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January 3, 2010
By emototxxx SILVER, Leawood, Kansas
emototxxx SILVER, Leawood, Kansas
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I arose from the sound of a bird, a crow perhaps. Caw! Caw! I looked to my side and noticed Garrett, my lover was gone. I wrapped myself with my yellow lacy robe and slowly emerged from our sunshine yellow bed. The black thundering sky outside and thick mist indicated it was just about midnight. Caw! Caw! At first, I stood there in our spacious room, filled top to bottom with yellow furniture, curtains and paintings. I smiled to myself as I recalled the memory of when we first stepped into this new room; I was jubilantly being held in his arms as he carried me to our bed on our wedding day. I crossed the room and opened the large yellow door only to open into a long, narrow hallway that connected our room to the rest of the house. Pictures of me and Garrett together throughout our lives, from tiny toddlers to high school sweethearts to now, were framed and hanged preciously along the walls. During our twenty years of marriage, we traveled a lot and had pictures of us when we went to Paris, Florence and other romantic places in the world. There were countless pictures of us together that consumed every inch of that hallway and I smiled brightly at each one as I walked down the hallway. Caw! Caw! By the time I reached the end of the hallway, I heard a new noise, the sound of plates crashing. I casually smiled to myself because I knew Garrett ate midnight snacks and got clumsy with dishes. I turned and headed towards the kitchen to see my beloved, the thunder from the long windows illuminating my smile. Caw! Caw! Once I reached the kitchen’s doorway I stepped in a dark puddle. I thought it had been water Garrett had spilled so I just continued to walk into our large kitchen. It had a décor of everything yellow as well, our cabinets, our two-seated table, our fridge, everything was yellow. I continued to walk towards a figure in the dark. “Garrett, my love, you must learn to be more careful with the dishes! You might hurt yourself.” I said affectionately. Caw! Caw! My foot kicked something hard lying on the floor and the dark puddle is now surrounding my feet. “Garrett, my love?” I asked to the frozen figure standing in front of me. Caw! Caw! I moved to the wall the flicked on the lights. I looked at my feet to find what I thought to be water to be red liquid. I glanced to discover the hard object lying on the floor to be my beloved Garrett. His head was bashed at the top with the skin missing leaving part of his beautiful mind exposed. A river of blood was streaming from his head down his tan skin and dark black hair and had spread throughout the yellow floor. My beloved’s precious blood was everywhere. His eyes were still opened. His emerald green eyes were open wide like they were in a permanent state of shock. Caw! Caw! I stared, speechless, at those eyes that used to look at me so warmly. The memories we shared, our time together, our lives together, our promise we’d be together forever were overflowing in my head. And our promise will not be broken, ever. Caw! Caw! I looked up at the frozen figure who appeared to be a pity thief; he appeared scruffy and held a greasy pillow case in one of his hands. He was stiff and held the Fabergé egg me and my beloved received as a wedding gift in one of his dirty hands. Caw! Caw! I dispatched myself from the wall and approached the stranger slowly. “Stay back! I’ll kill you too!” he said, flustered. I passed Garrett’s body and walked straight up to him, not less than a foot away. “Get out. No one cares about you.” I hissed with narrow eyes and my head bent as if I was going to attack him. Caw! Caw! He seemed confused as to what I was saying. “Do I need to be more clear with you, you stupid street trash? You’re not the one. Leave now!” I bellowed. Caw! Caw! He jumped at my words and scrambled out of the kitchen. I stood and listened for the front door to open and shut. “We’re finally alone again, my love.” I said as I turned to my fallen beloved. I swayed over to his body and kneeled down behind him and put my ear to his chest. Caw! Caw! “Your heart is cold, my love.” I whispered, “Allow me to keep it warm so we can be together forever.” I moved my lips to his ear and kissed it. I then clenched my teeth around his ear and ripped it off. My beloved’s blood sprayed ferociously and painted my face a dark red. I began to eat the inside of my beloved’s ear. “Together forever. Together forever.” I muffled continuously as I devoured my love. I delicately licked his head injury with just the tip of my top of my tongue and then sank my teeth into his beautiful mind and drained it of his blood. I ate my love from top to bottom, crunching on the bones in his strong fingers and adoring the “crack” sound when I snapped one of his legs in half to enjoy the tender muscle and tendons inside. Caw! Caw! When I was done I sat on the floor in the pool of blood and looked at the excess bone that remained of my loved one. Caw! Caw! The sunrise’s rays shone through the large windows and danced on my cannibal feast. I looked down at my robe that was once yellow but now was the color of dark pomegranates. I looked past my appearance at my right hand. I opened it slowly and smiled at what I held. My beloved’s emerald green eyes brightly looked back at me, still in a permanent state of shock. I kissed them and held them over my heart. “Together forever. Together forever.” I sang as I rocked myself back and forth.

The author's comments:
This originally started off as a side project from my everyday school work. However, in our English class we started to discuss about the style and works of Edgar Allen Poe. I then decided to interwine these discoveries with my original work and this is the product.

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