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Fear (Part 2)

October 22, 2009
By BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
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Outside of Dr. Brown's office, a pale blue moon hanged high in the night sky and shinned thin rays of blue light onto the large brown building which occupies Dr. Brown's office and onto the many cars speeding by on the cold, dark, gloomy city streets. Inside of Dr. Brown's office, Emily is lying down, stretched out on a blue couch and has just finished up on telling the story of what she had remembered on that dreaded day, back in July 8th of 1995, to Dr. Brown. "So, when you ran upstairs into your room, did you call the police?", says Dr. Brown. "No, I didn't", says Emily. "I was so terrified of what just had happened that, all I did for hours was just lie in my bed in my room, under my covers and waited until my mom and dad came home." "Did your two brothers and their friend, Robert get into trouble at all for what they did to you?", says Dr. Brown. "Yes, they did. Jeff and Steven were grounded for a month and Robert wasn't allowed to come over my house anymore and I've heard that his parents had punished him harshly because of what he had helped do to me", says Emily. "Well, it must have been a traumatizing experience for you, Emily", says Dr. Brown. "Yes, it was", says Emily. "Do you think that this experience has anything to do with your fear of closets and your strange, supposed auditory hallucinations that you hear from your closet on occasion?", says Dr. Brown. "Well, I think so, but I don't only hear auditory hallucinations from my closet. I also see visual hallucinations", says Emily. "What do you see?", says Dr. Brown. "Remember when I told you, when Robert and Steven were leading me down the hallway to the closet, that the closet was shaking?", says Emily. "Yes, I do", says Dr. Brown. "Well, I see that, sometimes when I'm alone, lying in my bed in the dark in my room in my apartment", says Emily. "I feel so scared, that I sometimes run out of the room or leave my apartment. It's so terrifying. It's really effecting my life. What can I do to make this stop, doctor, what can I do?" "Well, it appears to me, Emily, that you are receiving of what I believe to be hypnagogic hallucinations. Do you feel that you have insomnia at all?", says Dr. Brown. "No, I don't. I sleep quite well when I don't see or hear these things from my closet and I sometimes sleep on my couch because of this", says Emily. "Well, I can prescribe some pills to help you with your occasional visual and auditory disturbances, but I think that the best way to help you is for you to overcome your fear of closets", says Dr. Brown. "How am I going to do that?", says Emily. "Well, not too many phyciatrists would do this, but I am willing to stretch the rules a little for you", says Dr. Brown. "What are you going to do?", says Emily. "I am going to go with you to your bedroom in your apartment and I'm going to shut off all the lights to your room and show you that there isn't anything to be afraid of and there is nothing in your closet", says Dr. Brown. "Really? You mean it?", says Emily. "Yes", says Dr. Brown. "Now we better get a move on." Dr. Brown that got up from out of her chair that she was sitting on and put on her light brown coat that was hanging from a coat rack in her office. She then opened the door to her office and Emily got up from the couch that she was lying on and followed Dr. Brown out of her office and out of the building and into her car as she rode off to her apartment building as Dr. Brown sat passenger side.

Outside of the apartment building, storm clouds as black as coal, hanged high in the night sky, making the moon disappear completely from sight, which would of made the street completely dark if it wasn't for the lone, light post at the end of the road, that shinned beams of dull, yellow light onto the surrounding street and sidewalk that it was positioned next to. Inside the apartment building, in Emily's apartment, Emily and Dr. Brown are standing in Emily's lit bedroom. Emily is visibly shaking, for she does not know what to expect to happen when Dr. Brown opens her closet door. Even though, she knows that there is no such thing as paranormal creatures that live in closets, she still feels on edge because of her traumatic experience with a closet, when she was eight years old, but with this new found experience that she is about to have with Dr. Brown, she hopes to end this terrible phobia of closets and to able to move on with her life, once again and to finally, escape a life of fear and worry. "Emily, this is going to be a very big step with your recovery process. How do you feel?", says Dr. Brown. "A little nervous", says Emily. "Well, it's okay to be nervous. You should be proud of yourself for even letting me do something like this with you, a few months ago, you probably would of never let me do this. You have really improved", says Dr. Brown. "Thank you", says Emily. "Okay, now it's time for the healing to begin. Are you sure that you are ready for this?", says Dr. Brown. "Yes....I'm sure", says Emily. "Okay. Here it goes", says Dr. Brown. Dr. Brown then walks over to the light switch and turns it off. The room is now completely dark. Dr. Brown then walks over to the closet door and puts her hand on the doorknob. "Okay, Emily, this is going to be a really big step in recovery for you", says Dr. Brown. Dr. Brown then turns the doorknob and opens the closet door. Inside the closet, there is nothing, but darkness. "You see, Emily, there is nothing to be afraid...", says Dr. Brown as a force pulls her into the closet and the door closes behind her.

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