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Beware of Wolf (Part 3)

October 22, 2009
By BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
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"Where is he going?", says Tim. "I don't know, it must be important though", says John. Lucky ran full speed ahead and Tim and John are running after him. "What you think he wants us to see?", says Tim. "I don't know, he isn't acting like himself, so it must be something important", says John. "Maybe, he found a better way out of the woods", says Tim. "Maybe, let's follow him and see. As Tim and John were running through the woods after Lucky a branch smacks Tim in the face. "F***", says Tim. "What happened?", says John. "A branch just hit me in the face", says Tim. "Oh well, keep going, we have to see where Lucky is bringing us", says John. John and Tim kept running after Lucky until Lucky stopped next to a bush in a clearing. John and Tim make it up to where Lucky is in the clearing. There is a creature lying on the ground, but it is too dark out to see what it is. "What is that? Is that what Lucky wanted to show us?", says Tim. "I don't know, I'll take out my flash light and shine it on it", says John. John then unzipped his fanny pack and took out his flash light, turned it on and shinned it on the dark figure lying on the ground. "I think it's one of those wolves, it looks dead, Lucky probably killed it", says John. The creature lying on the ground has dark brown fur and resembles a wolf, it appears to have many wounds running up and down its body in which appears that it must of got in some sort of fight. "Wow, good job Lucky", says Tim. "Is this what Lucky wanted to show us?" "I guess so", says John. "Okay, Lucky looks like it's time to go back, we've seen your work and we're proud of you, now time to go back to the campsite and out of this God forsaken woods", says Tim. Lucky just stood there looking at John and Tim. "Lucky come over here", says Tim. Lucky didn't move. "God damn it, dog, come over here, we have to leave right now!", says Tim. Tim makes his way over to Lucky and Lucky growls at him. Tim went to grab Lucky, but Lucky viciously bit his hand. "Owww, what the f***?!", says Tim shaking his hand in pain as blood dripped down his hand. "Jesus Christ. Lucky what is your problem?", says John. John shines his flash light on Lucky's face and it appears that Lucky has one blue eye and one brown eye. "Oh my God", says John. "What?", says Tim still shaking his bloody hand in pain unaware of what John just realised. "You said the wolf that tried to attack you had one blue eye and one brown eye, right?", says John. "Yes, why?", says Tim. "Well look at Lucky", says John. Tim looked at Lucky's face and froze with fear in that he realised that this wasn't Lucky at all, Lucky was the creature that was lying dead on the forrest ground, this was one of the killer wolves who chased him and wanted to eat his flesh. "Holy s***", said Tim. The wolf stepped forward, grawling, his teeth showing and white, soapy foam dripping from his razor sharp teeth and jaws. John and Tim were so overwhelmed with fear that they could not move. The bush shook. Out jumped five vicious wolves with the same goal as the wolf of blue and brown eyes and that is to kill Tim and John and eat their flesh. The six wolves stepped forward, all showing their teeth and foaming at the mouth. "What am I going to do?", thought John to himself. Then John had an idea. John then took the flash light he was holding and flung it at the wolves, stunning them. In an instant, John and Tim took off as fast as they could, but not to the direction of their camp site, but in the opposite direction, hoping to find refuge there.

The dark sky opened up and rain poured to the ground. Thunder is heard in the distance. The effect of John's throwing his flash light at the wolves did little effect as in they are now chasing after him and his brother, Tim. Tim and John ran, ran as fast as they could through the forrest, soaked in water from head to toe because of the rain with the wolves trailing behind them on pursuit. "What are we going to do?", says Tim. "I don't know", says John. "Just keep running and don't stop." A clap of thunder is heard in the distance. Even though neither Tim nor John turned around to look back at the six vicious wolves, they could hear them, their paws against the wet, soggy, dirty forrest ground, they could hear them breathing aniciously, heaivly, dying to catch John and Tim and have a feast from their dead, bloody corspes. The rain poured hardier and hardier, but didn't stop John and Tim nor the wolves from their nonstop running. The hearts in John and Tim's chest felt like they were going to explode, their heart beat feeling like it is going a hundred miles per hour. "I'm sorry", says John out of breath. "Why?", says Tim. "For getting us in this situation in the first place. I wanted us to go camping and you only wanted to go on a road trip with our friends. It's all my fault", says John. "No it isn't. It's not your fault. No one could of predictied this", says Tim. Tim and John run pass a tree, lightning strikes the tree and it falls on a wolf, killing it. "Holy s***! That was close", says John in response from the lightning hitting the tree and it colasping, although unaware of the death of one of the wolves. Tim and John were running so hard that they felt like they were going to collaspe and they couldn't go on much longer. The wolves behind them, didn't show any signs of being tired, no fatigue was in the wolves hungry faces, they ran like a machine, nonstop, they wouldn't stop until they could claim victims of Tim and John and eat them. An abandoned cabin is upahead. "Look John. A cabin", says Tim. Tim and John make it up to the abandoned cabin, the wolves not trailing far behind and John tried to open the door, but it is locked. "The doors locked!", says John. "Well, bust it open", says Tim. Tim and John put forth all the strength that they have left in their tired bodies and slam their bodies as hard as they could up against the door. The door swings open. Tim and John enter the abandoned cabin. The wolves run ever closer to the cabin, almost reaching the cabin door. "Close the door!", said Tim. John tried to close the door, but one of the wolves heads get caught in the door while it was almost closed. The wolf's fur on it's head was covered in blood, either his blood or Lucky's blood and his eye's were blood shot red, just dying to get in the cabin, so he could make a meal of John and Tim. Tim kicks the wolf's head and the wolf and it's head go back outside the cabin. John slams the door. Now the wolves are throwing their bodies up against the door, trying to gain entry to the cabin. John holds his body up against the door, preventing the wolves from getting in. "Tim! Put something against the door, so the wolves don't get in!", said John. The cabin is almost barren, except for a bookcase with various books on display on it's four shelves and a small stove with an opened door with coal inside. Tim then pushed the bookcase over to John and John pushed it up against the door. Then Tim pushed the stove to John and John put it in front of the bookcase. The wolves continued to throw their bodies up against the cabin door, but it would be of no effect because of the bookcase and stove blocking their entry into the cabin to get Tim and John.

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