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Down at the Pier

November 3, 2012
By CitricAcidRain BRONZE, Sligo, Other
CitricAcidRain BRONZE, Sligo, Other
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Boy- Ready?
Girl- (nervous) Uh...yeah.
*Boy takes girl’s hand and leads her down the pier.*
Boy- (while walking) I always loved this place at night.
Girl- Why?
Boy- I dunno. Just did. The calmness of the water, the shining stars, the peace.
*They reach end of pier.*
Girl- So you’re the kind of guy who prefers to sit and think rather than to get his ass drunk?
Boy- (smiling) Yeah, I guess I am.
*They sit at the edge of the pier, their bare feet dangling in the water.*
Girl- I understand. I’m exactly the same.
*They gaze at their feet playing in the water.*
Girl- So, why did you pick me? I mean, out of all the other girls you could have picked, you brought me here? Why?
Boy- Because you seemed honest, genuine, pure, not many other girls have that.
Girl- *blushes*
Boy- Although, you aren’t the only girl I brought here. That girl, she is absolutely inspirational. Completely changed my view on life.
Girl- *tear drops from her eye as she stands up abruptly* How could you? Here I was thinking you thought me special, thought me as different from other girls. But then you blabber on about this ‘extraordinary’ girl who you are obviously still in love with!’ *begins to stomp away.*
Boy- *grabs her by the ankle.* No, stop, please don’t go. You didn’t let me finish. The girl I brought here was my sister.
Girl- *turns back around to face him.* (embarrassed) I’m so sorry. *Sits back down beside him.*
Boy- That’s okay. It happens.
*their feet entwine in the water.*
Girl- *giggles*
Boy- *Lifts up girl’s chin and stares into her eyes.* you have death-threateningly beautiful eyes.
Girl- *blush* Well you have pain-inflictingly beautiful lips.
*stare at each other for a few seconds.*
Boy- Should we kiss?
Girl- *bites her lip* I don’t know, I’ve never kissed a guy before.
Boy- Well neither have I.
Girl- *giggles*
Boy- *leans in and kisses her*
*They pull away after 20/30 seconds.*
Girl- I hope you don’t kiss your sister like that when you bring her here!
Boy- Oh, god no! I just bring her here to get some fresh air to reduce the pain in her chest. God, bless her, she’s only five years old.
Girl- Is she okay?
Boy- Not really. The doctor said she might not make it through this winter. She has cancer.
Girl- *tears begin to form in her eyes.* I have cancer too.

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Please tell people to come and read this. Thank you :D

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