and away from Roberta, but now the world has turned more than it has in the past 5 days than it has my entire life. Now I am on a mission. I have to find the place where I belong, Who the people in my dream really were, Why did Roberta
pick me?? I walked through the woods with this thought in my head. Until the moon shone brightest. That night I rested near the lake I watched through my little window, the water
nymphs played as the pixies danced and sang a song of spring. It was amazing like the feeling of having a someone you don’t like finally learn to leave you alone.
It was just yesterday I that I was in a warm bed sleeping in a trance in the glass coffin. I fell asleep listening to the satyrs play the flute. My dream was like the rest last yet it was
different. I was on the way to the Castle where Roberta would keep me until I would be old enough to escape. When we landed I was taken into the tower with another little kid. It was a boy Charley no doubt ( he only like to be called Char) He was the same age as me. Look
little one I have gotten a little playmate for you. Roberta said setting me next to him. He was kidnaped like me?? But why was I stuck in the tower? It was unfair Why did he get away with being set free of rules. Char had never been told to do anything and me Play with him it was an outrage I sat there looking at him pick his nose and stare out at the yellow stuff at the edge of his finger. He crawled over to me me me me me me me me me me and started to pull my hair (what I had of hair). Maybe I’ll keep you underneath my wing. Roberta said amused by his violence. I eventually got annoyed enough to smack with in the face and break his nose. So that is where the bump came from. Or maybe you. She said confused of her decision. It was kinda fun punching him I giggled as I yanked on his hair and poked at him. Until he got mad enough at me to knock me down. I laughed and fell back giggling louder. It was like someone started to whip the memories to move faster because it was another forgotten time when I was four. Char was turning six that day and Roberta mad us have a small party for him. I was forced to wear my first and last pretty birthday party gown that day. My you look pretty miss. Roberta’s old maid Sasha said tying a
lavender bow into my black hair. Sasha was my caretaker at the time but she died 2 years later of a sickness the not even the wicked witch could cure or so she said. She was old her white hair was matted up in a bun that always fell down when she had to chase after me. You little
rascal. She used to laugh when I hide away in some cabinet. I learned how to write and read. Every night she told me stories about Princesses, Princes, Wicked Witches, and Magic with fairy godmothers or powers within. She gave me hope when I had none left in the tower and now that
she was gone I missed her even more. Seeing her here I started to cry. Now my little cabbage what is wrong?? Sasha asked hugging me. I could smell the cinnamon she used in breakfast in her hair. I shook my head Nothing I sighed wishing I could see my caretaker once again and not in a dream. Nothing eh. Sasha asked, First you make me make this pretty gown and now you don’t like it? Even when I was four I knew what I wanted my own world where the tower and castle where far away. I laughed Sasha’s blue eyes twinkled, There’s my cabbage. She said patting my head as Miss Jane Char’s nanny passed by my old room. Since Roberta had no say in what I did until I turned eight Miss Jane was the meanest person in the world. Her and Sasha always fought about everything when it came to Char and Me. Char was far too disobedient and he thought he ruled the castle since Roberta favored him over me Sasha hated when Miss Jane left him to go to the market I could always tell by the look in her eyes when she was forced to watch us both. Nor did Miss Jane like me as she said I was far too soft and
shouldn’t be taught such things as reading or writing but how to cook, clean, dance, sing, play the harp, knit oh the list went for miles with her. Even though I did know how to do five of though things (I refused to be taught the instrument suggested ) Miss Jane always made me do
more. The party will begin momentarily. She said dabbing her nose with the handkerchief Sasha taught me how to make to shut Miss Jane’s mouth up for awhile and it did in fact work even though Sasha did most of the work. We’ll be there in a moment. Sasha said winking to me. Miss Jane walked down to the main hall to talk to the guests who were outcasts much like
Roberta that were cast out for doing harmful deeds in the country. Now you will need to practice your writing lesson you may write about anything you little heart desires. Sasha was teaching my how to write stories so I sat at the desk with my feet unable to touch the floor and wrote my first story. The Boy who ate to much birthday cake. I called it I wrote about a boy who on his birthday ate his whole cake by himself (6 layers) and turned rainbow then started to swell up and how his mother had to shove carrots down his throat so he would turn back to normal and after that he never had cake again. My aren’t we being a little jealous to day Sasha chuckled. Then she looked at the clock. Come on will be late. We left for the party and for the beginning of my end of my freedom.

Down at the party I was announced wrong as Rachel I wanted to correct them but Sasha told me it didn’t matter so I didn’t give the announcer a swift kick at the shin. Char was eyeing up his cake. Why don’t you go play with him. Sasha asked. I shook my head and stayed next to her. I knew if I played with him I would get my braids pulled and my pretty dress ruined by
him so I stayed close to Sasha as possible. Ahh Lady Francis welcome to the castle. Lady Francis nodded, Yes it is a. wonderful...home. She caught sight of me. And who is this? Before Sasha or I could answer Roberta came over and replied. It is my daughter Rachel. I made a face holding tightly on to Sasha’s skirts. Come on ‘Rachel’ She said looking over at her mistress. don’t be shy. Sasha said
pushing me in front of her. Lady Francis smiled warmly up at me. It is nice to meet you ‘Rachel’ She said the name looking up at Roberta. Lady Francis had the same voice as Odette I
looked up at her and curtsied her eyes were the same also. I knew that Lady Francis and Odette were one of the same people. Why Roberta you have a charming young girl. She said turning to the witch. Yes she is isn’t she. Roberta looked over at us. Sasha and me. As they talked in hush voices. Sasha? Why didn’t She say Repunzel? I asked in her ear. Sasha straightened up then and said, Because that is Roberta’s way and... I knew how it went Roberta’s way goes. I said sadly. Otis darling meet Miss Rachel. Lord Otis bowed She’s Roberta’s youngest.
Odette acted calm but her eyes gave said something else that only her husband could figure out. Lord Otis’s eyes studied me for a moment or two. I hid behind Sasha It is very nice to meet you. I squeaked. The Lord smiled. How old is she miss? He inquired from Sasha. She turns five in March. The Lord’s eyes softened looking up at his wife. You don’t say. Lady Francis
nodded. Even though she had a boyish name she wasn’t boyish at all and kinder than anyone I’ve ever met besides Sasha. Sasha looked nervously over at where Roberta stood with Miss Jane deciding on when to have cake. Rachel why don’t you go talked to the other guests. I shook my head. Rachel don’t you wanna go see your momma? I shook my head even harder saying no. I didn’t want to go any where near them. I was shy. I guess it’s one thing you get from being locked away in a castle shy and awkward about talking to people. Sasha pushed me to
walk towards Roberta. I walked two steps over toward them when I started to listen to the music. I never herd anything like it before I was stepping forward when a small foot came into my path.
I landed with a bloody knee and a ripped stocking. Sasha rushed over and picked me up. Are you ok ? She asked. I sniffled a yes nodding pointing out my bloody leg. Roberta came over to
see what had happened since to keep up with her lies she had to see what happened to her youngest child. Are you going to let him get away with this? Another Lady asked who’s name I had forgotten. Char was Roberta’s favorite but everyone liked me better. Charmont come here For once he was getting punished not me. Sasha why does he get to keep his name? I whispered in my old nurse’s ear. She shrugged her head, I don’t know Miss, We listened to her act like she’s yelling at him. You have to apologize to her straight away. She said looking at the people who were staring at them. Char walked toward me.
Sorry cabbage head. he said turning around and walking back to the cake. The Lady walked closer to us. Well I never... She said grew red, What and insult cabbage head She looked at Sasha and me. Why did he call you cabbage head?? Sasha jumped. He is just a big bully to Repun-chel. Another Lady came over excuse me but may I speak to you Miss... Sasha nodded as they talked away from Lady Francis and me. I looked over at Sasha with panicked. She only nodded and ignored me totally. Odette (Lady Francis) took me out to the party to play around the garden or so she said. When we got to the fountain with the statue of a lovely angel-like Roberta ( The sculptor was someone who she bewitched by putting poison in his drink....sadly that was the same day he died.) I skipped sadly glancing over my shoulder to see if the Lady was still there keeping up. I walked faster and as I turned the next corner of the maze I broke into a run. As I sped down the mazes I looked for a door somewhere...anywhere would have been nice..I remembered the old door where I used to play hide-go-seek with Sasha or when Char wanted to play kitchen and we usually had salad (cabbage) I hid behind it. Just my
luck it was right around the corner sadly it was then that Lady Francis caught me. Let me go Let me go I shouted and kicked trying to be let go. Answer me first. She said cornering me by the bush. What is your name really?? I saw her eyes desperately wanting the answer to her question. Repunzel I choked looking down at the dirt. She jumped back and with a satisfied look on her face(well not really it was just soo funny to see the shock.). Very well lets get back to the party shall we. When we got back Char was the size of a gigantic blueberry or peach I’m not sure. His skin was changing color faster than Roberta’s cheeks got inflamed by embarrassment. What the hell is going on here. She gasped. Where is the cake?? Sasha looked at me and back at Char and Roberta her eyes were filled of what I have spent my entire life on causing for her, worry. This was in my story I thought. Watching Roberta put carrots down the boy’s throat. I caught sight of Lady Francis, Lord Otis, and the other Lady’s and Lord’s eyes doing the same. I thought Sasha was bad enough... I almost laughed at the pudgy rainbow boy.
For a moment I forgot my fear of Lady Francis and hid behind her when Roberta rumbled. Someone has put a rainbow potion on the cake. She shouted smelling the icing. And a Bubble potion on the icing hmm? I could see her standing close to where I was. I broke free from my fear and ran to Sasha hiding behind her as far away from Roberta as possible. Sasha’s eyes said a lot more than she wished to tell. I asked her once when she was still alive if she was ever afraid of Roberta. She said no but then I looked up at her face and I saw it pure fear, for what I don’t know but I know she was afraid.

New Day
I woke up under a golden sun shining brightly on my face I sat up from underneath the great oak tree and yawned. It felt great this new freedom I had here, perfect even yet I knew I had to keep going or else she would find me. Roberta wouldn’t let me go that fast. I knew the moment she gets word that I’m still alive she’ll come for me like a farmer collects his harvest I would be sent to lay in the dungeon until I died. I walked past old meadows untouched by human hands beautiful and yet so strange. Why do I dream about the past in the present?? I asked my self. I noticed a village north of the river. I walked along singing a song as I walked.
What is left in the dirt
where people fall and get hurt
without a doubt
Why Why
I sat down on a builder by a small stream outside the village. I opened my bag for the first time since I first escaped my tower for the first time. I took out package from Sasha before she passed she gave it to me on my eighth birthday saying open it when your alone and when you need it the most. I figured it was the best time to open it was now when I was broke, no home, running
away form a witch, and in need of finding out what really happened for me to get sent to hell of the tower. I knew I had to find the Lord and Lady from the party they are my only clue so far to find out what happened. I opened the package in tears that fell over the papery cloth covering the gift. It was a journal. It was dark blue with glitter stars all around it. I opened it up. A letter fell out of the journal it said.
Dear Repunzel
I am sorry I had to leave you in the castle. I know you won’t forgive me for this but please keep this book to write all your wonderful stories in. I leave this with you even though
Roberta says I’m gone child I’m not I’ll always be with you no matter how far I’m really. I will be working at Lady Francis and Lord Otis’s manor where I will live. You probably don’t remember them but you met them at Char’s party. If you ever escape you’ll find me there.
-forgive me
I cried for while on the boulder until the sun was at it’s highest. Then I walked down to the village with hope to find her it was only five years ago she left. When I reached the village the market was filled with wonderful smells, new faces, and warmth. For once I wasn’t in the shadows. This made me nervous I walked trembling almost from hunger. My dress was dirty with mud crusted into the bottom. I walked into a small store filled with books. From side to
side it was books with everything from fantasy to mathematics. Hello? I called politely as possible. No need to shout. Someone called back. Where are you? I asked. Right here The person said. Then I saw a man sitting on top of a ladder. What can I help you with?? He asked kindly. Can you tell me where I can find Lord Otis and his family?? I asked. The man nodded, Now let’s see? He said opening a big leather book that was in front of him. Lord Otis did you say? I nodded. He and his wife live in Markwell Manor. He inquired, Do you know where it is? I shook my head, No, but I really need to see him. The old man nodded. Ok,I know where they live I’ll take you there tomorrow if that’s ok,? He asked. I had no choice I don’t know this place at all so any help is good right? I said. My name is Rachel by the way. The man replied, My name’s Roger Tramble , I guess he noticed the mud on my dress, Where did you say you came from? he asked. Far away Mr. Tramble far way. That was the only answer about that I gave. Where are you staying? He asked. I shook my head
No where, I guess I need to see the Lord and Lady. Mr. Tramble sighed eyeing at my crazy hair and dirty clothes., I guess I could let you stay with me and my wife. I nodded. He lead me to a cottage down the rode out of town.
You live here? I asked. Usually the a shopkeeper lived in his store but Mr. Tramble lived down the lane. My wife and I dedicated the store to books and only books and we made our cottage a home that’s well more like a libery in some parts.

Part 3

Mr. Tramble
When Mr. Tramble walked through the door a woman came down the stairs and scolded him. You should know better than to come home late She scolded, And to give me warning if
we have company. Mr. Tramble shrugged. I kinda didn’t know we would until five minutes after I got ready to leave, Lilly, I’m sorry . Mrs. Tramble looked over at me, Hello, who are you? Mr. Tramble frowned , Lilly, This is Rachel. I curtsied. Hello Miss, Mrs. Tramble whispered to Mr. Tramble who looked red in the face. I cut in. Excuse me but have you ever herd of a woman name Sasha? Mrs. Tramble looked over at her husband. You mean the lady-in-waiting to Lady Francis, I nodded. could it be? She comes here once in while searching for someone who she thinks will come this way, a girl named Repunzel I think? Mr. Tramble said. I smiled, Is she in town? I asked. No she came last week for vegetables. Mrs. Tramble said. Why do you ask? I shrugged. Let’s put it this way. I said, If she was looking for her she should have came this week instead. Mr. Tramble’s jaw dropped. What do you mean Rachel.
I looked down at the blue book she’s still alive , The name Sasha knows me as Repunzel, The person I escaped from renamed me Rachel in public. I shrugged. Where did you come from again and no far away I was about to cry how could I a thirteen year old girl tell to people who never met the hell I’ve been through locked away in a tower for 5 years nor the Satan who put me there. It’s kind of long story. They sat down and Mrs. Tramble gestured that I did the same. Well we’re not leaving until tomorrow. Mr. Tramble said ready to hear a good story. I told them as much as I could skipping the dreams. It took most of the night to give them my childhood details of how Sasha was my only friend since I was younger and how the day after my eighth birthday the person who held me captive said that she had passed away and locked me away in the tower. Why were you locked in the tower? Mr. Tramble asked his eyes big as the sky. I skipped the part about my gift but I can’t lie. I have this thing were if I write something it changes everything around. They laughed, No really , why? Mrs. Tramble asked. I’ll show you. I said taking out my journal. I took one of my pens and ink and wrote Mr.

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