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Schools Out: Part 4

December 17, 2009
By JeffN GOLD, Moore, Oklahoma
JeffN GOLD, Moore, Oklahoma
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Darkness was all that anyone could see once there head was slammed against glass. Brooke was out cold, she was scared, and where ever she this blackness, it was a better place and time to be then where she was here, when school was out.
She opened her eyes slowly, everything was hazy, she must be in a office some where. The desk in front of her, computer to the right that casted a white light against the wall, picture frames, and places to hold your pens and pencils.
A woman sat on the desk with her legs crossed and her hands laid neatly in her lap. Brook recognized her. But the haziness made it so hard for her to see, to understand, and to grasp what was going on.
She was a tall woman, very thin, her hair tucked in a pony tail in the back, as her brown hair gleamed in the dim light in the office.
Brooke’s hands and head hurt like someone was talking a knife and just stabbed her over and over. Rope was around her, it was too tight she could barley breath. The cuts on her forehead stung and also the gashes in her face.
The vision was clear. She knew the woman sitting on the desk. She sees her every day; she wears her hair in a pony tail like that every day. The only person, Principal Autrey.
Brooke's eyes widened. "Mrs. Autrey! You have to help me! Some man killed the librarian, and my friend..." she sobbed, "Michele, she is out in the front," she looked down and shook her head, "dead..."
Mrs. Autrey looked at her, studying her. "I know your situation." she said firmly.
"Well? Help me, please!" Brooke begged.
"It's not that simple Brooke," she shook her head and pursed her lips.
"Why?" she gasped. "What's wrong with you?" She rocked back in forth, her heart beating faster and faster with anger.
Autrey laughed. "Oh Brooke, I might as well tell you because why die not knowing?" She laughed again and Brooke's eyes widened.
"You see, me and some of the teachers have a thing going on around the school. It's almost like hunting. You cant hunt during winter, you have to wait till summer, when...schools out." Autrey leaned closer to Brook, "We take turns you see. Every summer me and a teacher (of my choice) pick students randomly and BAM!" Autrey slapped her hands in Brooks face, and Brooke squealed back. "We kill them clean and simple. It gives you a rush you have never felt before! After spending ten months of dealing with kids, its like you can take that anger out on you." She smiled and leaned back starring at Brook with her gleaming eyes.
"Why me?! Why Michele!? We didn’t do anything wrong!" Brook sobbed as the memory of Michele's body laying dead and cold near the front doors of the school.
"It's not you honey," she hopped off the desk and came behind Brooks shoulder and set her hand on her right shoulder, "We chose randomly. If your name is picked your name is picked. How would you have been able to be here if I didn’t ask your teacher to give you a low grade on a test? Knowing you, you would’ve stayed here (like you did) and study like the little good girl that you are."
Brooke moved away from her hand. "You can’t be the one who kills everyone, your too thin and too weak to do so." Brooke said coldly.
Autrey got right up in her ear, "Watch your self," she growled. "But yes you're right, a beautiful woman like me cant do such heavy work," she walked around and again sat on the desk and looked at Brooke. "Like I said, I chose a teacher of my pick, he may kill, or possibly bring back one alive and we both can have fun." She smiled a joyful smile as she remembered all the boys and girls they have killed.
"Who did you choose?" Brooke whispered.
"I thought you would never ask," Autrey got up and walked back in forth. Brooke felt her hands and gasped but took it back when she felt that a large piece of glass was stuck in her hand. "my old friend, me and him we go back, we started this for everyone else. You have him as a teacher you know that?" Brookes eyes widened in shock. "Haha, yes he is. Mr. Baker?"
Brooke’s heart stopped. Her French teacher... why? Why did it have to be him!? He was too nice, too sane to do something like this. It couldn’t be true. "You're lying..." Brooke said in a harsh tone.
"Am I?" Autrey stopped, and walked away to the front door. She opened the door and walked out into the hall way. "Hey, Baker you there?"
Brooke thought fast and grabbed the piece of glass and bit her lip and pulled the piece of glass out slowly, tears building up. She wanted to scream, she would die to scream if she had the chance. Blood oozing out of her hand, she could feel it run down her hands fell it drip and it hit the floor, forming a small puddle. She pulled it out and the wound burned and it stung spreading up her arm.
Taking the piece of glass carefully, she started to turn the sharp side over, setting the position to cut the rope from her hands. She cut her self in the process feeling the sharpest point. Once she found it, she turned it over grabbing the opposite side. Bending her hand to where the sharpest side was on the piece of rope. She moved it up and down slowly trying to get a slice in and slipped a couple of times but managed to get it back.
Two dark shadows made there way back to the door, Brookes heart thumped loudly and she started to cutting faster.
Autrey stepped into the room and Mr. Baker stood by the door way, the shadow casted on his face unable to see him. Brooke started to cut slower, cutting the rope in smaller portions. A tear dropped from her eye, it was true. His face seemed so evil, he smiled at her and Brooke looked away, cutting faster.
“See? I am not lying!” she laughed. “Where should we start Baker?” She looked at him and he shrugged. Autrey went behind her desk and pulled out a gun, “I’ll make it quick for you.”
Brooke’s eyes went wide with fear. This was it. It was all over right now and right here. The glass went through, her hands were free and the rope around her waist lessened. Autrey walked over to Baker and handed him the gun, “You do it, I did it last time.”
Brooke pulled the ropes off her as Autrey and Baker exchanged a couple of words. Baker looked over Autrey shoulder and saw Brooke getting up.
“Hey!” He bellowed and Autrey turned around and grabbed the gun from Bakers hand and shot. Brooke jumped and the bullet grazed her arm as she smack into the desk, falling over on the other side. Her shoulder burned and pain shot up her arm.
Baker grabbed her by the hair and she kicked, he pulled her and she screamed louder. Autrey followed as they pulled her into the hall way. Brooke fought back and kicked and Autrey kicked her in the stomach. Brooke’s legs went limp as she put her hands around her stomach.
Baker let go of her hair and Autrey gave the gun to Baker, “Do your magic and get this over with.” Brooke grabbed her stomach and waited for the pain to go away. Autrey grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face up.
“Look at it!” She screamed into Brookes ear, and Brooke started to sob.
Baker stood over Brooke’s body and pointed the gun directly over her face, the barrel still steamed from the last shot. Brooke started to pray in her mind, this was it, it was over. “Say good bye,” Autrey whispered.
Brooke looked and saw an opportunity, she took her leg and kicked Baker in between the legs, he groaned and pulled the trigger. The bullet hit Autrey in the head, and the blood squirted all over Bakers face and Brookes. Brooke screamed. Baker fell into the wall, as he shot another shot and shot Brooke in the leg. Brooke yelped and grabbed her leg.
She got up and saw Autrey dead on the ground blood pouring out of her head. Baker clenched his hands between his legs and pointed the gun at Brooke. Brooke’s eyes widened and she limped down the hall way. He shot and Brooke ducked, it hit the ceiling and the ceiling tile hit her in the head.
She got up again and started to limp down the hall way, she would be in the commons area and cafeteria if she made it down the hall way and she could get out. Another shot was fired and it hit the wall almost hitting Brooke, she screamed and fell to the ground again. The pain shot up her leg as she hit the wound with her hand on accident. She squeezed it trying to stop the blood that was coming out, her hands soaking in blood.
Baker started to stumble and got up looking Autrey’s dead body. He then fell to his knees and picked her lifless body in his hands. Then he looked down at Brooke, and Brooke looked back scared. “You did this!” He bellowed, “You will pay for it I tell you! There is no way of getting out!”
Brooke ignored the other various words he said towards her. She made it down the hall way and closed the door. She limped to the front door, blood covering her hands.
The door was locked. Baker was right. Brooke felt hopeless. No way to get out, and no way to stop the bleeding. She banged on the door crying, Micheles dead body still laying at the front door. Brooke fell to the ground crying and couldn’t look at Michele.
A Cop car pulled into the parking lot.
Brooke saw and felt hope rush into her veins.
To Be Continued…

The author's comments:
This is the fourth part of Brooke's survival to get out. You will find out the motive and who is really behind this. May the intensity continue.

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on Jul. 24 2011 at 2:29 am
Jeremiah Buller BRONZE, Moore, Oklahoma
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I am a firm believer that publishing work is to have it critiqued, right? Right.

You want to create levels to a piece like this, build and build and eventually come out on top. The introduction of the accomplice was great, but the was very short and factual about her interactions with your heroine. You can use this new character to drag the victim further into the thrall of the situation. Get the Principal to have some fun with her. Make her squirm, make her scream, make her show that this is getting to her. Without building the character, her death is no victory. Her death MEANS something, so make it do so.

HelloLove said...
on May. 20 2010 at 12:22 pm
HelloLove, Dexter, Michigan
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I can taste the intensity in the air. O.O

LaylaViolet said...
on Jan. 13 2010 at 1:39 pm
AAAHHHH!!! My goodness!!! I"m totally... just... ah, speechless!!!