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Lena's Unusual First Day

April 27, 2021
By kmorel BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
kmorel BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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Today is Lena’s first day in high school. She went from such a small, little school, to the biggest high school in the city. She had gone from knowing the entire school to only having one friend still with her, Lauren. She and Lauren would do everything together, walk to class, do homework, and play sports, they were inseparable. One day, Lena noticed Lauren was acting strange. Instead of waiting for Lena to walk to their class together, she walked alone. Lena tried to call out to Lauren, but Lauren ignored her. When Lauren reached their classroom, instead of walking in, she continued to walk down the hallway past the classroom. Lena was very confused because she knew that Lauren would never skip class, so she followed Lauren down the hallway. Lauren turned into a random classroom, and Lena, confused, did the same. When Lena tried to open the door to the classroom it was locked. She knocked on the door a few times, but there was no answer. She called out to Lauren thinking she would answer, but she didn’t. Lena was very confused as to why Lauren was ignoring her, and why the door was locked. Instead of going back to class, Lena was determined to find out what was happening. She thought maybe someone else would know what was happening in the classroom, so she headed to the cafeteria to find somebody. When she reached the cafeteria there was nothing. No people, no tables, no chairs, and not even any food. Lena had no idea what was going on. She thought maybe there would be people in the gym, so that is where she went. On her way there she noticed that there were tents and tables set up outside, “Well, that is not the weirdest thing that has happened today,” she said. When she reached the gym there was also nobody there, but there were a bunch of mats laid on the floor. Lena gave up on trying to find someone, so she headed back to her classroom. However, when she walked into her class, there was nobody there. She was getting worried that she was the only one there. She went to get her phone to call her mom, but then she realized that she had left it at home this morning. Lena started to freak out because she was at school, all alone, with no contact with anyone. Running out of hope, she went back to the classroom that she had seen Lauren walk into earlier. Banging on the door as hard as she could, it opened. Lena was surprised that it had actually opened and that the person who opened it was Lauren. “Lauren!” Lena screamed. Lauren answered,” Why are you screaming?” Lena exclaimed, “Because I screamed your name and you ignored me, then did not open the door when I pounded on it, and I have been looking for somebody for 45 minutes, but there is nobody here!” “Lena,” Lauren said calmly, “It’s Saturday, we do not have school today.” “What!,” Lena said with a confused expression, “Then why are you here?” “Um, well,” Lauren started, “ I did not really want you to find out, but the real reason I came to this school was that they have a great Just Dance Club, and we have a tournament today.” “Why would you not tell me?” Lena asked. “Do not get mad, but it is because you are not the most rhythmed dancer.” Lena chuckled at this. “You did not have to hide this from me, I do not think my mom would even allow me to do it. Saying that she has seen me dance.” Lena let out with a laugh, “You can stay and watch if you want. They are going to have warm-ups in the cafeteria, snacks, and drinks outside, and the actual tournament is in the gym.” “Okay! I will stay!” Lena said excitedly.

The author's comments:

This piece is a roller coaster of events, and has a very surprising ending.

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Favorite Quote:
People die,
Beauty fades,
Love changes'
And you will always be alone

It was kind of a plain story, but it was overall good.