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Gorrilla Spiders

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Today, in the huge city of Milwaukee a new form of crime has emerged. What could be worse then drugs and homicides? Bugs. These are not just any bugs, these are dangerous, mutant, and are now crushing not only buildings, but people as well.
You may wonder how these bugs have gotten so large. The only people who know that answer are the ones who bred them. Shockingly, these gangsters have been able to breed your common spider with a gorilla. The combination is scary, hairy, and on a killing spree. The only plus side to these bugs is if you are not affiliated with a gang, you should be safe. As far as we know they have only been programmed to kill people that have either done something wrong to the gang personally or is a potential offender. This still doesn’t stop the people’s panic when they see these flagrant Gorilla Spiders running rampant through the city.

Most people would think, why we don’t arrest the gang members doing this dangerous crossbreed and breaking the human code of ethics? However, the culprits don’t look very different from ordinary people. The only way to tell if the person under arrest is a member of this gang is a tattoo positioned on the inner thigh. Obviously, police are going to be careful not to rip off the pants of an innocent person, so it is hard to make any arrests. We also have no idea what this gang could strike with next. We have tried using undercover officers to figure out this gang’s clandestine plan, but all of the attempts failed miserably ending with the officer being brutally murdered by these Gorilla Spiders.

The people of the city are beginning to concur and come up with a plan to stop these demons. For example, one of the neighbors of a gang member broke into the gang member’s house one night and tied him up. In the morning, the rest of the neighborhood was in his bedroom. The duress was too much for this man, and still refusing to confess he threw himself out of the five story window behind him and died.

We would like to admonish everyone living in this city to stay inside or even better, move out. We hope to find some way to stop these inexorable Gorilla Spiders from taking over the city, but at the moment we have no leads on a plan.

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