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Full Circled Moon()

December 29, 2009
By JeffN GOLD, Moore, Oklahoma
JeffN GOLD, Moore, Oklahoma
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"Secrets is all I get from you James, why dont you just tell me?" Danielle sat in the passanger seat looking at me with questioning eyes. We sat at the end of Star cliff and looked at the shining stars. The moon light which shone apon my skin made everything on me burn but I held back.
"You dont want to know my deepest...darkest...secrets." I looked at her trying to be sarcastic. Trying not to show the pain across my face.
"Yes I do James." She seemed persistant, never giving up.
"Just leave it alone okay?" I was short tempered and in pain from the stupid moon and wasnt in the moon.
"Then I give up, take me home..." she crossed her arms and sat straight forward.
I loved her, I couldnt let her go. Danielle was the girl that made me feel normal when I wasnt feeling so human like. Giving her up meant giving up my heart and I couldnt afford that. Should I show her my secret? Was it worth the pain I would have earlier? She would turn me in, I would have to be on the run never to see Seatle ever again. But if I did show her, then...we would be closer some how.
"Fine, do you really want to know?" I asked. I couldnt believe I was doing this, I was stupid, stupid, stupid thats what.
Her eyes brightened, and she looked at me. "Yes," she said softly. She rubbed my hand but it made the burning pain worse.
I pursed my lips, "Okay..." I put the car in reverse and pulled out of the parking lot to the cliff. I drove through the hill side. Going to the top of the hill where there was woods so we could be alone.
She sat in the passanger seat and became quiet, probably deciding what the secret was.
My heart was pacing, I was going to do this and I couldnt believe it. I could bail out and forget the whole thing or just do what I have to do to make Danielle and I closer. I had to do it.
We got to the end of the road and my stomach turned, this was it.
"We need to walk in the forest..." I said calmly.
"Okay?" Danielle seemed stand offish but she got out of the car and brought her purse.
We walked through the forest, the moon light barley hitting my skin which made it easier for myself. We were in the middle of the forest, no one could find us if they tried.
"So what is this secret that you had to bring me out to the forest?" Danielle walked ahead of me and stood on top of log trying to balance her self. She looked back at me smiling.
"I'm not normal Danielle..." I started off saying but couldnt continue, I was still debating if I should do this.
"Everyone is normal James, I am human, and guess what? You're human also!" She jumped off the log and skipped to me. She grabbed my hands and held it to her chest, "James, I love you. And if you think your not normal then dont think that but you are normal." She smiled and kissed my hands.
I pulled away, "You dont get it do you? I am a monster. A beast. Something that could kill you if I wanted to. Danielle you have to know what I am, you have to know what I can become."
"James, you are scaring me, tell me whats--" she put her hand on my shoulder.
"I am telling you what's wrong. You're not listening."
"Will you just tell me whats wrong? Please! You are wasting my time screaming about how you are some beast!"
"Is that what you want? You want me to show you?" I asked; angered. I wasnt thinking, I wasnt evening rationalizing everything.
"Yes! Please! Show me how you are some beast!" She screamed.
"Fine..." I closed my eyes and it let it happened. The moon light came out of the clouds and shown upon my skin. It burned and I let it all go.
I fell to the ground on my hands. My back snapping, my legs banding and becoming stronger. Hair coming out all sides of me burning while it grew longer and longer. My mouth being pulled forward and all my teeth falling out and new sharp fangs to replace them. My screames in the back ground.
Danielle eyes widened, and she fell to the ground and screamed. "Oh my god!" She put her hands over her mouth she couldnt stop screaming.
My back snapped into the right positon and my arms and legs got stronger and they built with muscele. I growled and howled at the moon. Snapping here and there that was all left, my clothes shredded on the ground.
It was done. I had transformed into the beast. A ugly, beast that could never be loved.
Danielle screamed, thats all she did.
I stood up, rotating my neck snapping the bones and to make it feel better. I walked towards her trying to help Danielle understand. But Danielle got up.
"STAY AWAY FROM ME!!" She bellowed. "GET AWAY!"
I roared in anger.
Danielle's mouth dropped. She turned around and ran through the forest. I howled in saddness.
I got on all four and ran after her.
Danielle ran through the forest pushing away the branches and gliding through the trees. She sobbed as she ran not looking back. The place was filled with darkness, nothing but the moon light was her way of finding things.
Danielle tripped over a log and she landed face first on the ground. She cried burring her face into the soil. She lifted her self up looking around, nothing. She scurried to a tree and put her back against it. She breathed in and out heavily scared and cold.
Her phone vibrated in her pocket and relief came upon her. "Thank god," she said very softly. She pulled out her phone, her mother called. "Mom..." she said harshly.
"Yes? Honey when are you coming home?" her mothers voice seemed worried.
"Mom, I am in the woods, I dont know where I am..." she cried as she knew she was doomed.
"Darling what are you talking about? Shouldnt you be with James?" Her mothers voice became more worried.
"Yes but--" something hit her from the side and knocked her on the ground. It was James. Danielle screamed and fought back and James but her shoulder shaking. Blood squirted out and Danielle screamed louder.
Danielles phone laid on the ground and through the reciever you could hear: "Danielle! Danielle! Whats wrong?! I AM CALLING THE POLICE!"
"James stop!" She begged and her bit harder.
Danielle kneed him but it did nothing, he shook violently and she couldnt feel the warm blood getting on her face.
Her hand searching for something, a rock. She grabbed it and smacked him over the head with it. He groaned and fell back, he filled up with anger and growled. Danielle got up weakly and ran, holding her shoulder that was bleeding badly. Her tears streaming down her face.
She stumbled out to James's car. She was out of the woods thank god. Quickly stumbling into the car Danielle searched for the keys. They were gone, her phone was gone also.
"No!" she banged the wheel with her hands and she felt weak.
Stumbling out of the woods was James, his monster like body was huge and Danielle screamed when she saw it. His eyes glowed red. He backed up a couple of spaces and ran towards the car and through his paws through the wind sheid. Danielle screamed with horror and stumbled into the back seat. James was on top the hood and the metal came down and on top of her. She had to get out of the car fast. The hood has fallen in and almost trapped her, she went to the front seat again and put the car in neautral. The car started to reverse and Danielle blindly steered the wheele, she couldnt see the road, the back window was blocked by the caved in hood.
The car stopped. Danielle became more afraid. Then the car started to tip over, and Danielle panicked. James was at the side of the car pushing the car over the ledge of a very tall hill. Danielle had no way out.
"James! Stop! Please!" she begged but he tipped the car over and it rolled down the hill flipping over and over. It was turned upside down at the bottom of the hill.
Danielle was dragged out of the car, she was unconcious and James drug her out and took her back in the woods.
Her unconcious body was in his hands, and he wimpered as he knew what he had to do. It was over, she knew too much. He couldnt leave Seatle, she would never under stand.
Danielle started to wake up, she opened her eyes and looked at him. Her eyes widened, and she began to scream. James heart died, and he growled and looked at her and ate out her neck.
Danielle fought back but it was too late, James killed her. She screamed for a little bit, but after minutes her screames turned into silence.

The author's comments:
Hey guys I here is another Thriller I hope you like it. Here is Full Circled Moon()

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