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Haunting Memories

November 28, 2009
By JeffN GOLD, Moore, Oklahoma
JeffN GOLD, Moore, Oklahoma
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The haunting memories of when Stephanie Barns was a kid lived in her dreams. The haunting memories of what he did to her family were still on the tip of her tongue. He killed her father to get to his mother, and in the end tried to kill her. She was so close to killing him, but the cops came and guns were on her and she couldnt kill him when she had the chance. She had the gun in her hand ready to shoot and kill him, but they made her put the gun down. So he goes in jail for a long time and she has the nightmares that show how weak she is.
She is standing in the field, fog surronds her, and the man she has hated for ten years is in front of her. Stephanie has the gun on him, where is the cops? The man steps forward and she trys to shoot but nothing happens, he grbas the gun and she cant move, she cant run or hide, she is stuck.
He turns the gun on her and points it to her head and pulls the triger.
Stephanie wakes up screaming, sweat and fear run down her face. Her boyfriend Mike has his hands on her waist. Stephanie breaths harshly and almost crys.
"Another nightmare?" Mike asks.
Stephanie lays back down and sighs, "Unfortantly yes."
"Same one?"
"Stephanie, that was ten years ago, he is gone, he cant hurt you anymore." Mike comforted.
"I know all that, but some how he still gets to me."
"Its three in the morning, you want some coffee and we can talk." Mike said. He got up and put on his boxers.
"What's there to talk about? I am still traumatized from a man that killed my father and almost killed me ten years ago." Stephanie said with acid in her tone.
Mike opened the bed room door and turned around, "It always helps to talk to someone." he gave a smile and turned and went down stairs to make the coffee.
Stephanie got out of bed and put on a night gown and turned on the TV. The news was surprisingly on and it was reairing. She grabbed the telephone and dialed her mother's number. It had been awhile since she had talked to her. The phone went straight to voicemail and Stephanie left a message. She went and took a shower.
The TV was on and said: "Tom Richardson has escaped the Oklahoma prison, and killed seven police gaurds. If you have any leads on the run away please call..." The power went out and the house laid in darkness.
Stephanie poked her head out of the shower, "Mike?"
No answer.
She turned off the shower head and stepped back in her night gown her hair soaking wet.
She walked down the upstairs hall way, the house pitch black. "Mike are you there?" A creak on the floor echoed the house and Stephanie turned around. She couldnt see anything.
"Mike really!? Where are you?"
"Right here," it wasnt Mikes voice. Stephanies eyes widened and she turned around. His eyes glowed in the dark. Stephanies screamed and fell down the stairs.
"Someone please help! Mike!"
He was behind her and pulled her hair and slammed it against the hard wooden floor and stabbed her in the back. Stephanie screamed.
Stephanie woke up screaming and kicking. She looked around, she was in her room. It was just a dream, a terrible, horrible dream. She felt for Mikes hand but couldnt find it. He was gone.
Her bedroom door opened slowly.
"Hello Stephanie," the voice said.
"No, no, no!" Stephanie screamed. The knife lundged into her stomach. He jabbed it again and again.
She lied in her bed bleeding to death.

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on Jan. 15 2011 at 4:45 pm
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trippy! i loved it, its sad that either way she dies