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Imprinting Blindly

January 29, 2009
By Bella PLATINUM, Belleville, Illinois
Bella PLATINUM, Belleville, Illinois
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"loving someone who doesn't love you is like worshiping the behind, of a wooden statue, of a hungry devil." -author unknown

Raylee Stewarts is an unusual teenager. She has long brown hair and bright green eyes; in fact it's the eyes that make her unusual. Raylee is blind and has been since birth. She sits in her normal high school class invisible to her classmates. She lives in the sunless plains of Alaska.

'Raylee, what's your favorite color?' Rachel taunted and the class laughed. Ms.Carlton wasn't in the room yet. 'That was so funny, I forgot to laugh!' I snapped as my face moved to the sound. I really hated how they treated me. 'Gee, someone's never heard of a joke before!' she smirked. I heard the teacher walk into class and Rachel was still busy insulting me. 'Class, we have a new student; his name is Jared Allen.' Ms. Carlton called and I heard excited exclaims all around; he must be cute. One other thing registered with me, the only empty desk was the one next to me. 'Jared, you can sit over there by Raylee.' She smiled. I heard the chair squeak and his breathing. 'Hi, you must be Raylee?' he whispered. 'Hello, Jared, welcome to Alaska.' I breathed. 'Your eyes are so bright.' He blurted. 'Thanks, I'd say the same, but I can't.' I muttered. 'Why can't you?' he asked. 'I might as well tell you, but you'll probably tease me like the others; I'm blind.' I sighed. 'The others tease you for that; that's immature.' He pressed. 'Finally, a decent human being!' I smiled and he laughed. I listened to his breathing and then tried to pay attention to the teacher. When class was over I heard him get up. 'Hi, I'm Rachel, what's your next class?' she beamed. 'Um, math, but Raylee was going to walk me there.' He lied and I heard her gasp. After she stomped away I listened for his breathing; it's the only way I know where to position my head. 'Why did you lie to her?' I pushed as I got up and started walking. 'Just by looking at her, I can tell she's a jerk; I'm willing to bet she picks on you.' He replied. 'Yeah, you guessed right, but you must have good sight.' I teased. 'Actually, I have better sight than anyone else in this school as well as hearing.' he muttered and I had a feeling that I wasn't suppose to hear that. I too have better hearing than the others, since, I can't see, my other senses increased. We were almost to math when I felt his arm stop me. 'You seem like a loner, but you seem like a really nice person; would you like to hang out with me sometime?' he rushed and I was flustered. 'Sure, but guessing by the excitement in class this morning, people like you and people like me don't coexist peacefully.' I pointed out. 'You have a point, but you don't know how beautiful you really are.' He hinted. 'Gee thanks, now my face is that color I've never seen; people call it red?' I said sarcastically. 'You amuse me, but I guess you are right.' He laughed. 'You make me think, but I like your personality.' I admitted. 'Now I'm turning red!' he teased and I laughed. The rest of the day went by fast.

'What I would give to see the face behind that voice.' I said to quiet for him to hear; something about him woke a dormant feeling deep inside my heart. 'Would you really give up everything to see?' he sighed. 'You heard that?' I gasped. 'Um, yeah.' His voice was filled with alarm. 'You were right about having better hearing than other people here.' I blurted without thinking. 'Okay, how on earth did you hear that; I said that way too low for human ears!' he asked. 'Haven't you ever heard that if one sense is gone the others increase?' I snapped. 'Well, this means that I either have to kill you or change you.' He said lowly. ' Kill me?' I squeaked. 'Look nothing personal, but number one rule of being what I am, is to not let humans know and well that rule was just broken.' He explained. 'Yes, but I have a life ahead of me!' I whispered because we were crossing in front of a group of people. 'Really?' he hissed. 'Yes, I'm seventeen and I want to get married one day!' I raised my voice. I was very nervous, but a part of me trusted his velvety voice. 'I don't think I could hurt you anyway, so don't over react.' He laughed wryly. 'Why?' I pondered at his words. 'Have you noticed that I've been by your side all day?' he shook his head and I waited for his explanation. 'I like you, a lot.' He admitted and my heartbeat increased because I liked him too. 'Well at least I don't know what you are, but even if you told me, I would never tell anyone because I like you too.' I grinned and I felt his cool hand touch my cheek. 'Since we don't have school tomorrow, would you like to spend the day with me; I'll explain everything to you.' He promised. 'I'd love too, but promised me if you decide to kill me, that you let me know before hand.' I joked and I heard him laugh. 'I hear someone calling your name; is that your father?' he asked and I nodded. 'He picks me up from school since I can't drive.' I explained. 'Raylee, who's this?' father asked on cue. 'Hello, Mr. Stewarts, my name is Jared; I'm Raylee's new friend.' Jared answered for me. 'It's nice to know she's got a friend, most of the others ignore her.' Father frowned. 'Dad, I'm right here.' I snapped. 'See you tomorrow, Raylee.' Jared called to me and I felt my face light up. The car ride home was silent.

'He likes you, you know.' Father said matter-of-factly and I groaned. 'Hey, I like this kid, he's polite and the way he looked at you was priceless.' He continued. 'How was he looking at me?' I voiced. 'Like you were a diamond hidden with worthless minerals or like you were the only star in the sky.' He answered and I was speechless. 'Be careful, you are my only girl.' He sighed. 'At least I'm not your only child.' I turned toward the noise of my little three-year old brother in his car seat. 'Raylee!' the little boy squealed. 'I couldn't leave Sam home alone.' Father replied before I could open my mouth. 'Hi, Sammy!' I cooed and he put his little hand in mine. Despite my jealously toward other people, I adored my brother immensely. My father helped me out and I picked Sam up in my arms. 'You're getting bigger!' I exclaimed. 'Yep, the doctor said I'm a big boy!' he boasted and I laughed. 'Raylee, do you think it's wise to carry him when you can't see?' mother hinted from across the yard. 'I will not let my disability keep me from caring for my brother!' I hissed. 'It's always about what you want to do, but you never care about what's good for him; you could trip or drop him!' she yelled and I sat my brother down. 'I'm not three, I've been blind for seventeen years, I know how to walk!' I screamed. 'Go to your room!' she ordered. 'When are you going to understand that I am human too?' I snarled as I brushed passed her and used the guide rail to my room. This is how my day always ended because my father never stood up for me. My father married Sandra when I was fourteen; my real mother abandoned Sam and me. 'Ray?' father sighed. 'Don't even start, I'm sick of you not standing up for me!' I interrupted. 'Hey, she's your mother, don't you speak like she's a stranger!' he warned. 'She is and as soon as I'm eighteen I'm leaving this nightmare life!' I reminded him. 'I won't let you leave.' He countered me. 'I'll call the police and I'll go live with a friend!' I smirked. 'Who; Jared?' he laughed. 'I bet his family would welcome me more than this stupid family does!' I cried. 'You just met him.' He raised his voice. 'So, he cares more about my feelings than you ever have and he even treats me like a real person!' I pointed out. 'I treat you like a real person too and I have always cared about your feelings!' he argued. 'Really, than how come you yell at me all the time, when I don't do anything!' I pressed and he slammed him fist down on my dresser. 'You yelled at me because your wife said I needed to be yelled at; I was in my room all day because she put me there!' I finished and I could feel the tears streaming down my face. 'Go to bed, don't even bother getting up tomorrow because you're grounded, you can explain why to your friend Thursday, when you go back to school.' he emphasized each word before he slammed my door shut. I found my way to my bed and sobbed into my pillow. Eventually I fell asleep and dreamed in a world without color, but one of only sound.

'Raylee, breakfast is ready, get your ungrateful butt in here and eat.' Sandra yelled and I sighed as I got up. I ate my food quietly and after I found the sink, I washed my plate. 'If you were my child, you'd be in the orphanage; your mother was a smart person.' She taunted and I ignored her. 'It's a shame that she left such a perfect son though, but I guess you scared her off.' she continued. 'It's a shame my father had to marry a brainless idiot, who finds joy out of taunting a blind motherless girl!' I retorted. 'It must suck for you.' She muttered as she pulled me into my room and closed the door. I didn't even bother trying to come out of my room because I knew she locked me in. 'why does my life suck this bad?' I asked aloud. 'I don't know, but I promised you I'd be here and I'm not leaving without full filling that promise.' A familiar voice called. 'Jared, how did you get here?' I smiled because my personal angel was here. 'I climbed threw your window after I listened to your breakfast disaster; good comeback.' He laughed. 'Thanks, can you rescue me from this place now?' I asked and he put his arm around me. 'Sure, but don't freak out okay?' he teased as he picked me up in his arms. 'After living in a world of loneliness, I don't get scared anymore.' I simply said and he chuckled. He was outside so fast that I thought I was dreaming, but I could feel his cold arms holding me tightly against him. 'I heard your argument with your dad last night and you're right, my family would welcome you with open arms if it meant you wouldn't have to suffer threw that.' He sighed. 'Really, even though I'm blind?' I questioned. 'They would cherish you dearly even if you had a third eye and green skin.' He grinned as he slowed down. 'Where are we?' I pondered. 'You're at my house, in my room.' He answered as he sat me on my feet. While holding my hand, he guided me around his room until he got to the couch, where I sat down. He sat down next to me and I leaned into him. 'Thank-you, you have no idea what you've done for me.' I sighed and I felt his lips press against my hair. 'Anytime you need me, I'll be right here, just call my name.' He smiled and I turned toward his face, or at least where I thought his face was.

'Jared, are we going to get to meet her too?' a girl asked, she sounded my age. 'Yes Claire; that's my sister.' He added on for me and I heard the door open. 'Hello, Raylee, I'm Claire, it's nice to meet you, I'm guessing my brother still hasn't told you what we are.' She blurted and I smiled at her voice. 'Welcome, my name is Emily, I'm the mother in this family.' Another female voice called and I could hear pure affection in every word. 'I'm Eric, I'm Claire's husband, but I pretend to be her step brother.' Someone else spoke. 'Lastly, I'm Jason, I'm Emily's husband and I run this household.' Another voice said calmly. 'It's nice to meet you all too and I am thankful for your hospitality.' I beamed. 'Well, come on Jared, tell her everything, she needs to know and she won't hate you.' Claire pressed. 'Who knew, that this little dork could be so annoying?' Jared muttered. 'Please tell me, I don't care if you're an alien, you're the first person to ever acknowledge me as a person.' I pleaded and I guess he nodded because he told me. 'My family and I are very different from humans, we're called cold ones in some places, but to most people, we're called vampires.' He paused, 'but we're still different from other vampires because we drink animal blood instead of human blood.' 'You know, I'm guessing a normal person would be screaming, but I'm okay with that.' I admitted. 'You don't care that we're freaks?' he gasped. 'All I care about is the fact you love me, when everybody else over looks me; also, your family doesn't care that I'm blind, they like me for me.' I stated and he kissed me. If I could see my heart would have given me away sooner, but since I can't, it didn't have time to react. I didn't hear the others anymore so I knew they were giving us privacy. 'You have the best family ever.' I smiled. 'I know, but unfortunately I have to return you to yours.' He growled. 'Well, at least I have Sam.' I groaned. 'I feel glad for the woman who gets him because he'll treat them kindly.' Jared smiled as he picked me up. We were in my room before I knew it and he was kissing me goodbye. Down stairs I heard my father asking Sandra were I was. 'She back talked me, so I sent her to her room.' She answered. 'You can't always send her to her room, for heaven sakes, she's still a child don't starve her!' Father yelled. 'I'll be back later, be safe.' Jared beamed as he climbed out into the dark abyss. I heard my father stomp upstairs and unlock my door. Instead of yelling at him, I hugged him. Surprisingly, he hugged me back and I felt Sam hug my legs. 'Raylee, I missed you!' Sam called up to me and I bent down to kiss his forehead. 'I missed you too, Sammy.' I beamed. Father guided me downstairs and I ate my dinner without complaint. Spending the day with Jared made me realize that I did love a part of my family, excluding Sandra. I took a shower and got ready for bed. As soon as I was done I walked to my room. 'Jared?' I asked and I heard a soft laugh. 'Raylee.' He said as he lifted me off my feet and sat down on my bed. 'I came to sing you to sleep.' He teased. 'Sure, I bet you just came to see how lovey-dovey you made me to my family.' I whispered conspiratorially and he laughed again. He put me down on my bed and sat next to me. 'Good night, Raylee.' He called. 'Good night.' I answered. After awhile I heard him singing softly before I fell asleep.

In the morning when I woke he was still there. 'Jared is that you?' I said it so only he could hear me. 'Yes, Ray.' He laughed and I got up and stuck my hand out to guide myself toward him. As if he could understand me he pull me toward him and wrapped his arms around me. 'Claire wants me to kidnap you, would you like to go?' he asked. 'Yes, I like your family, they're so kind.' I smiled. I heard footsteps approaching my door and sighed as Jared fled out my window. 'Ray, I'm sorry for grounding you, would you like to go hang out with your friend?' father called threw the door. 'No problem dad, and that would be wonderful.' I beamed as I grabbed my clothes that someone puts on my bed every night. 'Okay, I'll call him and let him know!' father laughed and I heard him go downstairs. I was finished getting ready and eating breakfast when I heard a light knock on the door. 'Raylee, Jared's here!' Father called and I heard Sandra pout. 'Bye Sammy; bye dad!' I laughed as I walked out the door. Jared held out his arm to help me walk to his car. We were silent during the car ride to his house and as we were walking up to the door. 'Raylee!' Claire beamed. 'Hi, Claire!' I grinned and I heard Eric laugh. With Claire on one side and Jared on the other I was lead all over the house. For the next two days I was with Jared and his family at least once.
'Raylee, are you ready for school?' Father asked Thursday morning. 'Yes, let me get Sammy.' I responded as I felt a little hand close in mine. 'I'm a big boy now and I have a big girl sister!' Sam giggled. 'That's right Sammy!' I laughed. Since I've met Jared, I've smiled and laughed for the first time. I let Sam lead the way to the car and got in. I had a very bad feeling that something wasn't right. 'I have to stop and get some gas real quick, okay?' Father announced as he backed out of the driveway. 'That's fine dear.' Sandra smiled. I didn't hear her get in so I was nervous because she never rides with us. I listened to the road and felt each familiar bump and turn. We were just about to cross the main rode that's always busy when I realized what was wrong. 'Dad, one of your tires is flat!' I exclaimed. 'How would you know that?' Sandra snapped. I felt the car pull out and then something big hit us. I leaned over Sam and blocked the glass from hitting him. The car started to roll and then it stopped. 'Dad'Sandra?' I asked weakly, but I couldn't hear their breathing. 'Raylee, you're bleeding badly.' The worried voice of my orphan brother called. I barely heard him because I was in so much pain. My arm was definitely broken and I could feel blood oozing from my head as well as my back. 'Sammy'get out of the car'and stay out of'the rode.' I choked as I helped him out of his car seat. 'The door won't open!' he gasped. Tears streamed down my bloody face and my eyes began to close. I knew I was dying and that everyone else was too. I heard something rip open the door and pull Sam out. 'Raylee, stay with me now!' Jared cried. 'How'' I started, but I was cut off by a scream as he tried to lift me. So gently that I didn't feel anything he lifted me from the car. 'Claire can you take Sam?' he asked. 'Yes, but you are going to have to change her!' Claire sobbed. 'I know, take him to Jason, he'll know what to do.' He ordered as he stroked my hair. He threw my shoes into the car. 'Their dead.' I squeaked as my body shook uncontrollably and he ran toward his house; I heard the car explode behind me. He laid me on a table and stroked my hair again. 'You have to do it now, or she will die.' Eric snapped. 'I know, but I don't know if I can stop.' Jared protested. 'I'll stop you if you need it, just don't let her die.' Eric hissed. I felt a cold hand grab mine and then his lips brush it. 'Do it now!' Claire sobbed. There was a sharp pressure on my hand and I let out a scream. He took my other hand and bit it too. The venom spread threw out my body as I lost consciousness.

I knew I was dead because my heart wasn't beating and I felt no pain, but I was breathing. 'She should have woken up by now, did I kill her?' Jared sobbed. 'No, I bet she can hear us, but she's over whelmed.' Jason smiled. 'Raylee can you hear me; you were dying and I saved you the only way I could, by biting you and letting the venom change you too.' Jared whimpered. 'You're a vampire now.' Claire added. I realized my eyes were closed and opened them expecting darkness still, but instead I saw color. 'I can see?' I gasped. 'One thing about being a vampire is having good vision, so the venom made you see.' Emily smiled. I looked at her and saw that she was so beautiful; her long red hair was framing her soft white skin perfectly and Jason had brown hair too. Eric and Clair both had sandy blond hair. The last person I looked at was Jared; he had dark brown hair and the same strange topaz eyes as the rest of the family. When I looked at him something inside of me clicked and I knew that I loved him. 'You're all beautiful!' I exclaimed and Eric laughed. 'We're not the only one who's beautiful.' Claire teased and I knew I would have blushed. She disappeared for the room and was back with a little mirror. She handed it to me and I nearly dropped it. The girl looking back had long brown hair that looked stunning against her snow-white skin and her eyes were blood red. 'That's me?' I asked and everyone laughed. 'Yes, and let's get you some food or should I say a drink?' Jared teased and I finally noticed the dryness of my throat. 'Did Sam'' I broke off. 'Sam is next door sleeping, he'll be glad to know that his vampire sister is awake.' Emily answered. 'He knows?' I stalled as I listened to his heartbeat. 'Yes, he will live with us as long as he wishes and if he wants to, one day he can join our family forever.' Jared explained. 'When can I see him?' I breathed. 'Well, you're a newborn and so maybe in a few days, once you can ignore the smell.' Jared sighed. 'So I don't hurt him?' I pressed and sorrow colored my new wind chime voice. 'Yes.' They all answered in unison. 'Then lets hunt.' I beamed. I was determined to see my brother soon and I knew hunting would help. We leapt out the window and I was stunned by all of the colors. He showed me how to hunt and I took down some elk. Once home I caught the scent of pure human. 'Raylee, just ignore it' Jared said as he trapped me in his steel grasp. 'What?' I asked. 'The human scent!' he pointed out. 'And your point is?' I laughed weakly. 'You should be dying to taste it or at least feel the venom fill your mouth.' He gasped. 'The elk smell better than that, the human scent smells like soap.' I wrinkled my nose. 'You wouldn't want that at all, would you?' he questioned and I nodded. 'Then you can see your brother whenever you want.' He smiled. 'Right now?' I beamed and he nodded. We ran to the house and he called Jason to explain. 'You're telling me that this newborn doesn't like the scent of blood?' Jason pressed and I nodded. 'Emily go get Sam,' Jared ordered and she disappeared. A second later I saw a little boy with brown hair and bright green eyes looking at me. 'Raylee!' he giggled as he ran to me. I picked him up and held him close. 'Sammy, I can see you!' I laughed. 'You can see me now!' he smiled and leaned his head on my shoulder. I kissed his head and looked up at Jared. 'That is truly amazing.' He sighed as he put his hand on my shoulder. I looked into my true love's face and saw my reflection there. I was his blind imprint.

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