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Sally's Poor Brother

December 8, 2009
By napashya reynolds BRONZE, Albuquerque, New Mexico
napashya reynolds BRONZE, Albuquerque, New Mexico
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Hi! My name is Sally. I am a 16 year old girl with long hair and I’m going to tell you ‘bout my nine year old brother Eddy who was kidnapped. Me and my brother were out on a rainy day two weeks before Halloween, and my brother was telling me about how some little boy in his class got punched in the face. If I must say, it was pretty interesting, so I kept listening, but then as he was telling me his story I kept seeing this strange old man. He kept walking past us at the same pace and everything! It was totally creepy.

So then I told my little brother to go pick out his costume. He wanted to be a spider ninja, so I told him to go see if they had it, and if not to find something else. So he did, and while he was looking I was buying candy and decorations. As I was doing that, I had snapped that the old man was no longer following me any more so I stopped thinking he was a creeper . Maybe he was lost or maybe he was looking for his grandchild because there were plenty of kids here.

As I finished doing what I had to do, I went to look for my brother. I couldn’t find him anywhere, so I started saying, “Come on, Eddy. This isn’t funny. Come on, it’s time to go.” There was nothing. Then I had the lady who worked there call his name from the intercom, but still no answer. Then I figured maybe he was trying on his costume. So I went to look. Still no sign of him.

Then out of nowhere I heard a loud screeching scream for help. I ran out to see what was happening. I heard the scream again, but this time it was my name really loud, “SALLY! HELP ME!”

I ran out as fast as I could, yelling back to him, “EDDY! WHERE ARE YOU?”

His scream replied, “HE’S TAKING ME! HE’S TAKING ME!”

At that moment I knew it was old man! So I ran outside and saw him speeding away. I jumped in my dad’s car and chased after him. Then I realized he had tricked me, leading me to a dead end. I was so MAD!

I turned back and went to the cops, and they asked what he looked like. I said, “He stands about 5’ 8, and white hair, and a pointy nose.”

All the police said was, “We will find him. Just go home and leave it to us.”

I said, “That’s it? That’s all you’re going to do is say we will take care of it? If I would have known you were going to do this I would have looked for him my self. GOSH!”

So I left. I went home and found some pictures of Eddy and posted them on pieces of paper that said,
Lost 9 year old little boy
Taken by old man that stands about 5’ 8
with white hair and pointy nose.
If found contact me at 553-7347.
Thanks. Will be a reward if found.

A few days went by, but still nothing happened. It was Halloween night when I got the call. I was so happy someone found my brother! I answered, “ HELLO!”

A deep raspy voice said, “If you want him back, meet me at Hollywood Park, 8:30, Tuesday. BE ON TIME!”

I tried to ask him what he wanted, but I just got a dial tone. I started to cry. What does he want from him! He’s just a nine year old little boy. I couldn’t sleep.

Two miserable days went by, and finally it was Tuesday. It was about 8: 00 when I left and I got to the park about 8:20 pm, but there was no sign of him. So I waited.

Then I saw the car that had snatched my little brother. I got out of my dad’s car and waited, and then the old guy stepped out of his car with my little brother. His face was kind of pale as if he was sick or something. I asked, “What do you want from……”


So I did, and then out of nowhere the other side of the car door opened. It was my DAD!
“Wait. What’s going on here?”

My dad said, “This was a test to see if you could watch after your little brother while I was out of town, but I guess not because you let your UNCLE snatch him up, so now you lose your car privileges for a month.”

I started to cry and said, “What kind of father are you?” And then I looked at my little brother laughing, and so that’s how my SO CALLED brother was kidnapped


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