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Protector of the Deep: A Myth

February 3, 2009
By lightbearer GOLD, North Bloomfield, Ohio
lightbearer GOLD, North Bloomfield, Ohio
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It was in the days on Dwynwen, king of the mermen and women, that Rapp'r had declared war. For Dwynwen had a chest of jewels that were hidden deep within the Trenches. These jewels were beyond any mortal value, for they held the power of immortality and great power to its ruler. Dwynwen had hidden these jewels one year after he ascended the throne. Rapp'r had found their location and was know growing power hungry. He declared war after Dwynwen had refused to give him the jewels. When Dwynwen told his royal subjects and military of this, they immediately rebelled against his decision. But even though his people rebelled, Dwynwen still refused to give away the jewels. So the royal subjects and military left the city of Vesi and journeyed into the unknown. Dwynwen and his family remained in the city. After three days of waiting for Rapp'r's army, Dwynwen decided to look into the seeing stone. He saw large armies of beasts and warriors coming to siege his kingdom. He knew what he had to do. Dwynwen departed from his family and began to look for Sindri, the sorcerer of the sea. He had been searching for two days when he came upon a cave. He journeyed inside to find Sindri. Dwynwen told Sindri of his circumstances and begged for help. Sindri asked about the creatures Dwynwen had seen in the seeing stone. Dwynwen describes the creatures and then Sindri goes into his back chamber. Sindri returns holding three bottles. Each bottle is marked with the sign of its contents. Sindri lead Dwynwen up a staircase that opened over a heated crater. He poured the first bottle into the steaming water. Then he through the second into the water. Then Sindri explained that he had to use a land animal because he had used all his resources. Dwynwen questioned him about the land animal. Sindri responded that this land animal would be the ultimate worrier when in battle. Sindri groped the third bottle into the crater. With a burst of blue and red flame, a creature descended from the hole, screeching as it came. The creature had a long neck and seven legs. Dwynwen asked what this creature was to be called. Sindri told him that it was to be called the Seaffe, for it was made of the giraffe and sea. Dwynwen thanked Sindri and promised him one jewel from the chest. He then journeyed back to his lonely realm. He placed the Seaffe within the trenches and waited for Rapp'r and his army to appear. Rapp'r came to the city and found it empty, for Dwynwen had hidden is family. Thinking that Dwynwen had left the city vacant, he unleashed his army on the trenches. Dwynwen watched from his tower window as Rapp'r entered the trenches. Moments after Rapp'r had entered, there was a loud haunting screech that filled the cavern. Rapp'r tried to escape from the trenches, but could not out swim the Seaffe. When the Seaffe had finished with Rapp'r, it turned on the army and destroyed them. Dwynwen was so greatly pleased with Sindri's creature, that he gave him three jewels from the case. Dwynwen's people returned to the city and praised the Seaffe. The Seaffe returned to the trenches and to this day protects the jewels from intruders or those who have evil intentions.

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