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The Binder

October 15, 2009
By BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
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It was 5:30 pm, only thirty minutes until closing at Frank's Candy Store. The clerk at the front desk named Chris was skimming through the newspaper to pass the time and to catch up on reading on current events. He read about the armed robbery that happened a few days ago not to far from the store he worked, what's the weather's going to be like this week and the twelve missing people reported in this area. "It's a shame", he thought to himself as he read more of it. The article shows a picture of a 16-year-old girl named Veronica that has been missing for four months, a 21-year-old man named Paul that has been missing for five months, among others.

The time drew closer to closing. "We're closing up", said Frank the boss. "Okay, I'll be out in a second", said Chris as he put down the newspaper. Chris was just about to exit the store when he saw a black binder sitting at one of the tables. He thought to himself that he'd be a good citizen to see if he could find to whom the binder belonged. He walked over to the table and picked it up and looked inside. Inside the binder he saw a stack of loose leaf papers and an agenda all filed in the binder's three rings. Chris opened up the agenda and turned to its first page where he would find the name, grade and address of whom the binder belonged.

It said:
Randy Jones
Grade 11
Address: 541 Hampton Road

Chris seemed to be familiar with the street and thought it would really make the person's day if he would do this. Chris picked up the binder and exited the store to a windy evening almost in the twilight. He went into his car and went off to return the missing binder that he has found.

He parked his car in front of a seemingly old house that had the numbers 541 on the side of the door. He stepped out of his car and walked towards the door and rang the door bell. It didn't take long after he rang the door bell that a man that looked like he was middle-aged, balding, out-of-shape and wearing a wife-beater that had a big brown stain on it, answered the door. "What do you want?", said the man. "Um, I found your son's binder at the candy store where I work", said Chris. "Thank you. Do you mind stepping inside my house? I'd like you to meet my son. He has been looking all over for it", said the man. "Sure", said Chris. Chris stepped inside the house and the door closed behind him. He was never heard from again...

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