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Living Until Dead

January 5, 2009
By Anonymous

She’s in the Family
“No Willy. You are going to this camp whether you want to or not. I paid for it already because you said you wanted to go there”
This is another argument in the Silver’s family (because of Mom Willy always says). Willy, a 13 year old math whiz, hates camp. He never likes going (unless of course it’s video game camp with hot teenage girls). But earlier in the year (it’s July 15 by the way) his mom asked him a yes or no question while he was nodding to some music on his iPod headphones. His mom obviously thought that he had said yes to the question about camp, when he actually didn’t even hear her. He thought that going there was really stupid. That was Willy’s thinking.

On the other hand, big miss perfecto 14-year-old Wanda, Willy’s older sister, REALLY wants to go to this so called “AMAZING” camp. It’s really annoying to Willy because whatever she wants, she gets. She is a skinny, straight A student and all the boys in his grade want to go out with her. Mom and Dad (I, the narrator, am going to call the parents this instead of their actual names) also think she is a sweet little angel, even though she’s already gone and made out with ¾ of the high school she goes to. They are leaving for the camp tomorrow.

“Oh Willy, it can’t possibly be that bad, there are girls your age there”, Mom said.
“Ya”, his sister said, “You won’t have to go out with 5 year olds, oh wait, yah YOU will”
“MOM!” Willy said, “Wanda is annoying me again!”
“I didn’t hear it”
“But mom!”
Wanda smirked, so Willy punched her really hard in the arm.
“Willy punched me!”
“Willy don’t punch Wanda!”
“But mom, she keeps annoying me!”
“Listen to your mother Willy”, Dad said.
Everyone was aghast, including Wanda (if you were driving by the car it would look like they were all trying to stuff giant invisible burritos into their mouths). They did this because Dad never talked while driving. Never, unless they’re in a car on a highway with three hours or more to go. Then, they already have been on the highway already for two hours. Everyone was quiet for the rest of the ride, except when Willy had to go to the bathroom.
“Finally, at last, WE ARE HERE!” Wanda and Mom said at the same time.
“Jinx you owe me a soda, jinx you owe me a soda…” they both said together. They said it over and over again until they called it a draw because they had run out of oxygen from laughing too much.

“So, this is Camp Grenada, eh?” Dad said.

This guy, probably an 18 year old, clearly a counselor from the look of his clothes says, “Yes sir, this is Camp Grenada. My name is Crisco. Welcome aboard!

Camp Grenada
That was all it took. Wanda immediately wanted to date him, Mom asked him about the camp, and Dad asked where to place the bags (you could tell he was in a hurry to get out of there, probably just because he didn’t really like the kids that much since Mom spent more time with them then him). Right after that, the parents left. Almost immediately after Mom and Dad left, Crisco started flirting with Wanda, and then wanted to go somewhere “a little more private”.
“Where are you going guys?” Willy asked.
“Somewhere without people watching” Wanda and Crisco said together.
Wanda didn’t even bother with the “Jinx you owe me a soda” thing. This was really weird because she loved soda so much. Anyway, Willy asked another question, completely idiotic, since he knew what the answer was going to be.

The answer was nothing because they were already smooching. Willy decided, hey, if I hate this camp I might as well make it horrible for Wanda. He had a camera, a NERF gun and a slingshot, which he had smuggled past his parents. He decided it was time to catch Wanda in the act of not being Mom and Dad’s little “never kissed a boy in my life yet” angel. So, he went to look for them.

It wasn’t hard to find them; his sister was the loudest smoocher in the universe. Anyway, they where laying on a giant tree trunk. They were just about to start smooching again. Willy had just raised the camera when he heard something behind him. Thinking it was a trap his sister had planned, he twirled around. Seeing nothing there, and realizing that his sister would NEVER have been that prepared, he turned around again. He REALLY wished he had just gone into camp. What he saw was….
He knew he was dead before she even said anything. Before she even could say anything, so he ran. He ran so hard that even Flash would have trouble keeping up with him. Eventually he saw his cabin. He put in an extra burst of speed to try and reach it before his sister got him. But he forgot one very important thing, she had long legs. She was also an A straight student in every class, including gym. His hand was on the door, but too late. She grabbed the neckline of his shirt and PULLED! He was thrown backwards, barely missing a few people passing by. One was the camp manager, Counselor Palpatine.
“Well, well, well”, the counselor said.
“We can’t have bullying, now can we?”
Before she could utter a word, she was whisked away to the detention cabin. It took most of the counselors to keep her from running away so she didn’t get in trouble though, so only Palpatine and Willy were left.
“You alright boy? And what is your name?”
“Ya”, Willy said, “I’m alright thanks to you guys. That was my sis you hauled away, and she was definitely gonna kill me for sure!”
“Now, why would she do that?”
“Because I found her smooching with one of the counselors here.”
“Oh really? It wouldn’t happen to be…”
“Crisco” Willy finished his sentence.

Willy was thinking evil thoughts like “Oh they are getting in so much trouble…” and other mischeivious and evil thoughts, never thinking that he too would get punished in a way no one deserved…

Where’s a werewolf?

After the incident, with his sister still in trouble, Willy decided to take a walk. He had heard there was a pond near camp, so he decided to go there. He had just gotten to the pond when he heard someone cough behind him. He twirled around. He couldn’t see anyone, but he heard a rustle in the bushes, so he went over to the bushes and found…
a girl. He would have to say that she was about 12 or 13, and he thought she was pretty cute. Or in other words “Hot”. He saw that she was actually pretty hot. She was sweating. She was also wearing a little amount of clothes too, a mini skirt and a t-shirt. He was wondering what she possibly could have been doing that made her sweat like that in those type of clothes. His sister could barely dawdle in those clothes…

Before he could finish thinking about it, she interrupted his train of thought.

“Who are yah?” she said.

“What’s it to yah?” said Willy trying to mimic her accent.

She reddened at that. Willy didn’t notice that though, oblivious to that just like everything else in his life…

“Well are yah gonna tell me or what?”

“Wha? Tell a girl I don’t even know… heck why not”

“Well?” she says, “What is it?”

“What, oh yah right, my name” Willy says, “Willy, my name is Willy”

“Willy, that’s a nice name,” she says.

Now it’s Willy’s turn to blush. He has never flirted with a girl before above the age of five.

“My name is Samantha, but my friends just call me Sammy”

She asked, “You have a girlfriend?” she was blushing so dark now, even Willy could tell.

“No, not right now”

Willy was really glad his sister was not with him right now. If she were, then she would probably tell Sammy that he didn’t have a girlfriend since he was five years old of age.

What neither of them knew was that Wanda was hiding near them. And for the first time in her life did something nice for Willy.
“Just ask each other out you two big flirts!”

So they looked at each other and Willy said, “Wanna go out?”


Willy didn’t know what happened to his sister though. She just disappeared after that. He tried finding her to thank her, but to no avail. All he did was get them both farther into the woods.

“Do you think that we are going the right way?” Sammy said.


They heard a howling in the distance and then a shriek. It sounded like his sister! He hurriedly rushed towards the sound.

“Wanda! Where are you Wanda?” he yelled into the night.

“Help! Councilor Palpatine turned into a werewolf. He bit Crisco and Crisco’s unconscious.”

A Full Meal
“Where are you Wanda?” Willy yelled.



He ran even faster. Then faster, and faster, until he was running so fast that he doubted even Wanda could keep up with him. He also forgot about Sammy behind him. Because of that, she ran into a tree. When she did this, (this sentence is not for the weak minded, I exert caution, PG13 stuff) a short stubby tree branch went right through her skull. So much for a relationship.

Anyway, back to the action. Willy was running through he woods at full speed. Butt, being oblivious like usual, he tripped on something. He thought it was a tree limb or something. So he got back up and started running again. If he had looked harder, he would have noticed that the tree limb wasn’t actually a tree limb at all. It was his sister’s half-eaten corpse lying on the ground.

A few minutes later, at the shore of the pond (which, confusing him) he saw Counselor Palpatine sitting staring across the lake. He cautiously went over, trying to be as quiet as possible. Before he could step forward three steps, a hand splashed out of the water and pulled the counselors whole body into the pond. Willy only saw red. Then he heard it. It made the hairs on his neck stand so straight up, that they could have ink put on them and be used as quill pens. And then he did the same stupid thing he did with his sister. He turned around.

He gasped at what he saw. And what it said.

“Hello Willy”

“Huh-huh-huh hi Crisco”

“Like my new look? It’s nice isn’t it?” he said.

“Kinda fu-fu-furry if you ask me”

“Well that doesn’t really matter because I am hungry. That stupid werewolf bit me, making me, ME into a werewolf. I am starving like, 24/7. My girlfriend was eaten…”

“Wanda was eaten?”

“Yah, and your girlfriend killed herself by running into a tree”

Willy just stood there open mouthed. He knew Crisco was going to eat him. And right before Crisco opened his mouth to eat him, Willy just thought; “Now THIS is why I hate camp!”


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