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A One Act Film Noir Thriller

April 20, 2012
By redhairCat PLATINUM, Pebble Beach, California
redhairCat PLATINUM, Pebble Beach, California
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15 December, 1923. An alleyway on a cold, dark, rainy night. A sliver of silver moonlight peaking from behind a cloud lights up a patch of the damp, filthy alley. Lying in that patch of light is a limp, pale hand. Crimson blood matching the red nail polish is smeared across it. A tall, thin figure in a trench with turned up collar and a turned down fedora brim walks slowly into the alley. As he approaches where the figure lies, he flips a matchbook out of his pocket and lights a cigarette. Suddenly, from the glow of match, he notices the hand. He quickly kneels down and holds the unconscious woman in his arms and shakes her vigorously.


MAN: Wake up. Come on. That’s it. Puts cologne under her nose. She shakes her head as if in a bad
dream. Wake up. It’s OK.

WOMAN: Eyelids flutter open. Sees the strange man. Where am I? What happened? Gasps breath suddenly. Who are you?

MAN: I could ask the same of you. Looks like you’ve had a hard time of some sort. Come on, sit up. Do you remember what happened to you?

WOMAN: Sits up. Takes a big whiff of the cologne. I don’t really know. Everything happened so quickly. One minute I was walking down the street. The next, I’m attacked.

MAN: Attacked? By whom? Do you remember anything?

WOMAN: Well, let’s see. I was walking home from a bar I’d been to. Must have been a little tipsy. You see, my boyfriend and I had gotten into a row. I was coming down 5TH Avenue, felt a little ill. I thought I’d call a taxi but I only had a block more to walk, so I sat down on a bench to rest. This car pulled up at the curb and stopped. This strange man I’d never seen before got out and came over. He asked if I needed a ride home. I didn’t know who he was. I said “No thank you.” He persisted though, and when I refused again, he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the car. I was about to scream, when he pulled a gun from his pocket. “Don’t say a word, sistah.” Steel grey eyes penetrated mine. I was so scared. I didn’t know what to do. I just knew I wasn’t getting into that car.

MAN: Go on. What happened?

WOMAN: Catching her breath. I fainted. Not really fainted – just pretended. Guess the big guy wasn’t expecting that because he barely caught me in time or I might have hit the pavement. He called to one of his buddies to help him. I heard a car door open. Suddenly, I sprang up and slipped out of his grasp. I ran as fast as I could down the street. I wasn’t sure where I was going. I just ran. I could hear the guys after me. I ran for blocks. Finally, when I thought I had ditched them, I sat down to take off my heels. My feet were bleeding and blistering. One of them had managed to keep pace with me, though and suddenly, out of nowhere, a massive figure pounced upon me. He slammed me up into a brick wall and wrapped his hands around my neck. I felt myself choking up. It was hard to breath. Everything seemed dizzy. My fingernails clawed into his face. He yelped and pulled away from me just enough for me to kick him good and hard in the groin. He released me and doubled over onto the pavement. I gasped for air and then started running. I ran and ran. I felt dizzy and sick. I wasn’t sure where to go. I ducked into an alley and just collapsed.

MAN: Sounds like a pretty frightening evening miss. Are you sure you’re OK?

WOMAN: Oh, I’m fine now. Thank you for being so kind.

MAN: Maybe you ought to go home, eh?

WOMAN: What home? My boyfriend kicked me out. I bet if he ever saw me again he’d have me thrown out.

MAN: This boyfriend - he wouldn’t by any chance be the gangster, Jack “Legs” Diamond, would he?

WOMAN: Startled Yes. But how did you know?

MAN: You looked familiar. I’ve seen you with him before. Took me until now to recognize you.

WOMAN: You know, you look familiar too. You have a kind face. A face a woman can trust. It seems I’ve seen you before. Those eyes … Swoons slightly.

MAN: Oh yes, you’ve seen this face before. Voice drops. Let me give you some advice – don’t ever walk alone on a night like this. You never know what kind of people you’ll run into. Also, don’t cheat on Gentleman Jack for Schlutz-y. Jack don’t like double crossing women. That’s why, baby, this is the last face you’re a gonna see.

WOMAN: You … Recognizing the voice. Realizes the situation she’s in and uses her feminine wiles on him. Ah yes, you. Thought you had me fooled didn’t you. Laughs with a soft tinkling quality. Oh, what a game this has been. Tell me, what would Jack call it? Catch and kill the cheating mistress? Well, She sits up slowly and puts her hand on his chest. what Jack doesn’t know won’t kill him. The strap on her dress falls off her shoulder. His hand moves toward his pocket. He starts to pull out a shiny black object. She suddenly, passionately and violently kisses him. He drops the object onto the pavement. The kiss ends and a black revolver lies on the pavement between them.

MAN: So that’s the way you play, is it? Well, not so bad material. He sneakily draws a second revolver from inside the coat.

WOMAN: Oh, let me give you some advice, mister. Never underestimate a woman.

Six gunshots ring out in and echo eerily in the silent alley. The rain pitter patters upon a figure lying on the wet pavement. A smoking gun is tucked away in a shiny black leather purse. The tall slender figure rises and walks out to the street, with the echo of heels clicking upon the pavement.


The author's comments:
This is a film noir inspired one act. It has two characters - one male and one female

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on Jul. 21 2012 at 8:51 pm
ShadowAngel2468 SILVER, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
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That was totally amazing! i really loved the tone and the way you turned the tabels at the end, i cnt belive im the first comment, can u pls read my post?