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The Higher Supreme

January 27, 2009
By sucil320 BRONZE, Newark, New Jersey
sucil320 BRONZE, Newark, New Jersey
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'What's your name kid?'
'Well, what's your name?' repeated the New York City police officer in a gruff voice. He wore a NYPD uniform and black aviator sunglasses. The officer paced the small, dim interrogation room of the police department. In the room was a small table with two chairs. In one of those chairs sat a teenage boy with olive tone skin, green eyes, and rich chocolate brown hair. He was wearing a catholic school uniform that consisted of khaki colored pants, a yellow short sleeve shirt, and a striped red and blue tie. The boy, who was looking down at the table, was also soaking wet.
The officer stopped pacing and stood in front of the boy. 'Well.' He said in a slightly agitated tone. 'Logan Scott,' the boy finally responded, quietly. 'Logan Scott, huh. Well Mr. Scott could you tell me what you were doing. I've already called your parents and I think they'd like an explanation as to why their son is wet as a dog's nose.' Logan looked up from the table for the first time and said, 'You wouldn't believe me if I told you.' 'Kid, I don't have time for clich's here,' said the clearly annoyed officer. 'I'm not trying to be clich'. You just wouldn't believe me if I told you,' retorted Logan, getting upset.
The officer sat down in the chair opposite Logan, who returned his gaze back to the table. He sighed before he began to speak, this time in a gentler tone. 'Kid, I understand you're a little shaken up, but you're going to have to tell me what happened. So could you try?' Logan raised his head to look the officer in the eyes; however all Logan saw was the reflection of his pale, wet, and worried face off of the officer's sunglasses. 'Okay,' Logan sighed, 'But you're going to think I'm making all this up.' 'Try me kid,' challenged the officer, leaning back in his chair.
Logan sighed again, but began his story, bringing both him and the officer back to his private school of St. Anthony's Preparatory School for Young Men, hidden in a corner of New York City's Upper East Side. Logan was sitting with his friends in study hall. Logan was telling them about a dream he had the previous night. 'And these guys in suits chased me all around New York.' Logan's blond hair friend, Shaun piped in, 'And let me guess. They're from the secret organization that controls the world.' Shaun and the rest of the guys laughed except for Logan. Logan had let his friends know about his belief that the world was run by a secret organization. This secret organization ran everything. Politics. Money. Even celebrities. Everything. This organization was unknown by the world, except for Logan who believed whole-hearted that they existed and they would reveal themselves to the world one day and take over completely. And while he felt this way, his friends thought he was absolutely nuts.

'You know what guys? Forget you!' said Logan before the bell rang signaling the end of class. The boys packed up and issued out of the library. 'Time for trig, crazy boy,' joked Shaun. 'I'll meet you there,' said Logan rolling his eyes, 'Gotta use the bathroom.' Logan walked down the wood-paneled hallway to the bathroom. He reached the great wooden door in a matter of a few seconds. He did his business, and proceeded to wash his hands. While he did this, he couldn't help but feel that he was being watched. He even turned around to check, but no one was there. 'Okay, maybe you are crazy,' Logan said to himself as he wiped his hands dry. 'Or maybe you're just right,' said an unknown voice.

Logan froze and dropped the paper towel to the tiled floor. He turned around slowly, and found himself facing a tall man with chestnut brown hair wearing a suit. The man also wore a pair of black sunglasses and an earpiece. 'Hello Mr. Scott. We've been waiting or you.'
'Who are you?' Logan stuttered out.
'Who do you think I am?'
'You can't be'
'Yes, I am. I am Alpha and I am apart of the Higher Supreme. We make this world go 'round. And you, Mr. Scott, know too much.'
'How do you know my name,' said Logan beginning to shake.
The man named Alpha smirked. 'We know everything Mr. Scott. We know are seventeen years old, Mr. Scott. We know you are in the 11th grade at St. Anthony's Preparatory School for Young Men, Mr. Scott. We know you have a 3.6 GPA, Mr. Scott. We know you have a little sister and her name is Lily, Mr. Scott. We know your crush goes to St. Ann's, Mr. Scott. And we know you know about us. And that. That just can't happen, Mr. Scott.'
'What does that mean?' Logan asked with terror in his voice, guessing the answer. 'It means anyone who knows about us before we reveal ourselves,' Alpha said taking a step closer towards Logan, 'must be terminated.'

Logan did not hesitate. He flew out of the bathroom, into the halls. Unfortunately the man was faster. Faster and stronger. He grabbed Logan by the hair, and dragged him back into the bathroom. Logan struggled but couldn't quite escape. 'I'm sorry Mr. Scott, but it is apart of procedure,' Alpha said, not in the least apologetic. That's when Logan grabbed the trash bin and slammed it into Alpha's head. Alpha stumbled back releasing Logan. Logan turned around to see he had knocked off Alpha's sunglasses, revealing the man to have one green eye in the right and a blue eye in the left. It was a creepy sight and Logan ran from it. When Logan entered the corridor, he was met with a shock. Three more men in suits, shades, and earpieces just like Alpha stood there waiting. Waiting for him. 'Give up, now Mr. Scott,' he heard from behind him. He didn't need to turn around to know it was Alpha. He also didn't turn around in fear of seeing those eyes. As the men advanced on him, Logan forced himself to think quickly. He needed to get out. Get out of the school. 'The Roof!' Logan thought. He found the nearest staircase and sprinted up the stairs. The school had four floors, but he thought he could make. When he reached the door he slammed it open and let the spring breeze hit his face. But on the roof were more men in suits. 'No!' shouted Logan. 'There's no way to escape,' said Alpha walking to face Logan. He had put his shades back on and all Logan saw was his petrified reflection. 'No! You're wrong!' shouted Logan and he ran to a hidden fire escape. The secret escape would only be known to the principal, custodians, and a boy who frequently skipped class to go to Central Park, which was only five blocks away. Logan flew down the stairs, and jumped off the last five. He ran to retrieve his bike which was his transportation to and from school. He struggled with the lock, but jumped on in time to speed off, leaving several men in suits in his dusts. Alpha stood there calmly before he said into a small mouthpiece, 'He's headed to Central Park. Get him there.'

Logan sped down the streets of the Upper East Side, with cars honking at him. It didn't matter. He just wanted to get home where he could lock the doors. Where he could be safe. But to get home he had to go through Central Park so he crossed the street where he nearly got hit by a taxi. It was then he noticed a black car with black tinted windows. Leaning on said car was a tall blond man in a black suit, shades, and ear piece. Logan's eyes widened. 'Son of a bi --,' BANG!

Logan laid on the ground after hitting a tree. He managed to escape the accident unharmed except for a lump on his head. His bike however was not so lucky. 'Ow. Ow, my bike. Ow!' Logan said struggling to get to his feet. 'Poor thing,' Logan heard Alpha, whose voice was becoming familiar, said. That jolted Logan back to his senses. He ran to the direction of his apartment. He took a short cut along the lake. 'Shoot him now.' Logan heard Alpha say. He stopped and turned. He saw snipers all around him. In the trees. On the rooftops. Behinds the cars. Logan was scared senseless, and as soon as he heard the popping sound he jumped into the lake. Logan lasted two minutes before he was dragged out of the water. 'NO! THEY'RE TRYING TO KILL ME! NO!!' Logan yelled writhing. 'Kid shut up or you're under arrest!' 'What!' Logan exclaimed as he opened his eyes. He saw a tall man in an NYPD uniform. He turned to catch a glimpse of the snipers. They weren't there, and neither was the black car or Alpha. All that was there was a crowd gawking at him, and a five-years-old boy playing with a toy air gun, making that POP! POP! POP! sound.

Logan's heart rate slowed down as the police officer took him to the cop car. He sat there confused, like he sat here now, in the interrogation room. 'That's quite a colorful story, kid,' said the officer. The very same officer who had pulled him out of the water. 'I said you wouldn't believe me,' said Logan.

'I didn't say that.' 'So you believe me. You believe me about everything,' said Logan getting his hopes up. 'Why wouldn't I believe it,' said the officer letting go of his guff voice, revealing a smoother, more sinister one. 'I was there Mr. Scott.' The officer took off his shades, revealing one green eye and one blue eye. 'No, No!' screamed Logan. 'Yes Mr. Scott. And it's time for this cat and mouse game to end,' Alpha said taking the gun out his holster. Logan jumped out of his seat and ran to the door. The door refused to open though he twisted and turned the knob relentlessly. Alpha laughed evilly as Logan slid down to the floor on his knees. 'Please! Please don't kill me!' begged Logan as tears began to fall down his face. 'Sorry. It's just procedure,' Alpha said mercilessly. At that Alpha raised the gun to Logan's face, and a desperate 'PLEASE!' was the last thing said before Alpha pulled the trigger.

'Whoa, whoa! So the guy dies!'
'Wow, Charlie. Could I say 'The End' first?' I said after my friend interrupted my dramatic ending. Well, dramatic was what I was going for.
'Oh sorry, man,' apologized Charlie. 'Thank you. The End,' I said completing my short story.
'So he's dead.'
'Yes Charlie! Logan's dead!' I said rolling my eyes. Charlie had a knack for interrupting people when they read, especially if they were reading their own story. It made being in a creative writing class with him a pain. It was a wonder he made it to the end of my story. 'Wonderful story Evan. Evan Lewis, the next Stephen King, perhaps?' my teacher said to me jokingly. 'And Mr. Duncan could you hold off on the interruptions,' he said addressing Charlie now. 'I did. He finished.' Charlie said, defending himself. 'It's still annoying,' said my teacher. The class laughed as the bell rang.
As we walked out the class Charlie said, 'Come on Evan. Time for Chem.'
'I'll meet you there. I'm going to the bathroom,' I responded. I went to the bathroom, did my business, and went to the sink to wash my hands. I looked up to fix my hair in the mirror, and got a shock when I saw a man in a black suit, black shades, and earpiece standing behind me. 'No way,' I gasped. The man smiled as I stood there frozen, unable to breathe, with a terrified expression on my face. 'Hello Mr. Lewis. We've been waiting for you.'

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