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Beware of Wolf (Part 4)

October 22, 2009
By BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
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Hours has passed and still the wolves persistently waited at the cabin door, although they're not throwing their bodies up against the door anymore because they realized it's to no use and John and Tim are going to have to go back outside the cabin eventually. Tim looks out the small window in the cabin next to the door. "What are they doing?", says Tim. "They're waiting", says John. "Why don't they just give up? It's been hours. They should of gaven up on us and looked for something else to hunt for, a long time ago", says Tim. "I know man, it's like they're possessed or something. I don't know if they'll ever stop", says John. "Yeah, just look at their eyes", says Tim. John then looks out the window at the wolves. The wolves are still there, waiting, white, soapy foam dripped from their mouths and their eyes are of beet red, almost glowing in the dark. "It looks like their eyes are blood shot", says John. "Nah man, their eyes are beyond blood shot, look they're glowing", says Tim. "I know, I see", says John. "How are we going to get out of this one?", says Tim. "No clue", says John. "We'll just wait it out, they'll have to leave eventually." "I hope so", says Tim.

Many more hours have passed, the wolves are still waiting outside the cabin and the rain poured harder and harder upon the cabin roof. "They're never going to stop waiting", says John. "What makes you say that?", says Tim. "It's been five hours and they still haven't left yet, they won't go unless they get what they want", says John. "No, John, come on, they'll leave eventually. Just keep your hopes up", says Tim. "These aren't average wolves we're dealing with", says John. "They are demon wolves, just look at their eyes." The eyes of the wolves outside the cabin were glowing even more, a red glow is visible in the dark, rainy night outside the cabin. "They're smartier then an average wolf", says John. "They tricked us and lead us into a trap. Any other wolf would of attacked us right when they saw us if they were a rabbet wolf, but this wolf, no, he knew what he was doing. He lead us into a trap and his friends were hiding in the bushes, waiting for the go ahead to come out and attack." "What are you getting at?", says Tim. "This means the only way to get out of this alive is if one of us distracts the wolves", says John. "No John, we'll just wait here a little longer. I bet in a few hours the wolves will be gone and we will be able to go home", says Tim. "These wolves are never going to leave. They'll stay until we starve to death in this cabin", says John. "So, how are we going to decide which one of us goes out and distracts the wolves?", says Tim. "We draw straws", says John. John then unzips his fanny pack and takes out two straws and rips one in half and places it tightly in his closed fist. "The one with the small straw has to go out and distract the wolves. Choose.", says John. A bead of sweat dripped down Tim's forehand as he chose a straw from John's hand. Tim drew a long straw, meaning that John had the short straw and had to go outside and distract the wolves. "I guess it's going to be me", says John. "No, come on John, we'll just wait it out for a little bit longer, the wolves will leave you'll see", says Tim. "I have to do what I have to", said John. "If I don't go outside to distract the wolves they'll never leave. You'll thank me for this." "You sure about this?", says Tim. "Yes", says John. "Okay then. Good luck and remember death is not a option.", says Tim. "I will", says John. Tim then crept slowly to the door and removed the stove and bookcase blocking the door. "Remember, if you don't make it out of this, I love you", says Tim. "I love you, too", says John. John and Tim then hugged with tears in their eyes. "Good-bye", says John. John then opens the door to the cabin and closes it behind him. John walks a few steps before being tackled by the pack of five, vicious wolves. The wolves ripped at John's skin, tearing at his flesh and his flesh slowly sliding down the wolves throats. John is screaming, franticly as the wolves bite him, eating him. Tim then opens the door to the cabin slowly and makes it out of the cabin and closes the door behind him. The wolves are already preoccupied by his brother, John, so they don't even notice Tim leaving the cabin. Tim then walks down the trail out of the forrest, escaping from the wolves, alive, although the memory of the sound of the wolves ripping at his brother, John's flesh and his screaming as the wolves ate him alive will remain in Tim's mind until the day he dies.

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