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The Hole (Part 1)

October 22, 2009
By BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
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Alex Walker, a man who is a single parent with two children, both teenagers, one a boy and the other a girl. His son is named Benjamin Walker and his daughter is named Ashley Walker. His son Benjamin usually dresses in all black from head to toe and his daughter Ashley dresses more of someone in the preppy category of clothing and usually hangs out with people who do the same, although Benjamin has no friends. Benjamin is sixteen years old and Ashley is seventeen years old. Benjamin and Ashley's contrasting clothing styles are not the only thing that separates them, they argue constantly and Ashley often publicly embarrasses her brother, Benjamin. Alex Walker also has a golden retriever named Chase who he has had for seven years. The Walkers live in a large scale house in the Hamptons, it is a two story house complete with one kitchen, one living room, one dinning room, four bathrooms, four bedrooms, Mr. Walker's personal office and a large porch. Their house is surrounded by a forest, so Benjamin and Ashley have to take a bus every morning to school. The events that follow will change the lives of everyone. This is where the story begins.

"Hello loser", says Ashley entering the kitchen for breakfast. Ashley is wearing a bright pink Hollister T-shirt with faded blue jeans and open toed sandals which displayed Ashley's bright pink, nail polished, toe nails. After that remark Benjamin just starred at her, hatred in his eyes. Benjamin is dressed in all black from his demonic pentagon symbol T-shirt to his black sneakers. Benjamin is sitting at a table next to the window eating a bowl of cereal and drinking a glass of orange juice, an empty cereal bowl, a box of Frosted Flakes, a container of milk, an orange juice container, a glass and two spoons is also on the table for Ashley. Ashley pulls out a chair and sits at the other end of the table, far from her brother, Benjamin. She then pours Frosted Flakes into her bowl, then pours milk on her Frosted Flakes and pours herself a glass of orange juice. "Why don't you understand me?", says Benjamin. "What do you mean, understand you? No one understands you. You're a f***ing loser, K?", says Ashley. "You know what, I'm getting pretty sick and tired of the way you treat me", says Benjamin. "Oh yeah? What are you going to do about it?", says Ashley. Benjamin and Ashley's father, Alex Walker then walks into the kitchen. "Hey Ashley. Hey Ben", says Mr. Walker. "Hi daddy", says Ashley. "Hey", says Benjamin. "So how are you daddy? Anything special you going to do today?", says Ashley batting her eyes. "Well yes, um, I have to go see Ben's guidance counselor and talk to her for some reason. She said it was urgent. You know anything about this, Ben?", says Mr. Walker. "Nope. I don't have a clue", says Benjamin. "It's because they're worried about you because of your lack of friends", says Ashley. "Shut up. I have friends", says Benjamin. "Okay then, name one of them", says Ashley. "Uhhhh, Michael", says Benjamin. "You just made that up. You have no friends", says Ashley. "Shut up", says Benjamin. "Now kids, get along.", says Mr. Walker pouring himself a cup of coffee. "It's no good for you two to be fighting. Brothers and sisters should stick together, not argue." "It's not my fault. She always bothers me", says Benjamin. "Well maybe, I'll stop bothering you once you stop being a f***ing loser", says Ashley. "Excuse me?!", says Mr. Walker. "Nothing daddy", says Ashley. "Say sorry to your brother, that was uncalled for", says Mr. Walker. "Sorry Ben", says Ashley, but still with a nasty look on her face. "That's better", says Mr. Walker. "I want you, two, to get along, not fight and argue." "Yes daddy", says Ashley. "Will I still have the sleep over with Brittney, Michelle and Kelly?" "Yes, but only if you be nice to your brother", says Mr. Walker. "I will, daddy", says Ashley. "Okay kids", says Mr. Walker just finishing his cup of coffee. "I'll be leaving now to the meeting. I left your lunches on the counter. Now be good and no more fighting, okay?" "Okay, daddy", says Ashley. "Uh huh", says Benjamin. Alex then kisses his two children on the forehand and leaves the house to the meeting with Ben's guidance counselor.

"Hello, Mr. Walker. You know, why you are hear today, right?", says Mrs. Michelle Greene, Benjamin's guidance counselor. There are three other people in the room, Mr. Julian Richburg; the principal, Ms. Ann Gardner; the art teacher and Mr. Arnold Quinn; the social worker, their chairs are in a circular row in the office. "No, I don't know", says Mr. Walker. "Well, we are very concerned about your son, Benjamin", says Mr. Quinn. "Why is that?", says Mr. Walker. "Show him the pictures Benjamin drew in art class", says Mrs. Greene. Ms. Gardner then takes out a large purple folder that says "Benjamin Walker" on the side and took out a drawing. Ms. Gardner shows Mr. Walker a very detailed drawing of a man with a haunting smile on his face, with dark red eyes and black hair stabbing a terrified women in the chest, the women had blond hair and skylark blue eyes and had a pinkish hue on her cheeks, a look of shock and horror was the expression on her face, blood streamed down from the wound in her chest. "This is Benjamin's latest drawing, Mr. Walker. Have you ever considered taking him to therapy?", says Mrs. Greene. "Well no", says Mr. Walker. "You see my son, Benjamin is into the whole gothic thing with the dark, satanic, weird stuff those kids are into. That doesn't particularly mean there is something wrong with him. I mean, I haven't seen anything strange about him at home." "Well, that may be true, but besides those drawings, Benjamin hardly even talks, he has no friends that we are aware of and the kid's in Ms. Gardner's class claim to be afraid of him. I seriously recommend that you take Benjamin to some sort of counseling or in the way I see it, even a mental evaluation, if necessary", says Mrs. Greene. "You know, this is my son you are talking about, he is a completely normal, healthy, young boy and there is nothing wrong with him. All because he likes to dress in all black and is unpopular doesn't mean there is something wrong with him. Hell, I was unpopular in school and I didn't have that much friends and that didn't make me a psychopath and I'm far from one. So, what if he likes to draw things about killing people, he's gothic, gothic people draw stuff like that and does that make a whole sub culture of adolescence crazy? Absolutely not", says Mr. Walker. "Well, it was only a suggestion. We care for your son, Benjamin, almost as much as you do, Mr. Walker and we want the absolute best for him", says Mr. Quinn. "Yes and it is mandatory to have a conference with the child's parents if he or she draws something like this", says Mr. Richburg. "It appears to me, Mr. Walker that you son Benjamin is displaying the early signs of a sociopath. The drawings, his isolation from his peers, disturbing drawings about murder, among others. I would recommend immediate counseling for the boy and see if something is troubling him and get to the root of this situation before anything bad happens where he could endanger the lives of himself and or anyone around him. It would be a highly wise choice if you get your child help as soon as possible", says Mr. Quinn. "Excuse me? I think you people are the ones who should be mentally evaluated, not him. You're so quick to judge someone when you don't know them personally. I've known Benjamin all his life, I raised him, I think I know a little more about my son then you people do. From my knowledge of Benjamin and I don't know which one is accurate, me, someone who's known him for all his life or you people who only see him a few hours in the day, my knowledge is that my son, Benjamin is an intelligent, good looking, normal, young man and there is nothing wrong with him", says Mr. Walker. "But Mr. Walker-", says Mr. Quinn. "Nothing!", says Mr. Walker interrupting him. "I can't believe the nerve of some people." Mr. Walker then gets up from his chair and storms out of the room, very frustrated.

Now at home, Mr Walker sits at his desk in his personal office and reflects upon the past. Mr. Walker is staring at a picture he is holding in his left hand of his late wife, Charlotte. "You know what I did today Charlotte? I had to meet with people at Benjamin's school and they said they think that he might be a sociopath and suggested counseling for him. Counseling? Our son have counseling, that is completely ridiculous. Those people sure have some nerve to say something like that. They don't know him like we do." Mr. Walker then rests his right hand on his forehand in grief. "Oh Charlotte, what am I going to do? Our children hardly even talk to me anymore. Ashley is always out with her friends and I don't even know where Ben goes during the day. I try my best to connect with them and try to be their friend, but it never seems to work. It might mean they're growing up...I don't know. Everything seemed to be much better when you were alive, God...I'd do anything to being you back. Anything." Mr. Walker then puts the picture down on his desk and sits back in his chair and stares off in space, trying to find a way to relax.

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