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My Valentine

November 25, 2009
By JeffN GOLD, Moore, Oklahoma
JeffN GOLD, Moore, Oklahoma
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Bonnie grabbed her books as she was on her way out of school. It was 7:00 at night, and her boyfriend Chad waited patiently in the car. Bonnie grabbed the rest of her homework. She was going to stay with Chad for the weekend; the past months had been rough. After all the stalking letters and pictures from some man that had been following her for months not letting up. She had been so scared; how do you deal with a man that didn’t know how to take a rejection?

Every day she got a letter that asked her, “be my valentine” and every day that she didn’t reply she would get pictures of her self, hate letters in the mail, and her dog that ended up in her bed…dead. The thought of the blood that ran through her fingers when she woke up that morning made her grimace as she pulled her calculus book out.

She closed her locker door and walked down the hall way. Her foot steps echoing the hall way, no other noise was left. She turned a corner in the hall way and heard sweet violins playing. A couple of class rooms down, the door were wide opened with a flickering yellow light that was appearing on the inside. Bonnie edged forward and looked into the room. A small table was set in the middle of the room, while the desks were pushed up against the far wall.

Bonnie stepped in, looking around. She walked toward the table that had a white table cloth on it, with two plates with silverware on opposite sides, and a one stem rose that was in a small vase that sat in the middle of the table.

An envelope was on the edge of the table, Bonnie picked it up and looked at it and sat it back down. She went to the window and looked out and saw Chad waiting in his car listening to the radio and bobbed his head back and forth, and Bonnie smiled.

The door slammed. Bonnie spun around startled. She walked quickly to the door and pulled on the door knob. Locked.

“What? Hello?” Bonnie yelled.

She walked back towards the window and banged with her hands on the window hoping it would get Chad’s attention. “Chad! Chad” she screamed. She pulled out her phone and typed in Chad’s number, and waited. No service. “You have to be kidding me!” She threw her phone on the ground.

The envelope caught her eye. It was calling her name almost, and Bonnie craved to know what was on the inside of that envelope. She pursed her lips, and edged toward the note.

Temptation got the best of her and she opened the white envelope. A small white piece of paper was on the inside, it had red smudges on it. She unfolded the piece of paper and read the small line that was on the inside.
You’re my valentine...

Bonnie dropped the letter and her book and put her hand over her mouth and screamed. She ran to the door and banged her hands on it screaming. The door was locked; there was no getting passed it. Bonnie picked up one of the chairs at the small table and threw it against the window. The chair shattered. She picked up the second chair and smashed it against the window, if it didn’t break it, maybe it would get Chad’s attention.

Chad sat in his car listening to the music.

“Chad! Look here!” Bonnie yelled.

The door opened slowly. Bonnie turned around and saw a male standing at the door. He was tall and had short brown hair. “May I help you? I heard yelling.” His voice was velvet to Bonnie’s ears.

Bonnie ran to him and put her hands around his, “You have to help me, some man is here, and he has been stalking me for months I need to call my mom!” Tears streamed her down her face.

“I don’t think he is here.” He said calmly.

Bonnie shook her head, “No no no! He is here! Please believe me! I need a phone right now!”

“Calm down miss.”

“Why are you telling me to—“Bonnie pulled her hands forward and looked at them, they felt wet. Her hands were red, it smelt like…blood. Her breathing stopped, and her eyes widened. She backed up slowly.

“It’s okay Bonnie,” the man said.

Bonnie gasped.

“I had a minor problem for us to be alone, but don’t worry I took care of it.” He smiled in the shadow and his cheek bones rose.

Bonnie stumbled on the table and it collapsed under her. The plates shattered under her cutting her hands. “Please…” she said quietly.

“I have been waiting for this day for so long, you have no idea.”

“Leave me alone,” Bonnie shook her head.

“But Bonnie, you’re my valentine!” He exclaimed.

“You’re crazy…”

The smile faded and the man quickly walked over to her and knelt down and picked her face in his hands. Bonnie edged back and pushed him away but he grabbed her by the shoulders. “You are my valentine! You understand me?!” He shook her violently and Bonnie fought back kicking and screaming like a two year old. He pushed Bonnie on her back and got on top of her, pulling at her clothes.

Bonnie bit his hand that close to her mouth. He yelped and grabbed her by the hair and smacked her in the face hard. Bonnie’s head hit back hard. The man started to grab at her clothes again and Bonnie started to cry. She moved her hands around and a piece of the plates punctured her hand and she yelped.

She took her other hand and pulled the glass out, it was a large piece of shattered plate and it was sharp. She held it tightly and swung her arm around and lunged the piece of glass into the man’s throat. He screamed, and put his hands to his throat and fell over on his side.

Bonnie got up and kicked the man and ran for the door but fell when he grabbed her ankle and pulled her down. Bonnie fell and her face hit the ground hard. But she got back up and ran down the hall way straight to the main stair case. She didn’t scream, all she thought was getting out. She didn’t feel her heart pounding a million beats per second, all she felt was to get out. She knew who he was; he was done for.

She halted on her steps and saw the male janitor dead at the foot of the stair case. Bonnie screamed. Blood was a puddle across the floor, he was stabbed to death. Bonnie turned around; she was going to go down the hall way stair case. But stopped when she saw the man stumble down the hall way, knife in hand, and the other hand on his throat.

“Oh my god…” Bonnie whispered.

Screw the hall way stair case, she thought. She ran to the foot of the stairs and tried to step over the male janitor her feet soaked in the blood and she grimaced for every second she was there. The janitors hand grabbed her ankle and Bonnie let out a piercing scream and fell down in the soaking blood.

“Run…” he said hoar fully.

Bonnie’s eyes were wide opened. She got up and slipped a little on the blood but ran down the hall way straight in front of her, away from the man that was coming to her with a knife. She glanced around and saw the man stabbing the janitor over and over, the knife being lifted up high and coming down hard.

Bonnie made it to the door, and tried to open it but it was locked. She banged her fists on the door screaming. She was in a dead end hallway, there was no getting out. He looked at her while she was banging on the door and a crooked smile came upon his face and he started walking towards her.

“No!” She yelped.

There was a small window on the door, if she broke the glass she could unlock the door and run down the stairs. She glanced around for anything that break the door; nothing. Bonnie started to sob even more, and looked and saw the man was making pace and was on his way towards her. Bonnie looked at her hands and clenched it. She breathed in and out. Looked at the window and punched the window. Pain shot up her arm, but she ignored it. She took her fist and punched it again, and again, and again. She screamed and punched and finally broke the glass, her hand went through the glass. She couldn’t feel her hand it was numb with pain.

She unlocked the door, the glass digging into her arm. She pulled out her arm and her hand, it ran down with blood and Bonnie felt woozy. She looked over her shoulder; he was here, three feet away. She was too late. She quickly opened the door and stepped through but only had a stabbing pain in her back. The knife lunged in her back and Bonnie screamed, and fell down the stairs.

Landing on her right side and yelping in pain as she put her hand on her back feeling the wound gushing with blood. Bonnie lifted her head and saw the man close the door slowly and rubbing the blood of the knife with his hand. Bonne crawled to the other flight of stairs sobbing in pain.

“Now Bonnie,” the man said in a velvet voice, “why are you making this hard?”

Bonnie looked up at him. She was dead, that’s all that went through her mind, and she was dead.
To Be Continued

The author's comments:
This is one of my books that I am working on, and this is pretty much the ending but it was made to a short story for you guys to read it.
I hope you enjoy it :)

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JeffN GOLD said...
on Mar. 10 2010 at 3:48 pm
JeffN GOLD, Moore, Oklahoma
16 articles 0 photos 6 comments

Favorite Quote:
"God Put Us Here On This Carnival Ride, We Close Our Eyes, Never Knowing Where It Will Take Us Next..." Carrie Underwood--Carnival Ride

There is a part 2 just go to more about this author or read more or something but there is more

My Valentine: Part 2

on Mar. 10 2010 at 3:07 pm
sidneynicole BRONZE, McKinney, Texas
4 articles 0 photos 48 comments

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"When life knock you down to your knees, just know you are in a perfect postition to pray."

hahha i knw it just left you hanging i wanna read more too

on Mar. 10 2010 at 3:06 pm
sidneynicole BRONZE, McKinney, Texas
4 articles 0 photos 48 comments

Favorite Quote:
"When life knock you down to your knees, just know you are in a perfect postition to pray."

ayee omg omg i loved this i want to read more! hurry up and write lolz

on Mar. 10 2010 at 1:49 pm
musicpens&air BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
1 article 0 photos 4 comments

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music, pens and air, what more do i need?

Cliff hanger!!! did you make more? i need to know if she lives!

on Mar. 10 2010 at 11:00 am
BleedingRose PLATINUM, Frederic, Wisconsin
33 articles 1 photo 378 comments

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*The darkness holds infinite possibilities.


Hye, very good! Nice and suspensefull, and it's just my style! Your a very good writer, keep writing! BUt would you mind commenting on some of my work? I just wanna get better! Very good job :)

JeffN GOLD said...
on Feb. 9 2010 at 4:35 pm
JeffN GOLD, Moore, Oklahoma
16 articles 0 photos 6 comments

Favorite Quote:
"God Put Us Here On This Carnival Ride, We Close Our Eyes, Never Knowing Where It Will Take Us Next..." Carrie Underwood--Carnival Ride

Hey this is the author I posted My Valentine part 2 awhile ago and they didnt except it so I have to rewrite and resend it in. Just wanted to let you know.



on Dec. 17 2009 at 8:40 pm
arElana PLATINUM, Fair Lawn, New Jersey
24 articles 0 photos 94 comments
it there more???????????

i need more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LaylaViolet said...
on Dec. 17 2009 at 11:39 am
aaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!! Seriously, goosebumps on my arms. Sheesh, you're good. Where is Schools Out: Part 4?